Symptoms, treatment of elbow injury in the home and in stationare

How to identify and what to do when you elbow injury: first aid and treatment

Any one of us at least once in my life felt discomfort in the elbow after injury.

For minor damage, the pain lasts a few minutes, but for serious – a few hours or days.

Even a small injury can lead to an inflammatory process, so if the pain lasts more than 10 minutes, consult a physician.

What is the elbow joint

Our elbow is composed of 3 different parts, United in one sheath (capsule). It is a humerus, ulna and radius bones. Between them there are 3 joint:

  • shoulder — elbow;
  • the shoulder beam;
  • the proximal beam – elbow

The lower part of the humerus has the form of triangular and by means of these joints connects with a forearm. Under the capsule, in which they are located synovial bag filled with fluid to lubricate the bones.

Due to this friction between the bones is reduced, preventing the deterioration of joints and bones.

What happens in trauma

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Trauma of the elbow can occur both minor and serious injuries. In mild injury suffer small components of the joint, and the pain passes quickly.

More severe trauma causes damage to the synovial Bursa, cartilage and the capsule itself. Can occur a pinched nerve or bone damage.

That indicates an injury

The main symptom of injury of the elbow, is swelling, which can be quite large.

If the stroke damaged vessels of the subcutaneous tissue, muscle or skin at the site of injury there is bruising private bathrooms with showers feature maroon or bluish in color. Develop under the skin hematoma of accumulated under the tissue of blood.

If the blood accumulates in the cavity between the surfaces of joints, hemarthrosis occurs. Occurs stretching of the joint capsule and compression of the medium and small vessels that provide nourishment to the joints.

With a strong elbow, in severe cases, may occur dislocation, fracture or displacement of bones. Due to the resulting pain and bruising is complicated by the mobility of the elbow. The victim tries to keep the arm in a bent condition so as not to hurt myself.

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The most common causes of injury

To injure the elbow of any person, both adult and child. Often injuries of the elbow get in the fall, when instinct con hand in contact with a solid surface.

Risk factors include sportsmen and people working in hazardous enterprises.

Because of their mobility, often receive injuries children. In addition, injury can come to any man when falling or accidental abrupt contact with a solid surface.

The severity of the injury

Modern medicine distinguishes several degrees of injuries depending on the severity:

  1. First degree. Minor damage to the skin with scratches and small abrasions. That bruise goes away, leaving no consequences.
  2. Second degree. There is a gap in muscle tissue, causing swelling and forming a hematoma. When the victim feels a sharp pain in his bruised joint.
  3. Injuries 3 degree characteristic lesions of tendons and muscles, and in severe cases, possible dislocation of the elbow joint.
  4. Fourth, the most severe damage to the elbow, causing sharp pain and violate its normal functioning.

First aid

If you experience severe pain in the elbow after an injury need to take the following measures:

  • to stabilize the hand, hanging it on a triangular bandage;
  • apply to the bruised place something cold (ice, cold water soaked towel or any product from the freezer);
  • if the pain persists for more than 15 minutes, drink the anesthetic and go to the emergency room.

Diagnosis in a hospital setting

Serious injuries of the elbow joint says the appearance of severe pain, swelling and bruising.

In this case, you need to ensure joint immobility and consult a doctor. Only a specialist can correctly diagnose the extent of the damage, an x-ray and prescribe treatment.

It is not necessary to put a diagnosis to be late for the treatment to bunch of complications that will lead to disastrous consequences.

Trauma of the elbow it is impossible to use a warming ointment, and RUB the injured spot.

Only a specialist with a strong injury will be able to diagnose hemarthrosis or fracture.

Treatment in the hospital and at home

What to do to avoid complications and achieve full recovery after elbow injury? For this you need to follow all doctor’s orders:

  1. Not 2 weeks to expose the injured arm physical exercise, bend and straighten the elbow. The brush and the shoulder joint you need to develop to ensure in the hand of normal blood circulation.
  2. During the first day to the scene of the injury apply cold. The procedure is performed up to 4 times a day, applying ice for 30-40 minutes.
  3. If there is swelling and severe pain, take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as celebrex or Nise. Your pills 2 times per day according to the instructions on the package (before or after a meal).
  4. Day 2 in place of injury to apply medical ointment, cream or gel, such as Ketonal, fibroid or Nise. RUB them up to 3 times a day, not into the wounds and abrasions.
  5. To normalize the blood circulation on the injury site apply Polymetal – special polymer film applied to its surface a negative charge. Keep it at the site of injury can be from 30 minutes to 4 hours in a state of complete rest the elbow. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day.
  6. With strong bruises prescribe a course of physical therapy. Day 2 you can apply laser or magnetic therapy (at the discretion of the attending physician). Is strictly prohibited to carry out heat treatments. They provoke the formation of ossification — pathological bone formation at the site of injury.
  7. To restore full mobility of the elbow joint, prescribe massage and gymnastics. To them start after immobilization (period of complete immobility of the elbow). To massage only the forearm and shoulder, not touching the place of injury. In exercises to restore mobility and includes flexion-extension and rotation of the forearm. Treatment duration from 20 minutes to an hour 3-4 times a day.
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Traditional medicine in traditional

To speed up the recovery process of the patient’s joint can be, along with medication, use the recipes of traditional medicine:

  • well relieves pain and inflammation compresses of water infusion of wormwood;
  • effectively helps broth 3 tablespoons thistles (thorns from burdock), brewed 0.5 liters of water;
  • 200 ml of vegetable oil mixed with 5 baskets tansy, hold on a water bath for 2 hours and use for rubbing.

Remember that the use of folk remedies should not preclude treatment that is prescribed by a doctor.

Possible complications

The most common complications caused by injuries of the elbow, is hemarthrosis.

While there is a noticeable increase in joint. Victim experiences difficulty and pain in bending and straightening the arms.

If there has been hemorrhage into the joint cavity, which does not dissolve more than 5 days, make the puncturing. The accumulated blood is removed and the cavity was washed with antiseptic and procaine.

After that, in the joint cavity administered contributing to the restoration of bone drugs and antiseptics.

If periarticular bag collects the fluid, which may contain various infections, traumatic bursitis occurs.

If it has accumulated quite a lot, the doctor makes a small puncture or incision for the extraction of substances, and then conducts a thorough disinfection.

Some time after the injury may be deforming osteoarthritis. When this occurs the breakdown of cartilage, and blood that had accumulated in the joint, contributes to the accretion of the bone.

It interferes with the normal movement of the elbow joint. Frequent injuries occurring post-traumatic arthrosis.

To prevent serious complications which may require surgical intervention, the doctor should be treated immediately after injury.

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To avoid a variety of injuries in everyday life and at work, you may need to be careful. If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately.