The crunch and knee pain: causes, prevention and treatment

Хруст и боль в колене: причины, профилактика и лечение

Crunching and pain in the knee may not appear unreasonable. Extraneous sounds when bending or straightening the knee joint, as a rule, indicate the development of any disease. To prevent negative consequences or severe complications should identify the cause of discomfort. After that, you need to begin to treat the crunch in the knee joint. If you do not go to the doctor in time, soon the person may develop arthritis, and in some situations and more dangerous disease. If when you squat your knees crunch and there is pain, go immediately to the doctor-the traumatologist.

The question arises: why do my knees crunch? The reasons may be varied, but the basic premise is the violation of the process of nutrition in the tissues of the cartilage. Not to be discounted, overweight man and his genetic predisposition, which is hereditary. You need to consider endocrine diseases and viral infections. The joints of people who have overcome half a century, begin to change. That is why you need to pay attention to these symptoms:

  • sore knees;
  • popped in the knee when bending.

These are signs of changes in cartilage tissue, they can signal the emergence of the disease «osteoarthritis». So, what causes pain and crunching and what to do in such situations?

The causes of the crunch and pain in the knee

The causes of painful sensations and unpleasant sound when moving the knee joints can be quite large.

Хруст и боль в колене: причины, профилактика и лечение

  • Weight lifting puts a heavy load on your knees. It causes not only pain, but also crunch.
  • A large number of acute and salty foods in the diet.
  • Uncomfortable shoes, high-heeled shoes also can cause the characteristic pain in the knee joints.
  • A great weight pressing on his legs, and crunch your knees.
  • People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, in flexion and extension of joints of the feet appear pain and the characteristic crack.
  • There are times when knee crunches only with much strain. This means that you need to give the joint a break. The perfect solution in such situations, it may be either a sauna or bath with hot water. These methods of relaxation can help to relax muscles and increase circulation in the joint.

    To determine why the knee hurts, it can only be experienced doctor. He will give advice on how it should be treated and what actions to avoid the development of disease has not led to complications and the deposition of salts.

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    In what diseases are crunchy joints

    Хруст и боль в колене: причины, профилактика и лечение

    Arts and arthritis — the causes of the crunch in the knee

    What diseases can cause crunching when moving the knee?

  • All types of arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Sclerosis of the articular soft tissues.
  • Calcium deposits in the knee.
  • It so happens that the crunch and pain accompany the person constantly. This suggests the presence in the body serious problems with internal organs. Especially if the pain is increasing, there are redness and swelling, fever. As a rule, so is starting to show arthritis.

    If the joint is deformed or appear gradually a specific bone spurs, perhaps it signals the development of gonarthrosis. Especially if these symptoms are accompanied by a General weakening of the body, a feeling of fatigue. The progression of the disease can lead to complete immobility of the knee.

    One of the causes of discomfort and pain in the knees can be miniscope, that is damage to the cartilage. The symptoms of the disease — a sharp pain and a strong crunch of the knee, which is often called the transferred earlier trauma. In this case, perhaps the development of the inflammatory process.

    If popped in one knee, then the question of what to do, there is only one answer. Immediately begin treatment, especially if surgical intervention is required. The only way to ensure a quick and effective getting rid of crunch joint with minimal costs.

    Elimination of unpleasant symptoms

    Before you start treatment unpleasant sensations need to figure out what disease they cause. This applies to this symptom, as the crunch in the knee when bending leg. If you self-medicate at home, it can not only lead to restriction of movement, but also to disability.

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    If there was a distinct clicking in my knee, which really hurts, can we talk about the violation matches the surface of the joint. Treatment thin correction is performed by an experienced doctor. The pain and the crunch that makes the knee in flexion, is the «first signs» of arthritis. These diseases develop as a result of violations of metabolism. Treatment is conservative way, medically, with the use of special ointments.

    Хруст и боль в колене: причины, профилактика и лечение

    What to do man, who had pain and knee started to crackle? The very first step is to reduce the load. The second step is to address to the doctor. The doctor will do an exam and determine the breach and the grounds on which knee hurts and clicks.

    When knees hurt, it may be useful to physiotherapy. But when choosing the exercises, you should exercise caution. You need to avoid stress on the damaged joint. By doing exercises, you must listen to your body. If you get a sore knee, you should immediately stop training. You need to remember that when bending or squatting there is a risk to harm the patient body. Therefore, the calculation of physical loads should be dealt with exclusively by the physician.

    If knee pain is accompanied by inflammation, non-steroidal prescribed drugs: diclofenac, ibuprofen. They relieve inflammation and pain. If the inflammation running are injections of hormonal drugs. Chondroprotectors used in the destruction of cartilage tissue, when a very sore knee. These drugs reduced, but only partially damaged tissue. Expected effect of the treatment will have long enough.

    When sore knees when bent, apply additional methods of treatment. These include:

    • physical therapy;
    • massage;
    • wearing a brace.

    As one of the treatments for pain in the joints using special diet. If the disease is running and your knee won’t stop hurting require surgical intervention.

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    Prevention of pain and crunching

    Хруст и боль в колене: причины, профилактика и лечение

    The disease, which resulted in the knee pain when bending or other movement occur when the wrong way of life. A lot of weight and lack of activity are factors in the development of joint pathologies. Pain suggests that the burden should be reasonable. The weight reduction allows the patient to unload the knee and relieve pain.

    For proper nutrition of cartilage tissue in the joint should move. If a person has a sedentary job, every hour you must do light exercises. Exercise agreed with the doctor will not be contraindicated. When there is pain in the knees, it is recommended to do water aerobics, yoga, swimming. It should be noted that the development of arthrosis can be stopped at the initial stage through regular physical therapy sessions.

    No need to reassure themselves that the pain and crunching in the knee is common, the appearance of which there is nothing wrong. If these symptoms occur regularly, it is a serious reason to visit a doctor. The contact must be timely.

    In any case be self-medicate and listen to the advice of traditional healers, grandmothers at the door, which «was the same». You can only lose precious time, and treatment will be delayed for months. You will have to spend much more nerves and money.