The elbow dislocation: causes, symptoms, treatment, and rehabilitation

Treatment of elbow dislocation: first aid, reduction and rehabilitation

The elbow joint is presented in the form of articulation of the bones of the forearm: the ulna and radius with the humerus in a single capsule. Radius of medicine is briefly called «beam».

In the elbow joint consists of 3 joints: the upper radioulnar, placelocation, brachioradialis. Preselective a hinge joint serves as a hinge connector for the cutting of the ulna and the humerus block. Due to the bending / unbending at the elbow is philologiae movement of the joint. Brachioradialis the spherical joint consists of a head beam and condyle of the humerus.

An elbow dislocation is a fairly common injury in traumatology. Dislocation distinguish between the front (hit occurred at the bent elbow) and rear (in the case of attack on a flattened hand).

Causes of dislocated elbow

The main causes contributing to the dislocation of the elbow joint include:

  1. Indirect trauma that have occurred if the place where the applied force is remote from the injured joint.
  2. Direct trauma resulting from a blow to the joint.
  3. Babies up to 3 years of cause of dislocation of the elbow is random pulling.

The classification of possible forms of dislocation

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Dislocations of the elbow joint are divided into:

  • front
  • rear
  • medial,
  • lateral,
  • rear-medial,
  • posterior-lateral.

Severe symptoms of elbow injuries

The main symptoms of elbow dislocation include:

  • the presence of severe pain in the elbow — the first and most sure sign;
  • immobility of the joint;
  • the lack of sensitivity in the upper limbs and no pulse below the injury;
  • the development of massive edema;
  • symptoms damage to the blood vessels that pass near the elbow. Almost always torn capsule, damaged tendons, nerve fibers;
  • changing the shape of the elbow joint;
  • through the palpation under the skin you can feel the radial head bone. Front and rear dislocation, and if the back side is the anterior dislocation;
  • fever or chills;
  • at the elbow experienced numbness.
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First aid at home

When was this injury and to seek professional help is not possible, it is necessary to provide the patient the correct first aid on their own.

First aid in dislocation of the elbow joint includes:

  • Immediate access to a doctor, do not try to straighten the limb by yourself.

  • To fix the injured limb to the position vyvinute joint is not changed. This is done by means of the bus or scarves.
  • The injured joint is to apply ice or a cold compress.
  • To check your pulse.
  • Alternately put pressure on the nail plate of all fingers of the damaged hand. Under normal condition the fingers should brighten, and after 3 seconds to restore its normal pinkish hue.
  • To test the nerve. Check radial nerve involves bending the wrist so as if doing a hand sign stop. Check ulnar nerve is presented in the form of moving apart all the fingers in the hand. Check the medial nerve to the thumb with the little finger.
  • To check the sensitivity of the skin. It is necessary to touch different parts of the skin from the fingers to the elbow.
  • In the injury of large joints, it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance, fine-to visit the emergency room.
  • Do not apply a hot compress.

Methods of diagnosis of injury

If an elbow dislocation should immediately run to the doctor to make a medical examination.

To diagnose presented injury the doctor conducts the following tests:

  • X-rays to exclude the possibility of fracture;
  • Arteriogram (contrast x-ray examination of blood vessels) or the ultrasound diagnosis;
  • Neurological examination (as determined by the mobility of the hand);
  • Pulsometrija.


Based on the results obtained after the examination, the doctor performs the following procedures of treatment of elbow dislocation :

  1. Reduction (reallocate), the essence of which is to return the damaged joint to its place. Before using this procedure, the patient is administered an anesthetic. Reduction rear elbow dislocation is accomplished by flexing or pereshagivaniya. Initially, the joint stretch, and after the bend. In the case of anterior dislocation of the elbow joint maximally bent, and at the same time shifting it back.
  2. Immobilization is the fixation of the patient’s elbow. This manipulation is carried out to eliminate motion at the elbow joint.
  3. Repair of a ligament is the most difficult stage, which sometimes involves the initial operation.

The rehabilitation period

After the first treatment, there comes a long recovery period.

Rehabilitation after an elbow dislocation should be performed only under the direct close supervision of a specialist.

Thus, the doctor can at the right time to cancel or assign the necessary procedure.

The recovery process consists of the following procedures:

  • The development of the elbow joint after dislocation with the help of therapeutic exercises, abbreviated as LFK.
  • Physiotherapy. It includes various types of therapy and treatments in which affect the affected area with current.
  • Massage. Massage can be: direct, indirect, using appropriate instruments. The doctor will determine the most appropriate and suitable for your case.
  • Mandatory to follow a proper balanced diet.
  • Vitamin. Especially need to pay attention to the calcium and magnesium.

Folk remedies in the recovery period

During the recovery operation of the joint it is necessary to remember and apply the methods of traditional medicine. In this period they are extremely necessary and important.

If you want as quickly as possible to be back in the ranks of healthy people, you need to use the following tips, then the healing process will be much more successful:

  • Milk compresses. Gauze moistened in hot milk and applied to affected area. Milk has long been famous for its rapid healing properties. It’s all part of it casein, which has a regenerating effect;
  • To help with swelling a great tool can become a porridge prepared from onions. In blandare or using the grinder to chop onions, add to it sugar. The mixed composition applied to the affected area and keep for 6 hours. Then to change the old part for a new one.
  • Wormwood is an antiseptic. Many folk healers recommend applying on the problem area the pulp from the leaves of wormwood. To prepare it it is necessary as well as a mess of onions.
  • Very effective packs cooked on Bay leaf in tincture form.
  • The excellent healing effect of dressings on the basis of propolis. Propolis insist on vodka or moonshine, then moisten in the infusion of gauze and put on the affected area.

Dislocation of the elbow joint is a fairly dangerous injury. So you need a very responsible approach to the treatment and recovery procedures. It is only proper rehabilitation promotes a speedy return to full and normal life.

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