The causes of pain in the shoulder joint and treatment plan

Pain in the shoulder joint: causes and treatment

Unfortunately, the pain for many once it becomes a natural state.

Do not bypass this shoulder joint. There are many people who live with such feelings.

Someone they’re weak, whiny, someone stronger, someone — a sharp, acute and unbearable.

In the latter case, people just have to go to the doctor, but the vast majority of people with such problems just sitting at home and waiting how it will end.

And often ends in tears, and to live with the constant pain is simply impossible – at least, will be seriously shattered nervous system.

The shoulder joint serves us constantly. Whatever we do – cooking, working around the house, carrying the bag involved is the hands. So if you are one of those who have become accustomed to experience such discomfort, it’s time to go to the doctor for a diagnosis — after all, knowledge of your problem will help to cope with it.

What could be the causes of pain in the shoulder joint?

To begin, consider a situation when a sore shoulder joint. Differential diagnosis does not depend on which side had problems in the right or left shoulder.

The reasons may be different, as well as the symptoms and what caused the discomfort. In General, to diagnose yourself and do it right, will not everyone. It is better to go to a clinic where you will do it people of this specialization.

But you can pre-listen to your feelings, to know about what you face and whether it is possible to proceed with the treatment.

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If your pain appeared suddenly developed in just a few hours and is a pronounced sharp stabbing sensations that occur with logs – this is probably the neuralgia. Besides all the above, in this disease the person usually moves a sick joint with great difficulty, while experiencing such pain, as if it pierced through.

Neuralgia requires urgent treatment – not because they can go into something more serious, but because soon you «double up» so that you can become incapacitated, and at home to move with difficulty – depending on how far from the shoulder will be pinched.

Pain relief tablets and injections it is impossible. Before we get to the reception, use VapoRub or capsicum plaster for relieving severe pain.


The cause can be injury or dislocation and fracture.

Amazingly, sometimes even it is possible not to notice – you think you just got hit hard.

If the pain doesn’t go away within 2-3 days after the injury, especially if swelling, time in the hospital.

Most likely, lie to you, no one will ask, but just a plaster cast or tight bandage, and competent instruction is necessary.


Other causes of shoulder pain.

  • Painful stiffness of the muscles may mean that you have capsulitis. Difficult movement to take the hand in one direction or another can only to a certain limit.
  • Also, the cause may be a herniated intervertebral. In this case, the source of the pain lies in the cervical spine and shoulder, she is just spreading.
  • More serious diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis. Despite similar names, their origin and development are different, but both are terrible so that they today there are no good treatments, and it’s scary. After a few months after the first manifestations of the disease doctors can help the patient only to those that will support his health in the same state, if not only to slow the progression of the disease. Ultimately, both diseases lead to disability. However, at the initial stage, there are many cases of recovery. That is why it is recommended to go to the hospital, even if the pain is minor, but regular. Suddenly you have arthrosis or arthritis?
  • Tandoori – appears in reactive inflammation of bags (bags of fluid lubrication for joints). While there is a sharp pain, turning on his hand and neck.
  • Inflammation of the tendons – tendonitis. Cause frequent and severe loading as a result of sports or physical labor.
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It is not all phenomena, causing pain in the shoulder joint, however, they are most common.

Don’t forget that the symptoms can be similar; often, the diagnosis requires examination.

Treatment of pain in the shoulder joint

Before you treat something, it would be nice to know the diagnosis, right? The doctor will prescribe the correct drugs, and it will not be unnecessary effort.

However, not all and not always can quickly get to the hospital.

At least, even if you are unable to visit a doctor, you need to meet certain conditions that will help to maintain the health:

  1. Master of physical therapy – therapeutic exercises. Her prescribing physicians, and it has a good effect on the body without damaging it.
  2. Lower level of physical activity as possible. Especially if it is related to the shoulder joint.
  3. Enjoy a light sports – swimming, yoga, aerobics, gymnastics. You can spin on the bar. Exception – injury.
  4. For the pain, use ointments warming. Learn more about these ointments here.
  5. Sign up for a session of professional medical massage.
  6. You can also use manual therapy, acupuncture, magnetotherapy.

All of the above methods will not force you to take medication or stay in hospital. However, don’t forget in the near future to allow time for the doctor. Pain is not the feeling you want to live…