The back brace and its variants

Корсет для спины и его разновидностиMedical back brace is widely used today as a therapeutic tool for injuries and diseases of the spine. It is used also with the purpose of rectifying impaired posture. Wearing the therapeutic bandage promotes rapid and effective damage restoration.

Modern bandages are manufactured of strong flexible material, impervious to air. Data orthopedic products have special ribs that can be modeled. In addition, the bandages feature a durable tightening straps and easy buckles.

Varieties of spinal braces

The correctly picked back brace helps the patient to maintain the spine in a physiologically correct position. On the type of impact products can be divided into:

  • corrective;
  • fix;
  • unloading.

Correction products designed for rectifying the minor violations of posture, disorders of the vertebral column deformities. Locking corsets for back securely limit the mobility of a spine. They are used after surgery and in the treatment of serious diseases and injuries. Unloading braces for the back are intended to remove from the dorsal muscle portion of the load, thus protecting the spine from overextending.

Wearing a corset gives a great therapeutic effect in the following diseases:

  • scoliosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • sciatica;
  • intervertebral hernia formation;
  • spondylosis.

Корсет для спины и его разновидностиThe advice of an experienced podiatrist will help to understand exactly what the patient needs corset back hardness – hard, semi-rigid or soft elastic. Hard corsets for back support allow you to compensate for the function of the affected segments of the spine. A rigid type brace to support the spine doctor prescribed to wear during the rehabilitation period after injury or surgical intervention.

Semi-rigid corset on the back is recommended to wear during sports exercises, hard physical labor, as well as the presence of chronic diseases. Soft elastic orthopedic product performs the corrective function. It is used to support posture.

With the help of wearing soft or semi-rigid corset you can achieve a significant straightening of the deformed spine. The main thing is to adhere to the recommendations of a physician.

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Bandages for the pelvis and lower back

Bandages for straightening of the spine are of real interest only for lumbar and combined – lumbar along with thoracic and Sacro-lumbar. Wear bandages as a rule, over the underwear. Thus, edges of the corset must be located relative to the spine symmetrically on both sides. Tight unstretchable straps corrector crisscross in back and tie front closures.

Корсет для спины и его разновидностиThe spine brace provides a reliable protection of damaged areas from unnecessary stress, helps the muscles, ligaments and tendons to recover faster. Wear a corset on the back should be the regular medical gymnastics, yoga and swimming. In complex therapy also includes physiotherapy and massage.

Lumbosacral corset on the back is used most often after injuries or operations, as well as in the intervertebral hernias. The jockstrap has a wide waistband with side ties, elastic inserts and unstretchable back of cotton material. Stiffeners are modeled depending on the shape of the patient. The design of the product ensures high level of stabilization of vertebral departments, unloading overused muscles and ligaments. Sacro-lumbar corrector relieves pain in congenital abnormalities of the joints of the vertebrae, hernia and spondylosis. In addition, it successfully compensates for the lack of stability developed as a result of osteoporosis or spondylitis. Lumbar corsets provide, in addition to support, and also a warming massage effect.

To wear a spinal brace during the day is recommended no more than five or six hours. At night corrector better off.

Proofreaders for the thoracic spine

Straightening proofreaders thoracolumbar segment of the spine is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of both adults and children. Medical corset from stoop has a lightweight design. Stiffener inside brace have any spring characteristics. This allows the corset to engage the private muscle of the patient and to exercise the sensorimotor control of correct posture.

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Thin, breathable, hypoallergenic material is practically invisible under clothing. Thanks to the breathable properties of the fabric of the corset from stooping can be worn in any season and in any weather. Corset so easy to remove and put on, what with him cope even a child. Podiatrists widely used spinal brace for correcting deformation of the spine in children at the earliest stages.

Medical corset on the back are in myositis (muscle inflammation), bruises, osteochondropathy, scoliosis and kyphosis of the first or second degree. It effectively relieves and supports the thoracolumbar division of the spinal column, forming the correct posture and stimulating muscle tone.

Very easy medical posture corrector during long rides in the car or prolonged work at the computer. It helps the spine to stay in correct position, without causing wasting of the muscles.