The comprehensive orthopedic rings Delbo broken clavicle: how to use, principle of operation, reviews

Ring the Delbo: the use of the fracture clavicle and stooped posture

Collarbone…this is relatively small, smoothly curved in the form of the letter «S» the seed is not accidentally named so. Because she is a real «key» to the shoulder girdle. More precisely, each of its halves, for them two.

This is the only thin «bridge» that connects together two designs: the torso (in the form of the sternum-vertebral rib «box») and the upper limb.

For the mediator -blade (with the top where the clavicle is connected procustom) plane extending to the spine, not «soldered» to it tightly together they are connected only with a powerful layer-«flooring» of the spinal muscles and ligaments.

On the lateral projection of this bone-articular triangle there is a «hole» in which comfortably «nestled» loves the freedom and mobility of the head of the humerus and the beginning of the upper limb.

Nothing superfluous, everything is simple and elegant. But though strong «bridge»-the collarbone, the strength of it is not unlimited.

Anyway, the collarbone is broken

One deliberately precise blow or drop of the shoulder and the arm hang like a broken wing. Of course, the cause of clavicle fracture can also become a bad sport and physical activity in the form of hard work. And even a broken collarbone can occur in a child during childbirth.

Either in the middle or closer to the sternum to its end, or by the end of the blade. Breaks down (usually with the formation of two fragments) or perpendicular to the Central axis (like a sawn across), or – with the fracture surface in the form of a helix or at an acute angle, forming two pointed at each other with sharp «bayonet».

But the fracture may be comminuted (and even multisplintered). And sometimes the ends of the «arms» can be deployed in different directions.

And that’s before the surgeon gets unthinkable challenge: these two are sharp as daggers, a fragment, moreover, that must match the «end-to-end» – they still have some way to keep side by side until you heal! How?!

«Magnificent eight»

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And here comes to the aid of the «magic eight». Medical-technical device in the form of the mathematical sign for infinity.
Or, a physical möbius strip. The device, called the rings of the Delbo.

How to raise to the proper level and to support the weight of the «broken wing» – the upper limb? Regardless of which «branch» to hang the weight?

And Delbo adapted for this purpose… second, a healthy shoulder. «Hanging» on this «twig» of the injured limb with bandage two constructed from wool and gauze rings, tightly connected on the back between the shoulder blades. Rings, worn on both shoulder girdle.

Due to this design, with the maximum convergence of the blades to each other – the shoulders are pushed back and up, thus «suspended», are recorded.

So the collarbone, not ceasing to play the role of a strut between the sternum and scapula, eases «the burden of» pulling down limbs. Now its fragments, you can match and fix.

Then and in our days

Such was the original «history». Later, with the advent of «mass stoop», a new idea was born – to use the ring Delbo for the treatment of a stoop.

And the era of the forcibly-divorced proudly shoulders (and minimized shoulder blades), continuing to this day.

The device, invented for the treatment of a broken collarbone, is now working as a «Jack» for straightening spines, «pushed» back a little too much. Obviously, the weight of heads, overwhelmed by the knowledge – to-date basic value of the era.

However, the product itself, now often called orthopedic maternity, now looks completely different than then.

Now this is not a simple cotton-gauze rings, and comfort brand straps (soft but durable) fabric, matched thorough tests of width and elasticity, the tension of which is easily adjustable, and they are closed between the shoulder blades with the convenient fasteners, fixed in a flat buckle that neither the clothing, nor the making movements.

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The size of the fixture is indicated by a standard (for clothes) in Latin letters or their combinations (S, M, L, XL) and depends on the size of the numbers the circumference of the chest.

However, work on reclination of the spine in the upper thoracic and elimination of degenerative changes in it – use products is not limited.

It still helps if you have problems with the clavicles:

  • when they are fractures;
  • with dislocation of the acromioclavicular (clavicle / scapula) poluustav, thereby providing a reliable fixation of the joint);
  • if necessary, unloading the ligaments of one or both clavicles.

Thus, the ring Delbo is not only a means of correction of posture, but the device is practical in the conservative treatment of conditions and injuries that occur in the bones and ligaments of the shoulder girdle region, and as a means of rehabilitation required in the postoperative period after surgical treatment.

The use of the device

Usage difficulty is. According to the attached instructions, the straps are placed on the area of the shoulder girdle and fixed in the Central panel.

The degree of belt tension (in the same way as the period of time wearing them) are supervised by the attending physician. The question of whether their use is also decided by the doctor.

Relative contraindications may be the only disease (or trophic disorders of the skin) of the described region, or the intolerance of the synthetic materials from which the product is made.

The product can be used for a long time, it is easily washable and does not require special care.

The principle of the structure of the maternity is the same for all modifications, with a slight difference in the details of the design. In addition to devices intended for use by adults, there are baby ring the Delbo.

Orthopedic maternity z100, arranged on the principle rings the Delbo:

The Jack for the spine

About how effective the ring Delbo, as in fracture of the clavicle and stooped posture can be judged from the customer reviews on this unit.

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The son began to slouch, but the more carefully straightened the back, the more bend in the lumbar spine and bulging belly.

Then I realized that no doctor can not do and on his recommendation I bought is similar to the lifting device (ring the Delbo T-1730 for children, is the product of 840 roubles), at first I was skeptical: how can you bend the «hump» in the opposite direction with the help of these straps?

But when they are clothed and properly cinched, I realized that the spine is simply no other choice but to obey! And son the feeling was pleasant, and the progress is already there, and the doctor is happy with the result. So all stooped I recommend heartily!

Elena A., Moscow

Slipped on the ice, fell sideways (shoulder) and «earned» the damage to the clavicle. Collarbone me from two halves joined (spiral fracture), and then long «harnessed» in these rings.

When everything clicked, and maternity was not needed and I removed it, then was surprised to find that the back is almost straight. So I killed two birds with one stone! Yes, the question of price. 1190 rubles for «Comfort», which is now always with me (good for prevention), it’s cheap – so buy a «disposable things» at a much higher price!

Vyacheslav N., the city of Novotroitsk