The ganglion cyst wrist — symptoms, treatment and without surgical operation

Surgical removal of hygroma wrist and treatment of folk remedies

What is ganglion cyst wrist?

Carpal hygroma is a benign tumorigenic nature, formed in the region of the wrist or radiocarpal joint, which is a hollow capsule filled with mucus or viscous synovial fluid.


Causes and risk groups

A ganglion cyst on the wrist is the most common form of cystic masses. The reasons for its occurrence may be very diverse, the main ones are:

  • trauma informed, especially if it fails to cure.
  • physical repetitive load (a fine work done by hands);
  • the genetic factor.

Also education on your wrist can trigger the dislocation, fractures, severe bruises in the fall on the hand and sprains.

Pathology sometimes develops without any reasons, and can affect not only the joints of adults, and children.

The risk groups are athletes, which is constantly involved in the hands of golfers, badminton, table tennis. Also included are professional musicians – cellists, violinists, pianists and more. Wrist. the cyst is a disease of the embroiderers, typists, seamstresses, etc.

Symptoms and diagnosis of pathology

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Cystic formation is in a real state, because its base is attached to the surrounding tissues or bones of the wrist. It can proceed in the chronic form, with onset of severe and continuous pain with exacerbations.

At the initial stage of development of pathology, formed in the wrist area may cause concerns, gradually increasing its size.

In the process of growth begins to emerge:

  • inflammation — redness of the skin on your wrist;
  • roughness;
  • thickening of the skin;
  • when the movement of the hand feeling pulling pain;
  • the surface of the formation becomes smooth and elastic-soft;
  • on the wrist is evident tubercle rounded shape with a diameter of 5 cm.
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In the process of diagnosis, palpation, the doctor can sometimes find rice highly mobile body with a pronounced fluctuation. When you press your fingers on the tumor it will not cause pain. Usually the body temperature does not go beyond the norm.

Diagnosis the doctor after examination and on the basis of complaints of the patient. If there is some doubt, are:

  • Ultrasound of the wrist and its surrounding tissues;
  • x-rays;
  • The puncture with tissue sampling for histologic examination.

Externally, the ganglion cyst is very similar to atheroma and lipoma, in spite of this it should be distinguished.


Conservative therapy

In the process for treating hygromas wrist are used glucocorticoid hormones for the blockade of the cyst. This technique is effective when the swelling of the wrist does not go beyond 1 see the Procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Education is pricked with a needle, and remove content from it with a syringe, and then administered a hormonal drug. Wrist cover tight compressive bandage in combination with the Orthosis and leave for 1 month.

The walls of the cavity between them are fused, resulting in the formation disappears completely.

Not after a procedure to remove ahead of time Orthosis, unhealed wall of education is weak, and it can recur that occurs in poor immobilization of the joint: movements of the synovial fluid is increased and can re-enter into the cavity of hygroma.

The second conservative method for treating hygromas on the wrist – crushing. Is carried out also under local anesthesia. The cyst on the wrist crush with the help of a flat object, the contents poured from the capsule to nearby tissue and eventually resolved.

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If treatment without surgery hygroma the wrist does not bring the desired relief, then schedule the surgery.

Surgical removal

To remove hygroma use the following types of transactions:

  1. Bursectomy (surgery). During the operation completely excised synovial cavity, and then adjusted the seams. It is performed under regional or local anesthesia. Sometimes using General anesthesia, if the tumor has reached an impressive large size. To ensure rest the wrist for some time it imposed a gypsum. The sutures are removed after a week. After this treatment, relapses do not occur.
  2. Laser evaporation. The tumor is heated with a laser until it is completely destroyed. The method is minimally invasive, practically bloodless, has many advantages: the absence of complications, rapid healing, not traumatic, do not leave scars.

It is forbidden to independently take any action to remove hygroma wrist, as there is a likelihood of infection with damage to the adjacent neurovascular endings.

Treatment folk methods

Even if education does not cause pain and discomfort to get rid of it still need. The tumor on the wrist it looks pretty unsightly and mostly worried about the female half. Traditional healers assert that the disease can be cured with herbal decoctions, lotions and compresses.

For for treating hygromas wrist folk remedies you can use these recipes:

  1. A compress of cabbage — cabbage leaf a little stretch, spread with honey, applied to the wrist and lock it tight bandage. To go with this compress for at least 8 h/day, changing the sheet 2 h/times.
  2. Ointment of propolis – to put in a container for baking 30 g of propolis, add the butter (100 g), cover with a lid and put in the oven for 3 hours then remove, drain, cool and place in the refrigerator. The resulting ointment to lubricate the tumor 2-3/day;
  3. A decoction of lilac – 0,5 tbsp. flowers of lilac fill 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil for 7 min. Remove from heat and leave for 30 minutes, drain. To moisten in a warm decoction of the cloth and apply on hygroma, wrist, rewinding the top film and woolen cloth. Leave the compress on for 3-4 p.m./2 p./day. Course of 2 weeks.
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Helps steaming hands, which should be performed daily.

Treatment hygroma hands without surgery traditional methods often yields results which are not worse surgery.

How to avoid disease?

Prevention of hygroma wrist is the exception of his trauma in the process and in her spare time.

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