The hood of the spine: in water, dry and hardware method

Вытяжка позвоночника: в воде, сухой и аппаратный метод

The patient on a special bed for stretching

The spine stretching is one of the modern and very effective ways to treat hernia of the spine, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other diseases. Consider what methods of stretching of the spine used in the home and in the hospital.

It is well known that the spine is the main support rod of the human body, consisting of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Interarticular cartilage serve as a buffer between the bones that allows joints to maintain flexibility and mobility. Okulomotornyi muscular system performs a supportive function and helps to maintain a certain distance between the vertebrae.

But along with age-related changes and the emergence of excess weight in humans, weaken the muscles that support the spine. As a result, the vertebrae approach each other and begin to put pressure on the intervertebral discs. This leads to loss of elasticity, thinning and destruction of disks, and, as a result, the osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases of the spine. They are accompanied by severe pain during movement, because the vertebrae put pressure on paravertebral nerve fibers.

What is the method of traction

If you do not start timely treatment, the disease may further lead to a curvature of the spine or immobilization. Stretching of the spine is the method by which the spine of the sick person is stretched along the vertical axis and level. This extension allows you to increase the distance between vertebrae to reduce the pressure on the intervertebral cartilage, nerve fibers and reduce pain.

Вытяжка позвоночника: в воде, сухой и аппаратный метод

The mechanism of action on the spine of the patient

The links of the spine take a natural position, and the patient feels great relief. Very efficient traction of the spine osteochondrosis, scoliosis. The procedure also has a positive effect on the intervertebral hernia and greatly improves the patient’s condition.

But the hood of the spine itself can not completely cure the scoliosis, osteochondrosis or intervertebral hernia. For a good result it is necessary to strengthen the vertebrae in the corrected position, i.e. to pump the muscles supporting the spine. This is done with the help of massage and physical therapy or use special exercises physiotherapy,

There are several ways of stretching of the spine: underwater and dry traction (horizontal or vertical) and a method in which use the machine for stretching.

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Dry hardware method

For this method use a special device — vertical or horizontal traction the couch . The patient lies on her back or belly. Special straps and belts to fix the patient’s head (if the problems in the neck), or in the chest and shoulders (if you to stretch cooking thoracic, and lower back). Herniation of the spine in the lower part fix the lumbar region. The spine is stretched under the force of gravity of the body.

Вытяжка позвоночника: в воде, сухой и аппаратный метод

Like performed the procedure the doctors in ancient China

If necessary, add loads of different masses that are fixed to the locking belts. They affect the spine in the desired location and stretch it. It is important to correctly calculate the load power and the duration of the procedure, including the diagnosis and the weight category of the patient. This can be done only by a podiatrist, watching the patient. He prescribes the course of treatment tailored to individual patient characteristics.

For the treatment of the spine, hernia, scoliosis and degenerative disc disease modern medicine applies the device to pull «gravitron». Its surface is uneven and consists of hollow tubes that mimic the physiological curves of the spine. The vertebrae of the patient is evenly placed when laying on the surface. The unit «gravitron» (in some models) is equipped with vibration mode and heated, these functions further strengthen paravertebral muscles.

Under the weight of the body the spine is pulled up to 1 cm per session, and scoliosis — up to 4 cm And the tensile force is quietly growing, although it is imperceptible to humans. At the end of the procedure, the patient needs 2 hours to wear a special corset that protects the vertebrae from shifting or withstand the same amount of time lying on the couch for the normal store the result.
Вытяжка позвоночника: в воде, сухой и аппаратный метод
As mentioned earlier, after a session of traction necessary fixation of the vertebrae in the correct position. For this purpose, special exercises and therapeutic gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy. Otherwise, the position of the vertebrae in the coming days will return to the deformed position.

The hood of the spine a herniated frees entrapped capillaries and nerve processes. It restores the natural flow of nutrients to the vertebrae is eliminated the swelling surrounding tissues, is returned to normal mobility of the spine.

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Other ways of working with the spine

Spinal traction in the water. Traction under water — sparing method compared to the hardware and dry method. Under the influence of water with a body temperature of 37 degrees by themselves, relax muscle spasms, this allows the spine to gently stretch under its own weight.

This method is more suitable when the hernia of the spine, protrusion of disks and sciatica. But it is not prescribed if the patient has liver disease, urinary system and heart.

The spine pull in water horizontal and vertical method.

In the first use of the slack body in the water under its own weight with a special shield. In vertical method, use the handrails, circles and other devices that support the patient’s body in a certain area of the spine. The underwater stretching session lasts from 6 minutes to half an hour or more, can be further used heavier loads.
Exercises for stretching the spine. To treat diseases of the spine using the apparatus for stretching, it is possible only in hospitals or in sanatoria. Spinal traction at home is also possible, but in other ways, and only after consultation with a specialist. Consider how to treat diseases of the spine in the home.

Before beginning the process, you can relax muscular tension of the back, using the 15-minute warm bath or massage hands or massager. Next, let’s look at a few ways of stretching.

Вытяжка позвоночника: в воде, сухой и аппаратный метод
Stretching on the bed. For this method you need to prepare the bed, by mounting it with a slope of 30 degrees, then reinforcing two wide 7-inch straps on her headboard. The length of the straps is about one and a half meters. One part of the straps must be filled with cotton wool.

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Next you need to lie on the bed, missing the soft part of the straps in the armpit hands. Stretching will occur under the weight of the body and can last up to three hours. To enhance the effect, you can wear a belt and attach the rope with weights 3 kg, which will be hanging down. This will give additional weight to the body and increase the stretch.
Exercises for stretching the spine. Well stretch the spine and return it’s flexibility the following exercises:

  • torso twists to the right and the left, lying on his back (one hand to get the other 4 times);
  • rotations of the pelvis — lower bent legs to the right and the left, lying on back, perform 4 times each side.
  • polovic on the bar, mounted on the height of the shoulder belt runs from 4 to 8 times;
  • exercises on an inclined surface («Bicycle» running on back, lifting straight legs, lying on stomach, exercises to perform 4 times each);
  • tightening bent legs to his chest, lying on his back on the Mat, perform 4 times;
  • pose «cats» — just arching my back (without bending), standing on all fours, to execute 4 times.

Stretching of the spine can be carried out only under the supervision or on the recommendation of a specialist-orthopedist, as there are contraindications.