The bandage on the neck: how to choose and wear

Бандаж на шею: как его подобрать и носить

Soft corset for minor neck injuries

Not everyone knows what a medical device, like a bandage. The word that came to Russia from France. There it means «bandage, bandage». The notion of such an orthopedic device is found in the laws of the Babylonian king Hammurabi.

Today there are many varieties of bandages. Especially often recently used a bandage for the neck. What is it? How to pick and use? In what diseases is shown a brace for the cervical spine? Is to understand it, to not be afraid when the doctor will recommend wearing a brace.

The neck brace is also called an orthopedic collar. It is a product of sturdy, flexible and soft polyurethane foam, with Velcro. The orthosis is selected strictly individually and only as directed by your doctor. Neck collars are divided into collars with soft (tires Trench), rigid or semi-rigid fixation.

Rigidly fixing the neck of the tires — more bulky products, which are more difficult to wear. Indications for their use are diseases in which the cervical vertebrae it is necessary to immobilize completely.

In what diseases is used jockstrap

Brace in the cervical spine is prescribed for the following ailments:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • torticollis in newborns;
  • a fracture of the cervical vertebrae;
  • neuralgia;
  • sciatica.

These are the main diseases in which treatment without the brace for the neck not to do. In addition, the doctor may prescribe the use of tyres of a Trench, for example after traumas and operations, if necessary to provide rest to the cervical spine.

Бандаж на шею: как его подобрать и носить

Corset for rigid fixation of the damaged neck

Low back pain is a very common disease today. Its essence lies in the negative changes of the intervertebral discs: they are deformed and clamped the blood vessels to nerve endings. Most often affected the cervical spine. High therapeutic effect of the bandage in this disease is explained very simply: brace fixes the vertebrae in a natural position, not allowing them to touch each other and cause nerve damage.

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Blood vessels begin to function normally, blood supply of the brain comes back to normal, the patient not to bother the pain, discomfort, nausea and other symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease. It should be remembered that the wearing of the tire Trench may be prescribed by a doctor. Bandage for the neck in osteochondrosis is not the only means of fighting the disease. Treatment involves the use of drugs, therapeutic exercises and massage.

The bandage on cervical osteochondrosis can be not only therapeutic but also prophylactic. It reduces the load on neck muscles and has a warming effect.

How to choose and wear the orthosis collar

To choose the right brace collar will always help consultant orthopedic salon. Better medical device to buy it there or at the pharmacy. Before buying you should measure the distance from the bony angle of the mandible to the middle of the clavicle. This figure will determine the bus width of the Trench. You will need to measure the neck circumference.

Бандаж на шею: как его подобрать и носить

This corset is designed to warm the neck

In the salon the product is better to try. The chin should fit into the notch made in the front of the collar. It is important that the Velcro allowed to freely adjust its volume. Ideally, the bandage should not cause any pain, interfere with normal breathing.

It is necessary that the material, which is covered from above Orthez, was soft and hypoallergenic. There is one caveat, which is worth paying attention to. A hurry to buy an orthopedic collar certainly imported. Expensive is not always best. Russian producers are also very good with the manufacture of neck ties. The main thing is to purchase this product in major stores or pharmacies where there are all the relevant documents.

The brace should be worn directly on the neck and in contact with skin. Too tight or very little to fix it not worth it. Need to pick up the option on the commit at which the movement of the neck is limited, but the breathing difficulties do not arise. Since the turns and head tilts in the bandage is almost impossible, better while of wearing it behind the wheel not to sit, as this will affect the quality and safety of all road users.

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Бандаж на шею: как его подобрать и носить

Measure the height and neck diameter for the selection of the size of the corset

Wearing a neck brace should be determined by the doctor. For example, osteochondrosis it is recommended to wear the orthosis for 2 hours with a break of 30 minutes. Negative changes in health status while wearing the collar brace to guard. This is a reason to pay another visit to the doctor and tell about unpleasant symptoms.

Neck brace for babies

There are times when an orthopedic collar is prescribed to newborns. This most often occurs with torticollis or neurological nature. Muscular torticollis referred to as the underdevelopment of certain muscles of the lateral surface of the neck that can be congenital. But often, the disease develops in infants result of birth trauma or during the first days of life. There are several symptoms, which the doctor accurately determine torticollis. The sooner this happens and will be prescribed treatment, the sooner the recovery. In addition to massage, gymnastics and electrophoresis, newborn prescribed the wearing of a neck brace.

The application of this creams often becomes a big problem, because the child is experiencing discomfort, crying, cranky. But the effectiveness of this medical device is proven, and wearing it will help your baby to recover faster. This should be sure to remember mom. The doctor will determine how many times a day and for how long you need to wear child orthopedic collar. It may be a few minutes, and sometimes has to wear a brace all day, removing it only when bathing.

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Proper selection of orthopedic collar for a newborn is particularly important because bought the wrong size bandage can not only help but also hurt. The use of an orthosis will require mom more strict observance of rules of hygiene: it is important to keep the skin on the baby’s neck clean and dry to avoid irritation. Between worn on the neck of the baby bus and the skin should be able to slide your finger adult: it says that the product is properly worn.

Collar to daily wash by hand with baby soap. If a doctor prescribed to wear the brace, you should think about buying two products: one while wearing the baby, another to wash and dry. Once the right will be the recommendation of a doctor wearing splints Trench depends ultimately the efficiency of the entire muscular system of the baby. Improper treatment of newborns is fraught with even greater problems with their health in the future.

At first glance, the bandage seems like a primitive invention, and orthopedic surgeons. Many patients neglect his possession, but in vain. For example, the bandage osteochondrosis brings relief to the patient almost immediately. Compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician regarding the use of the brace will speed recovery adults and newborns.