The chondromalacia of the knee: treatment

Хондромаляция коленного сустава: лечение

In the diseased knee cartilage layer under nadkolennika virtually no

A disease in which the cartilage destruction and changes in the posterior surface of the patella, is called chondromalacia of the knee joint. Deformation and softening in the knee joint can occur as a consequence of daily heavy physical activity on bone tissue.

This disease affects mostly professional athletes. The chondromalacia of the knee joint are popularly called the «tuck knee». Subluxation or dislocation of the patella can become the root cause of disease. Treatment of this form of the disease requires complex treatment, which takes a long time.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the joints

Aching pain in the knee joint occurs with increasing physical activity. During the exercise the knee felt some stiffness in motion. Pain syndrome may be slightly reduced in the process of movement or change loads.

Long sitting in one position, kneeling, squatting may exacerbate the pain further. There are cases when there is swelling of the knee joint. Flexion and extension of the knee causes some discomfort that is accompanied by increased friction in the joints and crack. When the above manifestations should consult a doctor. If you delay the process or time does not begin treatment, it can lead to atrophy of the quadriceps of the femur, which will negatively affect dynamic behavior of the legs.

Хондромаляция коленного сустава: лечение

Often, a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis of the disease is found the body of cartilage flaps in the knee joint. The presence of such bodies at x-ray and ultrasound reveals another chronic disease — chondromatous the knee joint.

The body of cartilage flaps may occur in the following:

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  • minor injury or trauma to the kneecap;
  • degenerative-dystrophic changes in the bone structure;
  • the swelling in the synovial membrane cartilage of the knee.

The formation of such bodies of cartilage flaps exposed, mainly men aged 25 to 50 years. In the identification and diagnosis of diseases of bone structure, apply modern methods of diagnosis. These include radiography, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The use of such technical means allows accurate diagnosis and further to choose the right treatment.

Chondromatous pelvis

As a result of physical overload can occur pain in hip joint area. To establish the true cause of the pain can be very difficult. Pain syndrome of the hip joint can be caused by several factors:

  • stretching or tearing of muscle tissue;
  • injury or trauma to the bone structure of the hip joint;
  • dislocation or fracture of the femur;
  • the result of chronic or systemic diseases of the skeleton.

Хондромаляция коленного сустава: лечениеAny pain in the bone joints need urgent examination and consultation of the doctor-traumatologist. Very often pain symptoms in the hip joint giving the knee part of the leg. Such manifestations of bone disease should be carefully evaluated and further treatment.

The treatment of chondromalacia patients involved in sports, it is recommended to change the training schedule. It is necessary to reduce the overall load on the bone segments. Correctly made gentle physical exercise plan will contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient. In acute pain during the treatment, drugs used in anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions. After a few treatments the bone tissue is restored and people return to normal lifestyle.

In identifying the more severe forms of disease of chondromalacia of the knee joint 2 degree — applied surgery. This surgical intervention allows to restore the natural position of the patella relative to the femur. In the postoperative period the course of rehabilitation measures, aimed at rapid restoration of physical activity.

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The treatment of the disease

You can perform the treatment of the patella folk remedies. To relieve the acute pain in the first 48-72 hours of the attack can be applied to the affected knee the ice. This will reduce swelling and limit blood flow to the knee joint. After decrease inflammation, you can switch to heat therapy. A simple hot water bottle filled with warm water will enhance blood flow to the affected area.

There are several old tested recipes that you can apply at home:

  • Onion broth. In 1 liter of water to boil 2 onions (pre-sliced). Consumed within weeks at 200 g three times a day.
  • Lemon. When aching pain effective rubbing a slice of lemon patella.
  • Oil. Good the effect of heated sunflower oil (2 tablespoons). To RUB the sore spot until completely absorbed.
  • Cabbage. Old-fashioned method for the treatment of bone diseases. A cool cabbage leaf to put on a night to the affected area. The next morning all the swelling subsides.
  • The propolis. Healing effect of this natural product is undeniable. 1 tablespoon of propolis rubbed on the region of the patella.
  • All traditional methods of treatment have their pros and cons. Before application of home treatment should consult a doctor. This is necessary to avoid adverse effects and complications.

    What is prevention and how is the rehabilitation of bone diseases? At the initial stage of recovery of the bone structure necessary to reduce the physical strain on the body. Therapeutic exercise involves a gradual increase in load on the bone skeleton. A good restorative preventive action will have lessons in the swimming pool and some light exercise in the fresh air. For complete rehabilitation it is helpful Spa treatment that can recommend a doctor.

    Watch your body and stay healthy!