Tenosynovitis wrist: treatment and physiotherapy

Тендовагинит лучезапястного сустава: лечение препаратами и физиотерапия

Large bundle of brush and injured her nerve

What is a tenosynovitis of the wrist joint and how to treat it? The human body has many tendons. Inflammation in the tendon is called tenosynovitis. The disease has acute and chronic. Distinguish between infectious and aseptic course of disease.

The pathological process most often affects the hand, forearm, feet. Often there is a tenosynovitis of the wrist joint. The disease also can affect the tendons of the shoulder, elbow or ankle joints.

Causes and symptoms

Tenosynovitis of the wrist joint is called the syndrome of carwin, or inflammation of the wrist. After an injury thicken the tendons on the hand and thumb. The disease begins abruptly, can sometimes lead to gangrene of the tendons.

The pain is localized on the brush, but may spread to the shoulder. The pain can intensify at night. Sometimes the pain can be very strong. They occur when rotating the wrist or motion of the thumb. Other symptoms of the wrist joint: numbness, tingling, cracking of the affected area while wiggling fingers. The inflammation affects the tendons responsible for thumb. Little relief brings a shaking hand or a massage.

Tenosynovitis is sometimes called occupational disease. It is believed that his appearance is due to certain types of works, in which the muscles of the hands, in particular, brushes, are in constant tension.

Overuse of the muscles leads to the development of the disease. From tenosynovitis often affects those people who received no injuries, but the nature of their activities have to make the same movement for a long time, using the same muscle group.

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To the risk group belong:

  • movers;
  • drivers;
  • pianists;
  • workers of heavy industry.

The disease can also cause trauma. The tenosynovitis usually affects skiers and skaters. These athletes can be damaged tendons of the shoulder, ankle and other joints.

Тендовагинит лучезапястного сустава: лечение препаратами и физиотерапия

The structure of the shoulder joint

Different localization of tendovaginitis

Tenosynovitis of the shoulder joint occurs when injury or over-stretching of the upper limbs. Happens tear of the tendon and sheath. Damage can cause acute inflammatory process that leads to the limitation of the connection.

Frequent small injuries provoke the development of chronic forms of tenosynovitis of the shoulder joint. Formed adhesions between the tendons and the capsule. This leads to loss of lubrication. Because of this, the disease can develop in a sluggish way.

The symptoms manifested in pain localized in the shoulder Department. When moving the pain is worse, and in the quiescent state tends to disappear completely. This disease differs from all other inflammations affecting the major joints of the bones. The examination revealed a sharp pain point character. It is also possible crunch, which confirms the presence of the disease.

Tenosynovitis of the ankle joint leads to inflammation of the tendons joints and usually affects the muscles of the outer ankles. Some symptoms can be similar to symptoms of other diseases. You should think about the prevention of tenosynovitis of the ankle joint to those people, who after physical exertion, there is discomfort in the leg. The tension of the foot can cause pain. This form of the disease is manifested in swelling and redness of the foot.

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Тендовагинит лучезапястного сустава: лечение препаратами и физиотерапия

Intact ankle joint

With the development of infectious forms of the disease may increase the temperature, General condition of the patient deteriorates. To treat the infectious form is required under the supervision of a physician after diagnosis. Usually applied antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy.

Purulent lesion is removed through the opening of the abscess to avoid contamination of neighboring tissues. Tenosynovitis of the ankle joints is a common disease. But good treatment is able to get rid of painful phenomena.

Inflammation of the tendons can also affect the knee joint. Do not confuse this disease with a sprain, which occurs when any injuries. The inflammatory process may provoke several sports such as volleyball, jumping, running.

The symptoms speaking of a defeat this region of the joint, are manifested in the pains which appear suddenly, but increase with the progression of inflammation. If the weather changes, the pain may also worsen. The mobility of the legs is limited. Maybe a slight swelling of the knee joint and redness of this region.

Hands are the most vulnerable part of the body. Due to small injuries, permanent hypothermia or large loads, inflammatory responses occur most often. In such cases, tenosynovitis of the wrist joint has an infectious origin.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

At the first symptoms of inflammation of the tendon is necessary to see a doctor. That the treatment was successful, you will need to implement all the recommendations of doctors. First of all, the necessary diagnostics. It is performed using x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI. To resolve pain, the patient is shown the medication: painkillers and anti-inflammatories. In addition, you should eliminate strain on the joint.

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In the treatment of tenosynovitis doctor can be assigned the following drugs:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal group;
  • glucocorticoids;
  • ointment has anti-inflammatory effects.

Also, perhaps, the patient will be recommended the following procedure:

  • compresses;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy.

Treatment can be medication and use of physiotherapy associated with effects in diseases of the joints. Prevention of tenosynovitis is regular exercise. It is very important that the weight is evenly distributed and affect different muscle groups.