The crunch in the knees: causes, prevention

Хруст в коленях: причины появления, профилактикаThe crunch of the knee joint is one of the most common phenomena accompanying the movement of the person. It can occur in different situations. This is possible with active movement after prolonged sitting and after stretching of the limbs.

Do not underestimate him, as the crunch in the knees can be a symptom of a serious disease. For accurate diagnosis it is advisable to contact the doctor-traumatologist. Find out why crunch your knees in many people.

Causes of crunch

The crunch in the knees can occur for a number of reasons.

  • Excessive weight can be accompanied by pain and crunching in the knee joint. In this case, the treatment is aimed primarily at reducing overweight.
  • Poor diet, eating large amounts of salt and sugar often causes a crunch in the joints. Correction of nutrition and reduction of consumed salts is the main criteria of treatment.
  • Sedentary work depletes muscular frame. A little more exercise every hour can help strengthen the muscles and reduce the load on the knee joint.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. Dairy and fish products help compensate for the lack of calcium and phosphorus, so important for our body.
  • Improper shoes increases the stress on knees and spine. Don’t overuse the high heels, the optimum lifting height of about 3 cm
  • With age, the nutrition of tissues is reduced, which also leads to a crunch when walking.
  • In most cases, the crunch in the knees occurs when the supply of tissues surrounding the joint. Heat treatments increase blood flow in the blood vessels, which helps reduce the crunch in the knees. If compliance with proper diet and maintaining an active lifestyle need to be there, crunching in the knee goes away quickly. But not only are there physiological reasons for the crunch in the knees.

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    Хруст в коленях: причины появления, профилактика

    It is believed that the crunch when walking without the appearance of other symptoms is not dangerous, but if the knee pain should consult a doctor. Crunch, accompanied by pain, may occur due to injury and inflammation of the joint.

    Diseases accompanied by the crunch of the joints

    There are diseases, accompanied by the crunch of the joints:

  • Injuries to the meniscus occur when a strong physical exertion, accompanied by heavy lifting. Treatment depends on the severity of the disease, from conservative — with a small gap to the operational — when there is a large gap, accompanied by sharp pain and a snap.
  • Хруст в коленях: причины появления, профилактика

    Cause of pain in the injured knee may be bursitis — inflammation of the synovial Bursa of the joint

    When inflammation of the knee liquid developing bursitis. This disease occurs when a strong load on the knees during infection of tissue or prolonged kneeling. In addition to the crunch, there is swelling, pain in knees when bent, and a slight increase in tissue temperature. Surgical treatment in most cases is not required, the physician is limited to the prescription of antibiotics and therapeutic procedures.

  • Sore knee joint also when tendinite — inflammation of the tendons. The causes of this disease: excessive load, mechanical injury, infection and severe stress. The main symptoms of tendinitis are: the crunch in the knees, sharp pain, swelling, immobility of the joint. Treatment is conservative and is reduced to taking anti-inflammatory drugs and a peaceful lifestyle.
  • Some of the most common diseases accompanied by pain and a crunch in the knee in extension, are arthritis and osteoarthritis. They lead to changes in joints and cartilage. Often occurs in the elderly and in obesity. For the treatment prescribed creams and injections, as well as occupation therapy. In severe osteoarthritis with significant deformity of the knee requires surgery.
  • Before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out which diseases caused the crunch, so be sure to consult your doctor-rheumatologist. Improper treatment may lead to the development of more serious diseases of the joints.

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    Prevention of disease for all ages

    Хруст в коленях: причины появления, профилактикаParents are scared that if the baby crunch the knees. Reason to worry not, as this is caused by the weakness of ligament-muscular system of children. Typically, this phenomenon completely disappears after 12 years. If crunches only in one place, be sure to show the child the doctor-orthopedist. This can be a symptom of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

    This phenomenon, due to the physiology of the child, may be due to insufficient amount of water consumed as it is formed from the synovial fluid. The use of vitamin D and dairy products will strengthen the joints of the child. Good impact on children of having a massage, as it strengthens the muscles and joints of the child. For the course massage better to consult a specialist, an inexperienced person may harm the baby.

    To prevent diseases of the joints, you must perform the General recommendations:

    • wear comfortable shoes;
    • to lead a healthy lifestyle;
    • be sure to arrange a proper rest after physical exertion;
    • eat a healthy diet, limiting salty and sweet foods;
    • use special kneepads when performing cleaning;
    • beware of cooling joints;
    • water treatment, swimming pool;
    • do not sit long in one position, be sure to take breaks at work.

    There are traditional methods of getting rid of tension in your knees. Lotions from soda will help in the initial stages of the disease. 1 tsp of baking soda diluted in 1 l of boiled water, moisten a cloth in the solution and apply for 20-25 minutes on the sore knee.

    Timely treatment to the doctor-the traumatologist with session x-ray examination will help to avoid destruction and deformity of the knee. The effectiveness of treatment depends on timely initiation of treatment.