The dislocation of the thumb: causes, symptoms and treatment

A dislocation is a displacement of bones of a joint and is characterized by a rupture of joint capsule, damage to the capsule and ligaments. Most often occurs dislocation of the thumb, very painful, because there is located the end of nerve fibers, and the bones thin and fragile.

Вывих пальца: причины, симптомы и лечение

The causes of injury and symptoms

A careless motion, strong handshakes, a bad fall on the brush, the random blows of blunt objects or the wall can cause a dislocated finger. People involved in sports professionally, are more likely to encounter this problem. The most common among all injuries is the sprained thumb. This is due to the peculiarities of its structure. Dislocation of the little finger is characterized by the same symptoms as injury of any other finger.

Symptoms are manifested in the shift in the metacarpophalangeal region, the finger rotates to the back or outer side of the palm. The force with which blow, can’t absorb the muscles and ligaments that hold the fingers in the normal position. The head joint comes from the joint capsule to pour out.

When received, damage symptoms appear almost immediately:

  • acute, sharp pain in the joint, aggravated by touch;
  • the pronounced deformation of the finger;
  • the skin around the joint turns red, the injured finger pales;
  • unable to move his bruised finger, flexion and extension difficult;
  • there is swelling of nearby tissues, rapidly increasing;
  • numbness of the limbs and mild tingling sensation in the fingertips;
  • can be breaks in the skin, muscles, ligaments.

To assume the diagnosis of dislocation of the thumb — the person can, as injury is visually noticeable, and kind of finger on the hand is highly variable.

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Emergency care

For the first time in my life when faced with trauma, it is important to know what to do and what not to do with dislocation. Most importantly, do not try to force the joint back on their own! Improper movement will only aggravate the situation and lead to severe consequences.

  • First pull off the injured spot from the clothing or foreign objects (rings, bracelets, gloves).
  • Fix a sore thumb in a stationary state, primatv it with a bandage to healthy. The bandage should not be too tight so as not passing the blood vessels and not to injure the already damaged joint. If the injury occurred on the street, then fixing the joint, it is recommended to use improvised means, for example, a clean handkerchief.
  • Put on top the cold, using ice packs, snow, frozen food.
  • Lift your finger up, to prevent swelling.
  • Try anything not to hurt the injured arm.
  • You can give the victim some medicine for the pain.
  • The injured person must be transported to the emergency room, where he will assist and give recommendations.
  • What we must remember and do when dislocation of a finger in situations where a small child suffered? First and foremost not to panic. It is important to calm the baby, to study quietly appeared symptoms, immobilize the injured joint, apply a cold compression bandage and take the child to the hospital.

    Therapeutic measures for elimination of dislocations

    Вывих пальца: причины, симптомы и лечение

    Overlay fixation dressing

    Injury carefully examined by a specialist. Only he can establish the diagnosis: dislocated finger. The doctor can confirm the diagnosis to avoid stretching or fracture to direct an x-ray. Dislocation of the thumb or little finger reduce manually using local anesthesia. The tip of the wounded finger pulled until, until you hear the specific click, indicating the recovery of the joint. Then splint or pressure bandage to a full recovery.

    In some cases, do not require splinting. If a dislocated finger complicated by fracture or torn tendons and ligaments, performed surgery with a subsequent plaster on a certain date. Trauma appoints anti-inflammatory drugs: diclofenac, Fastum gel dolobene gel. These painkillers act on the joint and swelling.

    The dislocated finger must be treated. Otherwise, the pain lasts long enough. Disturbed functionality of the fingers can be difficult motor activity of the hands, resulting in the occurrence of arthritis and re-injury. After a week, can be formed additional joint.

    Treatment of folk remedies and prevention

    A dislocated finger can be cured using herbal tinctures, compresses, lotions, decoctions. You can also use all well known products. To facilitate the patient’s condition of joints in the recovery period is recommended following the simple traditional recipes.

    If the damage of the thumb is stiff dough from flour with vinegar. This compress is applied to the finger and covered with a bandage. Use this simple compress relieves the unpleasant symptoms and removes puffiness.

    The roots of Briony chop, cover with water, boil for quarter of an hour. In the broth to soak a bandage and apply to vivanta place. It should be done only after reduction of the joint. The bryony has a warming impact.

    You can also use the roots of Bryonia. They must be pre-crushed, add the sunflower oil, mix well. This mixture to RUB the sore spot.

    Finely powdered flowers of cornflower pour boiling water and infuse for hours. Then strain the resulting solution and cooled. Recommended to drink three times a day. Helps sprains and dislocations. Effective treatment in the recovery period is the use of grinded baked onions with sugar, used to make lotions every six hours.

    Вывих пальца: причины, симптомы и лечение

    Another recipe: in a heated milk to moisten folded in several layers of cheesecloth and placed on the injured joint, compress paper shook. To wrap up all warm woolen scarf and left for the night. By morning, the pain subsides and the swelling will come down.

    After reposition of the joint and removal of plaster is necessary to regularly perform a set of exercises that promote the strengthening and development of the joints. Gymnastics will give the muscles elasticity and flexibility. This will help to prevent further injury.

    As preventive measures it is advisable to use additional protection when skating, rollerblading, skiing, during participation in sports.

    Sprains, bruises, sprains are quite common and do not threaten life. Main: first aid, time to go to the doctor and get treatment.