Synocrom Forte: instruction manual, reviews, analogs

Synocrom will protect the joints from destruction and relieve pain

This drug is used to replace joint fluid in the joints of the sick person in case follow-up processes of degeneration.

Also, the drug can be administered after trauma or injury of the joints, when there is a limitation in mobility and pain.

Applying Synocrom, you can postpone the prosthesis and to relieve the pain. About 6 injections are quite sufficient to restore motor function for up to 7 months.

Pharmacological action

The drug belongs to the group of medicines which help to replace synovial fluid.

In other words, Synocrom also called «Cartilage» or «Defender of the joints», whose function is to lubricate the joints (specifically of the cartilage component).

Helps to improve mobility, relieve heaviness and stagnation in the joints, eliminate stiffness, ease pain during movement (this is especially true of injuries and affected areas).

The medication allows lubricating and damping the surface of the cartilage that is damaged to prevent the thinning and abrasion.

In this case directly impedes the develop such disease as osteoarthritis (this is very important, as all processes occurring in the body and associated with the skeleton, closely affect each other, without solving the problem with the cartilage at an early stage can allow to develop diseases, which will aggravate the treatment).

Medication can improve the condition of the affected area of the joint, to stimulate its own cartilage to the formation and secretion of hyaluronate and synovial fluid.

This is necessary in order that the body can regain balance is broken for any reason.

After taking the medicine destructive processes in articular cartilage inhibited for a long time, thus reducing the need of the patient in the use of non-steroidal medicine to relieve inflammation.

These substances have many adverse components that may adversely affect other parts of the human body.

Pharmacokinetics means

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Sinogram contains sodium hyaluronate (strong and fast-acting substance).

It is in its properties to the viscoelastic polysaccharide, which is used as implant to enter into the affected joint (i.e. the synovial space).

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When and to whom it is necessary?

Indications for use:

  • significant changes in the tissues of the joints (degenerative processes are irreversible).
  • disturbed performance of the joints (trauma, injury, surgery).
  • as an aid to restore the health of the joints, in this case we are talking about large joints (knee and hip) which most frequently suffer injuries.

Used for prevention of diseases and treatment of the joints of small size containing joint fluid in small quantity.

The drug is a perfect option to repair damaged joints of the elbows and wrists, the facet, temporal. In some cases, the drug can completely replace the joint fluid.

It’s forbidden

Contraindications to receive funds:

  • arthropathy associated with infections (infectious arthritis);
  • pregnancy;
  • age limit (18 years);
  • the drug should not be prescribed to people who have intolerance to medications, hypersensitivity to the medication in General and also to individual components.

Mechanism of action

Joints that are significantly exposed to the loads (own weight), the viscoelastic substance sodium hyaluronate.

This chemical compound is a substance or watery mass, which allows lubricating and damping joints in the human body, thereby to provide a healthy activity of the joints without any pain.

If the joint is damaged (for example, due to osteoartroza) synovial mass ceases to perform its viscoelastic functions.

Therefore, the mechanical pressure on the joints increases significantly, begins the destructive process of cartilage of the joint. This may be a limitation of joint mobility and pain during movement.

To correct this condition, sodium hyaluronate, which has excellent viscous properties, is introduced from the outside. This allows you to ease the pain and improve the health of the joint.

Usage instructions

After a doctor’s recommendations this drug should be administered only by highly qualified specialist in the presence of all necessary certificates.

This procedure involves the direct introduction of the drug into the joint space. Usually, hospitalization is not required for this, but it is desirable that the injection was done, for example, in a clinic or hospital.

This measure will allow to create aseptic conditions and to avoid the penetration of any infections. Also, if after the injection, the patient developed pain, then a specialist will be able to remove the medication from the back of the joint. The dose of administration depends on the size of the joint.

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Approximately 1 to 2 ml weekly 2 to 6 weeks (the period depends on the complexity and distortion of the plot). The largest number of injections per course up to five times, and the minimum three.

As practice shows, after three injections to achieve tangible effect. Also the injection can be done not only in one joint at the same time taking any drugs. The course can be repeated not earlier than after 30 days.

Method of production

Synocrom available in the form of:

  • the prosthesis of synovial fluid (solution for injection inside the joint, 10mg/g, a syringe(2 ml), pack of one syringe);
  • mini substitute of synovial fluid (solution for injection inside the joint, 10mg/g, a syringe(1 ml), pack of one syringe);
  • Synocrom Forte a substitute of synovial fluid (solution for injection inside the joint, 10mg/g, a syringe(2 ml), pack of one syringe).

The drug is administered according to standard procedures, as described above, in a special medical institution.

If the solution failed to enter, he recovered, as it cannot be stored.

Overdose and additional information

The main side features are:

  • the sensation of heat;
  • pain;
  • the appearance of redness;
  • swelling of the injection area.

To avoid this, immediately after the introduction should put something cold (e.g. ice) for 15 minutes. If the pain persists during this time, the drug should be removed.

Practical experience

Reviews of patients and physicians who use injections of Synocrom for the treatment of diseases of the joints.

We recently introduced the first injection of the drug into the knee joint. While no changes feel. Just purchased three syringes. The doctor advised me to buy two more of Diprospan injection, after 7 days to enter them. Sitting, waiting for any changes.


On each knee done one injection. After the first time no longer felt the pain in my knees continued to harrass me. Decided to make the shots a year after consultation with the doctor, she’s in remission at the moment.

The pain was back, so was thinking again about this drug. By the way, passed physiotherapy once a year, the drugs NSAIDs are taken. The problem sometimes is to find a good surgeon, as not every professional takes on the case.

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A drug with a good clinical effect is better than others. The only drawback is the price of Sinorama.


As a rheumatologist with experience will tell you that the preparation is excellent. Has a minimum of side effects. But, like all other articular injection, requires a qualified specialist. So like a bad injection can significantly aggravate the situation in the joint.


The cost of funds

The drug is not as cheap as its counterparts. The following is the form of issue of Sinorama with prices:

  • Mini, 1% solution, 1 ml syringe price 3742 rubles;
  • Forte, solution 2%, 2 ml syringe price 9034 rubles;
  • Synocrom, 1% solution, 2 ml syringe price 5477 rubles.

The drug should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. The solution absolutely can not put them in the freezer.

Keep away from children. The shelf life is 3 years.

The drug is released without any prescription.

Analogs and substitutes available funds

The available analogues of Sinorama include:

  1. Chondroitin. The drug is produced in capsules, which are intended for oral and also available skin ointment (applied in the projection of the patient’s joint). In gelatin capsule contains the substance of Chondroitin sulfate sodium. This is powder weighing 250 mg.
  2. Chondro. The drug is produced in the form of capsules and tablets that are coated. In the composition of the drug includes substances sulfates (chondroitin and glucosamine). These substances «work» together with the other components (magnesium stearate, mannitol, talc).
  3. Fosamax. The drug is produced in the form of white pills oval. On the one hand shows bone, with the other marked «31».