The basics of treatment of the most common symptoms of lumbago

The causes of lumbago in the lower back (lumbago), and the methods of its treatment

Pain in the lumbar region is the most common phenomenon not only among elderly but also among young people and children.

A cross appears in the lower back (lumbago) due to pathological conditions of the human body that signals the presence of significant health problems.



The main causes of lumbago

Lumbago is a sudden disease that occurs more often in men involved in sports or physical labor and working in cold wet areas.

Enough of the excessive tension of back muscles when lifting weights for the occurrence of lumbago in the lower back.

The pathogenesis of lumbago is compression of the roots of the sacral or lumbar spine.

The development of the disease is affected by the narrowing of the channels of the spinal cord in the lumbar region.

Lumbago with sciatica arises due to the following reasons:

  • Osteochondrosis – degenerative pathology of intervertebral discs, leading to disruption of depreciation function;
  • Spondylosis – the offset of the vertebral column;
  • Pregnancy – increased weight of the uterus changes the center of gravity of the body and increase the load on the spine;
  • Lack of exercise – small motor activity;
  • Excess body weight;
  • Uncomfortable high-heel shoes;
  • Sleep on hard surface for long period of time.

Backache in the lower back can occur due to stretching of the vertebral ligaments, the aging process of the intervertebral cartilage, hypothermia, trauma and congenital abnormalities of the spine.

The cause of lumbago is infringement of the short lumbar roots, squeezing in the area of the spinal canal nucleus pulposus.

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Precipitating factor can be cold, due to which there is an inflammatory process.

The most common symptoms and signs of disease

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The diagnosis of lumbago in the medical practice is often called lumbosacral radiculitis acute degree, but these are two different diseases.

When sciatica pain is localized in the sacral region and radiates to the leg. Explicitly expressed back pain with this disease do not exist.

Lumbago is characterized by sharp sudden pain in the lumbar region, which does not allow the patient to straighten or bend, causing it to be in a bent position.

In any attempt to move the symptoms of the disease increases.

The pain is rolling in nature and goes to the buttocks and thighs, so patients are unable to stand and sit.

Any movement in which the spine is not exempt from being crushed, painful. Through the pain, the patient finds the position of the body in which the pain recede a little: falls on side, belly, adopts the knee-elbow position, etc.

Symptoms of lumbago disappear after 4-5 days after the occurrence or has been simmering for a long time. This is due to the involvement in the disease, not only the muscles, but the joints of the spine, ligaments, spinal cord and its membranes.

Peculiarities of treatment of backache in the lumbar

Before treatment lumbago should visit a specialist, who, after the necessary surveys and establish the cause of the disease will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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The treatment of lumbago is the peace and distracting means in the form of warming the lower back with the help of compresses, mustard plasters and rubbing.

Drug treatment of lumbago is carried out using painkillers: analgin and aspirin in pure form or with the addition of codeine. After the acute period is appointed gymnastics, massage and warm baths.

Backache in the lower back, which treatment was carried out repeatedly, but the symptoms returned after some time, requires a Spa treatment for hydrogen sulfide, radioactive, mud and Spa resorts.

With the help of the professional massage of active points of the lumbar region it is possible to achieve good results.

Principles of treatment:

  1. Bed rest – the ideal option is to find lying down on a pillowtop mattress. When walking use a special belt supporting the spine. With the aid of crutches also «unloads» the lower back;
  2. Drugs – the ineffectiveness of analgin, baralgin and sedalgin are assigned to more effective drugs: ointment or trigun. Remove the muscle spasm should be with no-Spa or other antispasmodics (muscle relaxants), which should not be taken without consultation with a specialist. Anti-inflammatory drugs needed to eliminate the inflammation in the location of pinched nerve roots, which will also relieve swelling of the affected areas.
  3. Vitamin therapy (vitamin b, ascorbic acid and minerals) – is to improve the nutritional status of the affected areas of the spine;
  4. Rubbing – using a variety of ointments on the basis of horse chestnut, phenylbutazone, menthol, bee or snake venom and benzocaine can achieve local anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect that reduces pain.
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A video with recommendations for treatment

See the movie from the television series, «Live healthy» Elena malyshevoy about the recommendations concerning the treatment of backache in the lumbar. The video also shows the rules of the massage in lumbago