Tendonitis of the knee joint: how to treat the disease

Тендинит коленного сустава: как лечить заболеваниеAnkle tendinitis is an inflammation of the knee joint and tendon in place of its contact with the bone. This disease affects people of any age, but most vulnerable are the patients after 40 years. The disease affects athletes and persons whose work is associated with a strong stress on the knee joint. Disease can result from injury as PTSD.

A particular problem is the knee tendinitis for athletes. Suffer from this disease are athletes who jump a lot: basketball, volleyball players. Tendonitis in the country, the name «heavy knee», «jumper’s knee». The thing is that in this disease, inflamed knee ligament, which is directly involved in the movements of the knee and throughout the leg. Athletes are constantly receiving small injuries of the knee ligaments, but if you regularly relax, they heal. With a strong stress on the knee joint and long-term sports without rest occurs tendinitis of the knee. In most cases affected the jump leg, but sometimes affects both.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

What are the causes and symptoms of tendinitis of the knee and also ankle joint? At risk of becoming infected include people who spend long time in the same position. Other causes of the disease are:

  • infection of bacterial and fungal origin;
  • a complication of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout;
  • allergic reaction (mostly for medicines);
  • uncomfortable shoes;
  • individual anatomical characteristics, such as flat feet, muscle imbalance.

Тендинит коленного сустава: как лечить заболевание

Inflammation of the knee ligaments, causing sharp increasing pain and redness of the skin

What symptoms does tenosynovitis or tendinopathy? The first symptoms of inflammation of the knee joint is pain and weakness in the knee region. Tenosynovitis (or tendinitis) is often confused with sprain of muscles and ligaments. Its distinctive symptoms are increasing pain not only when the load on the knee, but palpation of this region.

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Appear redness and swelling, while walking, heard the creaking sound of the knee joint. These symptoms create a lot of problems. Reduced work capacity, limited movement, severe increasing pain is not haunted, and hurting. Tenosynovitis occurs in two forms: acute and chronic.

Possible complications and treatments

Late begun treatment threatens the flow of disease from the acute form of chronic and threatened a number of complications. Possible complications tendinosis knee joint:

  • Ruptures of the knee tendons.
  • The symptom of pain in the knee joint becomes constant. Walking with such pain becomes practically impossible.
  • Тендинит коленного сустава: как лечить заболеваниеTo avoid complications of the disease, contact the doctor-traumatologist. To clarify the diagnosis are laboratory tests, x-rays, computed tomography, ultrasound. Based on the studies and symptoms of the disease, the doctor made the final diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

    Treatment of tenosynovitis of the knee joint and tenosynovitis of the ankle joint are very diverse. There is a complex of therapeutic measures. It includes medication, physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

    How to treat tenosynovitis of the knee, tendinosis of the hip joint and the ankle joint? Phased treatment of tenosynovitis of the knee and other joints begins with the following actions. Apply immobilization of the knee or other joints. Restricted or completely prohibited the load on the injured leg. Superimposed immobilization bandage. It can be langada, plaster, tapes and ribbons, which are attached to the affected knee, as well as orthoses, i.e. knee pads. Тендинит коленного сустава: как лечить заболевание

    To relieve the burden of the patient should be in when walking to rely on a cane or crutches. It is recommended to be alone — to sit or lie. The limit load on the affected knee or other joint depends on the stage of the disease and directly from their own symptoms.

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    Of drugs used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic funds. Dosage form of these drugs are ointments, creams and gels. In more severe cases, injections of corticosteroids directly into the affected knee or other joint. When severe inflammation is shown a course of antibiotics.

    Physical therapy and other methods to get rid of the disease

    For the treatment of tenosynovitis of the knee joint it is recommended to do a massage course. Helps swimming. Positive results will give a course of physiotherapy, which is a possible application:

    • magnetic therapy;
    • UHF;
    • elektroforeza;
    • iontophoresis;
    • phonophoresis with lasonya;
    • kriophoros.

    Therapeutic exercise is an integral part of the treatment of the disease. Exercise is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease. Shows the exercises associated with stretching of the muscles. A good alternative to traditional physical therapy is yoga.

    Method of treatment of advanced forms of the disease is surgical intervention. Surgery is indicated for tendon rupture. As auxiliary methods of treatment of tenosynovitis of the knee can be used folk remedies, which are sometimes very effective.

    Preventive measures is the implementation of the following recommendations:

  • Let your body rest after exercise.
  • If you feel knee pain, immediately stop the load.
  • Strengthen muscles, exercise. Better to do it before the onset of symptoms of the disease.
  • Keep track of your movements and poses. Try to avoid a long stay in one position throughout the day.
  • Try to change body position periodically to stretch, do light exercises.
  • Upon detection of symptoms of the disease should be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary comprehensive treatment. Timely started therapy of the disease and preventive measures will help the patient to achieve cure or significant relief of a condition.