Temperature osteochondrosis

Temperature osteochondrosis is a rare but alarming symptom, an external manifestation of serious diseases. Unfortunately, people with this problem often attributed to her cold-related pathologies. Improper treatment of the disease pass into the chronic stage, and sometimes cause disability or even death. Therefore, increased temperature in combination with the present degenerative disc disease of the cervical, lumbar or thoracic spine should not be ignored.Температура при остеохондрозе

Most often, osteochondrosis of the proceeds at normal temperature level. The person has other symptoms: limited mobility of the cervical spine, where it is hard to turn and tilt the head, headaches, discomfort of aches in the shoulders or lower back, muscle tension. If the background of these manifestations observed fever, you should immediately contact your doctor and conduct a profound examination. The doctor should find the cause of the heat and find a causal relationship with this or that pathology.

What is associated with fever bone pathologies

Fever may be due to concomitant diseases or manifestation of the inflammatory process in the vertebrae of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar. When the inflammatory process affects the structure of the spinal cord in the cervical segment, the person has a fever. It happens in pathologies such as:

  • disk protrusion;
  • stenosis of the spinal canal;
  • vertebral artery syndrome on the background of the last stage of development of osteochondrosis of the neck.

Various diseases of the thoracic spine occur with the pain of the ribs, the area under the blades and the Central part of the back. Osteochondrosis this zone is not accompanied by fever. But perhaps a slight increase in temperature to 37 degrees.

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Higher temperature osteochondrosis is a signal for immediate treatment to the experts. This combination may indicate serious pathologies. In addition to dysfunction of the spine, the body may develop a dangerous infection, which exacerbates the problems with the skeletal system. You will undergo a number of diagnostic procedures: obtain and complete blood count to check her biochemical parameters and MRI study.

Pain in the region of the thoracic with conventional or high temperature may indicate different pathologies:

  • pneumonia;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • thoracic osteochondrosis.

Temperature state of the body – the main indicator of the presence therein of problems.

They can be small, and serious, life-threatening. In order to avoid complications due to late or incorrect treatment can try to bring the fever down self-selected drugs. Antipyretic drugs should be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough examination of the patient and the deletion of the alternatives pathology.Температура при остеохондрозе


Painkillers and antipyretics are not the main methods of struggle with the disease. They only reduce the negative manifestations in the form of pain and discomfort. Today, the pharmacological industry produces a list of drug forms that have a dual action: reducing the heat index and local anesthesia. Tools are manufactured in the form of tablets, solutions for injection, rectal suppositories, gels, and ointments for external use.

If the result of a thorough diagnosis was degenerative disc disease, doctors prescribe:

  • diclofenac;
  • have Ketonal;
  • analgin;
  • Nurofen;
  • Nise.

Modern means of struggle with the disease include orthopedic plaster. created and tested by Swedish scientists on the basis of the Stockholm medical University. Study of the effect of the patch on the patient’s condition showed high efficiency results. 70 % of people within 1-3 days decreased heat increased, the pain disappeared, improved condition of the affected joints.

The main task of the doctor before prescribing for full examination of the patient, identification of contraindications to the specific drug.

Температура при остеохондрозе

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Useful tips

Medication drugs non-steroidal group sometimes gives side effects. They may manifest as a peptic ulcer of the duodenum or stomach. Therefore, to choose their own painkillers and antipyretics, presented today in a wide range, is unacceptable.



You can not blindly believe the dubious advertising of miracle cures. Strict adherence to medical instructions – the success of treatment. With every purchase, you should ask the pharmacist the certificate of origin of the drug.
Please only the experienced professionals. When running as diagnosis is very difficult and requires the analysis of the subtle distinguishing features. This task only doctor of the highest qualification.
No less important is the prevention of serious diseases. Special gymnastics for joints, the rejection of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, appropriate diet will help to prevent the development of irreversible lesions.
Reconsider the diet. Oily and heavy food should be removed from the diet. But foods rich in gelatin, useful, especially the elderly. To improve the functioning of the joints and prevent inflammatory processes often eat jelly, jelly, jelly.

If the patient has osteochondrosis no pronounced symptoms of colds, and the thermometer column crossing the border 37 degrees, there is every reason for alarm in the condition. At pathologies of the spine it is advisable to measure the temperature daily in the morning after rising and evening before sleeping.