The 2 degree scoliosis: diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Сколиоз 2 степени: диагностика и лечение заболевания

Curvature of the spine affects the entire human body

That man walks on two legs, that is vertically, of course, the advantage is convenient for its existence. But along with all the positive qualities this factor has many negative sides. One of them is a constant strain on the spine causing various diseases. The most common is the scoliosis.

It is impossible to call this disease a small defect, but the question of whether we can cure scoliosis, no acute, because the spine can be repaired. However, scoliosis of 2 degrees should be treated immediately. There are several types of spinal curvature:

  • S-shaped;
  • Z-shaped.

For S-shaped scoliosis is characterized by two arcs of curvature which are held throughout the spine. This type of scoliosis is most common in young children, when you sit at the table for a long time and hold with your back straight. For Z-shaped scoliosis is characterized by 3 arcs of curvature. Doctors diagnosed after the reveal and angle of the curved arcs. One of the most common forms of the disease is S-scoliosis of 2 degrees.

Сколиоз 2 степени: диагностика и лечение заболевания

Diagnosis of the disease — radiograph of the patient’s back

There are unfixed and fixed forms of scoliosis. Under certain physical exertion the spine can rapidly deform. It’s unfixed form. If the spine is years not change its position, so the man fixed type of the disease. To determine the form of the disease is possible only by x-ray.

Causes curvature

Photo curved vertebrae always can be seen on the stands in hospitals. Why doctors believe that scoliosis is very dangerous, what caused this alarm? While the child grows, scoliosis, rather, the problem for parents: the baby doesn’t hurt, he still pays no attention to your appearance. Changes in the body occur in adulthood.

The deformation of the spine, there is a shift of internal organs, as a result of:

  • aortic arch changes its bending, which is a prerequisite for hypertension;
  • tilt the pelvis, resulting in approaching costal margin to the pelvis — when these changes kidney drops below the desired level, over time, the ureter becomes twisted, why there is a kidney stones;
  • occurs cardio-pulmonary insufficiency;
  • if it is not treated, the person will be doomed to a difficult life without drugs do not can;
  • scoliosis will be transferred to the third stage, if you let it go.
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Сколиоз 2 степени: диагностика и лечение заболевания

Before answering the question, is there a cure for scoliosis, you should determine the cause of the disease.

  • Congenital deformation. Man is born with an extra rib or vertebra. This disease can also develop if you have fused vertebrae or parts of them. A very common cause of disease in children is cerebral palsy.
  • Acquired deformities of the spine — the effects of rickets, polio, disorders of the endocrine system, metabolism (impaired synthesis of intervertebral cartilage and nucleus). The most common cause of 2 degree scoliosis is hyperdynamic the growth of the child when bones are growing much faster than the muscles and ligaments that attach to them. Various injuries can cause curvature of the spine, especially intensively it will be deformed from physical activity.

  • The symptoms and signs of disease

    In everyday life, S-shaped scoliosis of 2 degrees can not see until the baby is naked. And all because the disease does not manifest itself almost, no pain and any discomfort. Camouflaged clothing and movement of the deformation is not visible, and to notice only by a qualified doctor. Sometimes after sitting too long or when the loads on the physical exercise in the spine can cause pain and burning. This means that the disease is already advanced, and to start treatment.

    Сколиоз 2 степени: диагностика и лечение заболевания

    Any doctor after inspection will still send children for x-rays, while in the second stage of the disease the curvature visible to the naked eye, if you look at children in the back, not hidden by clothing. This examination is necessary to identify the cause of the disease. When the diagnosis begins with examination of the shoulder girdle. In a healthy person, they are symmetric under the 2 degree scoliosis one shoulder above the other — below. Depending on this, determine right or left hand S-shaped scoliosis.

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    Lumbar triangles is also asymmetrical. On one side of the triangle is visible, the other almost none. Distance from the spinous process of the spine to the angles of both blades are different. Symmetry of the gluteal folds in the presence of spinal deformity is broken. Photos of such deformations can be found on specialized sites.

    Doctor determine the torsion of the vertebrae. Upon violation of a single rotation of the vertebrae around the longitudinal axis of the spine is the formation of the rib hump and muscular cushion. Torsion of the vertebrae could be the reason one of the sides of the chest sinks.

    The treatment of the spine

    Сколиоз 2 степени: диагностика и лечение заболевания

    Before and after surgery to correct curvature of the spine

    When the man is the question of how to treat scoliosis of 2 degrees, in any case can not self-medicate. Be sure to visit the doctor and get an x-ray. Only after a thorough examination, the specialist will prescribe treatment. How to treat scoliosis of 2 degrees, I know orthopedists and surgeons. That is they should be sought for diagnosis. If the curvature of the spine congenital (eg, rickets), treatment begins with the appointment of appropriate drugs: calcium, vitamin D.

    Basically, scoliosis is treated by applying physical rehabilitation. Doctors develop a course of physical therapy, which often includes electrophoresis, physical exercise. The main task of gymnastics — balancing of muscles. With proper and regular observance of the rules and implementation of all physician orders the muscles to stop the process of warping, and over time the spine will become smooth. S-shaped scoliosis not treated surgically because of physical exercises (with regular practice) in 99% yield a positive result.

    Today, it’s very common chiropractic treatment of scoliosis of 2 degrees. But some experts Express an opinion on nedoskazannosti result. The General opinion of doctors — achieve manual therapy, which is used for the treatment of scoliosis of 2 degrees, should be recorded by any means of physical rehabilitation. For example, the use of a locking corset.

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    One of the modern methods of treatment called electrical stimulation in motion. The originality of this method is that changes in the intensity of the contraction of opposing muscle groups that are involved in movement (walking, running). Some patients, doctors prescribe sessions in the water. Widely used positional therapy.

    For many people, the question arises whether it is possible to obtain the status of invalid in the presence of scoliosis. This is possible only if the disease became a cause of serious health problems.


    The daily hours of a child’s seat at the computer is guaranteed to cause curvature of the spine. But don’t despair, you should see a specialist, which does not allow the disease to progress. In adults, scoliosis can be cured by surgery in conjunction with physiotherapy and exercises.

    Preventive actions involve frequent inspection of the back, especially in children and those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Also help perform basic exercises.

  • The man lies on stomach, arms and legs straight. The left arm bent and the right arm and right leg are raised 10-15 cm above the floor. To keep the arm and leg need 5-7 seconds. To do the same with other hands and foot.
  • Lying on stomach, raise arms and legs. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat daily for 7 times a day.
  • Remember that any disease is curable, if you set yourself a goal — recovery and persistent to follow it.