Tendinitis in the shoulder joint, its treatment and prevention

Тендинит в плечевом суставе, его лечение и профилактикаInflammation of the tendons in the shoulder or tendinitis of the shoulder joint, often affects athletes, agricultural workers and heavy physical labor. The constant stress on the same muscles, ligaments, tendons leads to their damage most often in people forty years of age and older. Strain supraspinous muscle and intra-articular tendon provokes frequent minor injuries within them. In addition, tissue of the tendon rubbing against the bones of the shoulder joint. All this leads to the development of inflammation.

Distinguish rotary and calcining tendinitis. When inflammation of the rotator tendons of the muscles in the joint are broken and cease to maintain the shoulder in a physiologically correct position. Calcining form inflammatory process is the result of crystallization inside the tendons of the muscles of the calcium phosphate.

Main causes and symptoms

Occurs shoulder tendinitis due to the following reasons:

  • the deposition of calcium phosphates in the tissues of the tendons;
  • the gap as a result of injury supraspinatus, infraspinatus and other muscles of the shoulder;
  • diseases of rheumatic nature (gout, arthritis);
  • abnormality of the tendon of the muscle tissue of the shoulder;
  • for infectious processes;
  • Тендинит в плечевом суставе, его лечение и профилактикаthe lowered immunity;
  • prolonged immobilization of the limb;
  • dysplasia and other degenerative phenomena in the joints;
  • the presence of diseases associated with metabolic disorders;
  • severe stress, resulting in spasm of the muscles of the shoulder;
  • ailments are psychogenic;
  • the consequence of the failed surgery;
  • beginning of rehabilitation after shoulder injury.

Shoulder tendonitis is manifested by pain that occurs at first only when driving, and light including playing, the swelling of the damaged area, reddening of the skin and local temperature rise in the region of the shoulder. With the development of inflammation, pain occurs already at rest. It can be bystroprokhodaschee or, on the contrary, long; monotone, subdued, or cutting, acute.

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Then there is a restriction of the amplitude of motion of the shoulder muscles, and its stiffness. It is typical for inflammation of a rotator when a spasm of the supraspinatus muscle causing pain when pushing an object, when shaking hands or pulling hands forward. In some cases, tendinitis of the shoulder occurs almost asymptomatic. But most often palpation mezhdublokovite furrows clearly shows the zone of pain.

When inflamed the synovial sheath of the tendon of the muscle receptor, similar to the shoulder is also developing tenosynovitis of the wrist joint. Treatment depends on the etiology and nature of the inflammatory process.

How to cure shoulder tendinitis

Тендинит в плечевом суставе, его лечение и профилактика

For the appointment of a competent treatment, it should be understood, at what stage is the inflammation of the tendons of the supraspinatus or other shoulder muscles. To do this, the doctor collects the history, palpated the injury, shall appoint radiography. There are three stages of development of shoulder tendinitis.

At the initial stage is contraindicated immobilization of a limb, as it can cause the adhesive arthritis. Onset of the disease must be treated by rest, limiting the maximum joint any movement. Started the inflammatory process is stopped nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with the effect of anesthesia. After arresting inflammation doctors prescribe the implementation of therapeutic exercises to restore the joint to its physiological mobility.

The second stage has to be treated with local intra-articular anesthesia. In addition to relieving severe pain anesthetics, to eliminate inflammation also used glucocorticosteroid drugs. In advanced disease of the tendons of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and other muscles of the shoulder surgery. With the aim of removing part of the acromion of the scapula, long destroyed by inflammation, the patient is a minimally invasive surgery.

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Disease tendonitis its symptoms are similar to tendinosis of the shoulder joint, but treated differently. To assign a targeted therapy requires a differential diagnosis. Specifics of treatment of tendinitis depends on the shape of the disease. Inflammation of the rotator cuff mild enough to ensure that the patient rest and a small amount of movement of the joint. The effects of the severe injuries often require surgical intervention.

Calcining form of the disease is treated with pain relieving electrotherapy, ultrasound massage that stimulates production of necessary enzymes, extracorporeal shock wave treatments using low-frequency pulses. Eliminate limestone formation, washing out the joint cavity puncture. If conservative methods prove ineffective, the patient is doing the surgery, during which lime deposits are removed through small surgical incision.

Тендинит в плечевом суставе, его лечение и профилактика

In the postoperative period, the patient’s arm is supported by a special bandage. During rehabilitation, the patient must perform rehabilitation exercises to prevent necrosis of the soft tissues.

Ways to prevent tendonitis

To prevent tendonitis of the elbow or shoulder should be engaged in its prevention. No wonder folk wisdom says that to prevent disease is much easier than curing it. Preventive measures are quite simple. They are based on personal internal discipline and observance of certain rules.

  • Before any one, not even too intense physical activity, need to do a short workout for the shoulder muscles.
  • You need to give yourself only feasible load, taking into account individual features of your organism.
  • Exercise intensity should be increased gradually, not in spurts, providing the muscles the opportunity to adapt.
  • Those whose activity is connected with monotonous, long-term repeated movements of the shoulder or other joints, you need to do exercises compensatory nature, and make time for recreation.
  • If you are performing any action, suddenly there is shoulder pain, should immediately stop, to stop these actions and to give the body a rest. In the future, it is better to refrain from such loads.
  • In parallel with adherence to simple principles of prevention need to address the development and strengthening of the shoulder muscular frame under the supervision of experienced trainer. For muscular tendons helpful smooth sailing, reasonable fitness training, yoga classes.