The bandage on your wrist when you injure the joint of the hand

Бандаж на запястье при травме сустава кисти рукиIn order to restore the natural mobility of the joint and to provide high-quality healing of damaged tissues, used bandage on the wrist. If you compare this orthopedic product with the imposition of a plaster bandage, it turns out that this design has significant advantages: protection of the damaged joint or ligament, prevention of muscle atrophy that is often observed in the gypsum, the improvement of blood flow in the inflamed limb. And the most important is the reduction of treatment time and duration of the rehabilitation period, which is not typical for dressings of gypsum.

The mobility of any of the wrist joint of the hand is determined by two main components. The main point is the dynamics of the movement of the muscles of the hands. The static component depends on the ligaments, the joint capsule and the surface layer of the joints and is distributed to the part that allows you to maintain solenaya part of the joint and determines the direction of movement of the hand. If some forces act on the joint, exceeding his physical capabilities, there is damage to the ligaments of the limb.

Why the need for bandages wrist

Bandages for damaged wrist are used in orthopedics. They are the subjects of rehabilitation and are intended for fixation of limbs. Apply these products in a variety of situations: from ordinary sprains and dislocation of the joint to prevent the occurrence of hernias.
Бандаж на запястье при травме сустава кисти руки
Today in the trading network can find a large number of various types of bandages for wrist. Among this variety it is difficult to find exactly the required person. Many question arises: how to choose a brace on the wrist joint, so it was high quality and had appropriate efficiency and does not cause user inconvenience.

The answer to this question is simple. No matter what type or bandage: elbow, knee, ankle, wrist — it should be used directly on the recommendation of a specialist. It all depends on the features of the disease, and also physiological, age and other characteristics of the patient. The doctor will provide the necessary advice on the types of bandages for the wrist and will tell you what size of this product you need to purchase.

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Wrist bandages are applied:Бандаж на запястье при травме сустава кисти руки

  • during the recovery period after the injury;
  • athletes-weightlifters;
  • arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Medical device allows to provide high-quality fixation of the diseased area in the required position for the patient. Often a subject used by those who are actively engaged in weightlifting, basketball, tennis. With acquire bandage for wrist joint is not only the athletes involved in professional sports, but also ordinary fans. The fact that heavy loads are often the cause of various injuries of the joints. That’s why in the hospitals where victims are treated, strongly advise you to use bandages for various injuries of the wrist.

The bandage on the wrist is used for high-quality fixation of the joint of the brush, especially if you perform manual repetitive work.

The useful properties of the bandage

Made bandages for the damaged wrist from wear-resistant elastic fabrics, which further enhance the tire from a plastic or metal thin plate. Many types of bandages made from a special warming material, this allows to accelerate the process of relieving pain due to the warming effect. The compression effect of the bandage helps with the swelling of the injured limb. Brace helps relieve swelling and removes the accumulated fluid in the wrist due to the uniformity of pressure on the entire injured area. The brace is easily put on and removed from the hands. To wear a jockstrap it is possible as in disease, and for prevention.

Wristlets are specialized orthopedic devices of fabric on a flexible basis, which effectively fix the damaged area. Wristbands wrist apply in all situations, especially important when doing power sports, excessively high loads on the limbs that is often the causes of various injuries. The product helps to tightly secure the wrist and prevent further displacement of the joint.

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Orthosis is often used during treatment of various dysfunctions of the joints. It is important in such diseases to avoid any stress. Fixed bandage not just on the wrist, and the fingers of the hand that allows you to avoid the classic blend of gypsum. Due to the special design of orthopedic brace can effectively speed up the healing process.

Бандаж на запястье при травме сустава кисти рукиVarious injuries in the hands of one of the most common problems in medicine. Luxation of the hand there is a strong stress on the joint and subsequent damage. After such trauma, the recovery period can last several months and requires the patient complete peace of mind portion of the patient’s hands, allowing the joint to fully restore their functions.

Wearing the special postoperative brace for the wrist allows you to get rid of the painful symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

Who is shown wearing orthoses

Pain in trauma in the wrist and appears frequently due to pressure on the nerve ends offset joint. Rigid fixation with orthopedic design allows you to remove the pain symptoms. It also gives the opportunity to prevent their subsequent emergence.

Бандаж на запястье при травме сустава кисти руки

This brace is used for injuries of the joint of the thumb

Fixed bandage postoperative can in several versions: easy and hard. Design with light fixation used for minor injuries, and also for prevention of various diseases. Bandages hard type are used in severe injuries or in the postoperative period. The wear and strength of fixation are set by the attending physician.

Did you know that in the process of working at the computer affects not only the eye, but also hands? This is because, during prolonged use of the keyboard is a big burden on the joints of the hands. Then the person experiences a sharp pain.

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As a result of this disease there is pain in the wrist. If not promptly take the necessary measures, pain symptoms become chronic. Wearing the brace with a light type of fixation will provide the necessary support to wrist, prevent inflammation of the radial nerve and eliminate pain.

People are spending a lot of time on the computer is often diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome of the knee — contraction of the radial nerve as a result of significant load on the wrist hands when working on the keyboard.

Pathology in which it is necessary to use a postoperative brace:

  • damage to the joints;
  • sprain;
  • inflammation of the hands;
  • entrapment of the radial nerve;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • deformation of the joints.

To prevent the error in the selection of bandage, it is better to seek help from a doctor or to consultants in a specialty store or pharmacy. They will help you to choose the right size brace and give recommendations on the use of this orthopedic products. The modern design of the product and the specific needs of the trauma and allow the tires to maintain the correct fit of the joints for a long period. Therapeutic effect in a patient from the use of orthopedic constructions is retained for 6 months.