The horizontal bar in osteochondrosis

That exercise on the bar is a great tool for the prevention of degenerative disc disease, is well known. But the fact that the horizontal bar can be used as a treatment for this insidious disease, most patients do not even think. Meanwhile, some exercises do not require great mobility of the spine can have on the patient’s spine impact, their effectiveness is comparable to the best drugs.Турник при остеохондрозе

What is the use of the horizontal bar for the spine

Osteochondrosis leads to pathological changes in cartilage tissue due to the distance between the elements of the spine, and unevenly. As a result there are anatomical changes of the curvatures of the spine, i.e. the curvature of the ridge.

This leads to uneven load distribution on the spine: some portions of the ridge are under stress, several times higher than usual, and on others it is hardly felt. As a consequence, in those areas of the spine, which bear the excessive load, a voltage is violating them in metabolic processes. As a result, the blood supply the cartilage in the joints starts to circulate with great difficulties.

A properly selected set of exercises on the horizontal bar in osteochondrosis first allows you to restore corrupted disease of the small capillaries and blood vessels, improving blood circulation in the spine.

These exercises help strengthen the back muscles, resulting in stronger muscles move on the part attributable to the spine loads. The result of the systematic lessons will:

  • reducing the burning sensation and back pain;
  • improve the elasticity of the spinal column;
  • the recovery of damaged soft tissues of the spine;
  • deletion of the joints of the spine, salt deposits.

Even a simple visy on the bar give the opportunity to relax and stretch the spine, reduce it intra disk pressure. It is also important that to perform these exercises don’t need expensive equipment – they fit a normal bar, but for the lack of it can be used even growing at the desired height sturdy tree branch.

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Rules of performance of exercises on the horizontal bar

As osteochondrosis and hernia of the spine enough morning and evening to make it 1-2 to the bar, Powys on it for 30-40 seconds. for every approach. But there are differences: if the hernia must hang on the bar completely, osteochondrosis exercises should be performed in palowice, not taking crossed at the ankles, the legs from the stand. This simple trick allows to avoid additional bending of the spine in the lower back thus the pain will intensify, and the bar osteochondrosis will benefit.Турник при остеохондрозе

The stages of exercise

The subtleties of execution

Before starting the approaches to the bar, be sure to perform a 10-15 minute warm-up to warm up the back muscles. If you do not, when hanging on the bar will be felt in the lower back pain. Complex you need to discuss with your doctor and follow his recommendations. Then the workout will not only warm up the muscles, but also will provide additional therapeutic effect on the spine.
The bar at the bar you can embrace with two hands at shoulder width. If the distance from the crossbar to the floor more than your height, then you need to substitute a small bar stool or other support. Jump up to grab hold of the rungs, it is impossible.
Hanging on his hands, you need to relax your body. Crossed at the ankles, the feet should be at vis to stay on the stand, but to rely on them otherwise the spine will not be able to stretch under the weight of his own body.
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Over time, if the visa is not felt pain in the spine, it is possible to complicate exercise, simulating rotational motion of the pelvis, twisting the body in the lower back. If the disease is at an early stage, and the patient is physically well developed, it is also possible to complicate the exercise. In the case when the problem in the lower back, the legs can detach from stand and pull your knees to your chest.

Турник при остеохондрозеUsually to achieve a therapeutic effect enough for one approach to hang on the bar 30-40 seconds. But if the vis you feel lower back pain, the exercise should be interrupted, to do additional workout and then make another approach for 15-20 seconds.

To finish the exercise, gradually, first shifting the body weight on your feet, and only then release the hands from the railing. How to jump to grab hold of the rungs and jump off the horizontal bar is strictly forbidden, so as not to provoke the emergence of pain.

Contraindications and features of the exercise in cervical osteochondrosis

The main rule that should be strictly observed: you cannot visy on the bar during exacerbation of the disease. Treatment with the use of the horizontal bar can only be performed in the remission period, when caused by degenerative disc disease the pain and stiffness of muscles in back are minimal. Contraindicated exercises on the horizontal bar and with obesity, as in this case, under the weight of his own body, the drives will stretch very much. Can’t do dead-hangs on the bar and pathological changes in the vessels of the neck.

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Note that when hanging on the bar, the spine more stretched in the waist and middle section. Therefore, when cervical osteochondrosis simple visy on the bar not only ineffective but fraught with danger. Thus compressed the 6th and 7th vertebrae, which can appear tinnitus, headache and dizziness.

With a good physical preparation at the initial stage of cervical degenerative disc disease visy, you can perform the upside down, holding the bar with your legs and keeping your arms close to the body. Also with cervical osteochondrosis, as with other types, you can do pull-UPS because it engages all the muscles of the back, and compression of the sixth and seventh vertebrae periodical character and does not lead to negative consequences.

All of the above is true not only in osteochondrosis, but and herniation of the spine. Another thing is that to correctly determine which exercises on the bar, you can perform in these diseases of the spine, and which are contraindicated, can only specialist.

Before you start, be sure to consult your doctor.