The cervical bandage for the newborn: models of orthopedic collars and splints

Бандаж шейный для новорожденных: модели ортопедических воротников и шин

The child in the womb is the amniotic fluid. They protect it not only from the sudden movements of the mother, but also from their own energetic turns and gestures. In the process of childbirth it is necessary not only to leave the warm and safe place to live, but to do the difficult path through the birth canal mother. And then there’s my mom in so much pain that she almost does not hear the midwife and does not perform its recommendations.

And here’s something in childbirth is wrong. Newborn suffers, it hurts. On examination, the neonatologist may recommend to wear an orthopaedic splint, collar Trench directly in the genitive office.

Soft neck brace

Orthopedic collar Trench is soft foam bandage, fixing the baby’s throat. In the hospital this fixture just removed for weighing and treatment of the skin of the child. The rest of the time, if so designated doctor, the newborn spends in the collar, in it, he sleeps and eats well. When you remove the orthopedic collar, decides the doctor.

Mom should not worry about whether it is convenient for the baby, there is no pressure bandage. As a rule, in the hospital medical manipulation children tolerate well. Now there is a choice of orthopedic products — soft neck ties designed for sizes newborn and its fragility. Do not make the collar out of scrap materials.

After discharge from the hospital the child 1 month have to show to the doctors: an orthopedist and a neurologist. However, if the child concerned or diagnosed at birth, it is not necessary to delay the visit to the clinic.

Sometimes the parents notice that the child willingly turns his head in one direction only. The final diagnosis set by the doctor. If during the examination of the newborn revealed muscular torticollis, impaired muscle tone in the cervical spine, traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke, orthopedic and (or) the child neurologist recommend a course of therapeutic massage, physiotherapy and the wearing of a neck brace that will be able to align or strengthen the cervical spine.

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How to wear a bandage for newborns

The cervical spine is the most mobile. Its state depends on the blood flow to several organs. With the development of instability in the cervical vertebrae will suffer from circulatory disorders of the organs of sight, hearing, all the brain. Special orthopedic collars have a double impact. They, on the one hand, stretch the cervical vertebrae, unloading them, removing the spasm from the muscles, improving blood circulation and preventing the compression of the nerve endings. On the other hand, by fixing the spine stabiliziruemost, painful motion limited.

Cervical collars and bandages the method of fixation are divided into:

  • soft;
  • semi-rigid;
  • hard.

Collars with mild and moderate fixation, collars Trench, bus Trench in appearance resemble a soft collar with a clasp at the back. They can be of uniform width and asymmetric: narrow to wide part. Collar Trench provides mild or moderate fit, wearing it to appoint a doctor can.

Indications for wearing a collar Schantz:

  • syndrome short neck;
  • installation torticollis;
  • the syndrome of depression of the Central nervous system;
  • syndrome of movement disorders;
  • hyperexcitability.

Бандаж шейный для новорожденных: модели ортопедических воротников и шин

Rigid neck immobilizer for a child

Collars Trench matched in size, because all babies have different weight and height. Size (height) of the device is determined by the length of the neck of the child, taking it from the angle of the mandible to the clavicle. As a rule, in infants, this value ranges from 3 to 5 see If the collar more or less than the length of the neck, then it not only will not benefit but also may worsen the health of the child.

Few people know how to wear the collar of the Trench. Put it on the neck up under the chin and fastens in the back. It is necessary to observe hygiene (collar must be clean and dry), to prevent diaper rash and irritation of the skin underneath.

If the doctor appointed for the child wearing an orthopedic cervical collar, mom is important to follow these recommendations. After wearing the collar — the key to successful treatment, proper fixation and stabilization problem area of the neck, normalize blood flow in the head and neck. In addition, the collar of the Trench enhances the effect after therapeutic massage and physiotherapy. It should be worn for the entire duration prescribed by the doctor: this may be several minutes a day, and day, and month, and six months.

To take care of the product is simple: wash by hand in cool water, thoroughly rinsing the powder, drying as far away from sources of strong heat, do not iron.

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Medical belts

Consider some models of orthopedic collars and splints.

Products soft commit:

  • Tires — collars for premature infants (OM 001, OM 002), made of hypoallergenic elastic materials for a soft lock, provide resting and warming. Cost — from 250 rubles.
  • Orthopedic semi-rigid collars, moderate fixing:

  • Orthopedic collar for baby TV — 000 is manufactured by «Drivers», designed for moderate fixation of the head and neck. Made from polyurethane foam, cover — cotton. Clasp «Velcro» — pin ribbon. Height — 3.5 cm the Product is also suitable for wearing during a night’s sleep. Cost — from 105 rubles. Contraindication to wearing can serve as individual intolerance of the product material. Models TV-001, per — 002 differs from the previous height of 5 and 8 cm and is designed for long wear.
  • Бандаж шейный для новорожденных: модели ортопедических воротников и шин

    The parameters for correct choice of orthosis

  • Bandage for cervical F-300. Designed for moderate fixation, made of hypoallergenic foam, which is composed of polyamide, cotton, polyester, latex. The case of cotton, fixed ribbon Vektro. Height 4 cm, the price of 128 rubles.
  • Bandage Orlett VN-6-53 is made of a biologically inert polyurethane foam cold-forming, bag — of knitted fabrics containing polyester and viscose, removable. From the previous different price (from 350 rubles) and producer country (Germany).
  • Neck collars are strong or full-commit:

  • Orthoses — neck collars strong or complete fixation. Assigned to full fixation of the spine after traumas and operations, for vehicle evacuation and severe mobility and displacement of the cervical vertebrae. Orthoses do not prevent such medical procedures like x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging. In case of suspected neck injury don’t do them. Child support «Philadelphia» has a tracheotomy hole above the trachea that allows you to control the skin condition in suffocation to carry out the necessary manipulations.
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    What if the kid bothers orthopedic collar

    Many mothers whose babies are shown wearing the neck brace, complaining that the kids are putting on the jewelry start to cry. The long period of crying and soothe your baby almost impossible. Consult your doctor again. Probably picked up wrong size, or the mother is wrong wears a too tight collar button.

    If everything is correct, but the wailing stops, then put the collar after or before a nice manipulation. You can bathe the baby and put on a bus immediately after bathing, but before feeding. You can wear a bandage at the end of the massage and physical therapy, if the kid after them is in a good mood.

    Now on many forums young mothers share experiences, discuss the question: to wear or not to wear an orthopedic collar. There is a perception that it is possible to neglect the recommendations of the expert and not put a locking collar that the child will not begin on time to keep your head that he’s hurt and uncomfortable in it.

    To grow a healthy baby, do not neglect doctor’s recommendations. If you have any doubts to use orthopaedic collar, consult several specialists.