The immaturity of hip joints: causes, symptoms, treatment

Незрелость тазобедренных суставов: причины, признаки, лечениеVery often from moms to hear that your child was diagnosed with «immature hip joint». This refers to the slow development of articulation, as well as its correct formation. There is such a disease, like hip dysplasia in newborns, many moms often confuse these two disease.

The difference between these two diseases is significant. Dysplasia is congenital dislocation of the hip and immaturity — underdevelopment of the hip joint, so-called nuclei of ossification. Immediately identify dysplasia in the newborn, then as immaturity can only speak from the age of three, when there is the formation of the joints.

Causes and symptoms of the condition

There are a number of reasons for the development of the disease that should be known to every mother. If a woman wants a healthy baby, she needs to take care of your health and the health of the baby during pregnancy. The causes of immaturity or dysplasia are as follows:

  • inadequate and unbalanced nutrition of women during pregnancy;
  • the shortage in the body pregnant calcium and vitamins;
  • child bearing at a later age;
  • toxemia;
  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • infectious diseases during pregnancy;
  • incorrect position of the fetus in the womb;
  • genetic predisposition to the disease;
  • difficult childbirth.

Young parents, it is desirable to know in advance what are the main features it is possible to judge the presence of the disease. Periodically inspect the feet of babies. If the legs can be folded out to the sides at 170°, this means that a child everything is normal. But if the angle of withdrawal of less, there is a reason to turn to a podiatrist. Remember: the feet should be given in hand at the same distance.

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You ought to be concerned, if there is a difference between the length of the legs of the infant, asymmetric folds in the buttocks and groin. If during the movement of the legs of their child parents can hear a sound similar to a click, you must immediately visit a podiatrist to reveal immaturity or to exclude it.

The sooner will be revealed immaturity of the hip joint in infants, the greater the chance for successful treatment of the disease.

How do you cure baby

Незрелость тазобедренных суставов: причины, признаки, лечение

Tire for breeding legs

If your child revealed the immaturity of the hip, do not despair, and immediately take the treatment. In the early stages of the disease using a special tire legs bred in hand. This method of treatment is not suitable for children who are more than six months, that’s why it is better to detect the disease at an earlier period. The method is very effective and stimulates the correct development of the joint.

Definitely need to take vitamins. A podiatrist will prescribe vitamin therapy, course and dosage. The treatment of this disease is not without a special kind of massage which will be done by the professionals at your clinic.

Well experienced doctor will show you how to do daily physiotherapy. The complex of exercises includes:

  • «Bicycle» (bending and straightening the legs);
  • breeding legs in the hip joint and bringing them to the starting position;
  • rotational movement of the legs.

The complex of exercises you need to perform at every diaper change. Each exercise is done for 15-20 times in one class period. The complex is to be performed, placing the baby on a firm and level surface. A bed or couch not suitable. Podiatrist may appoint electrophoresis with phosphorus or calcium or magnetotherapy. All of these procedures significantly improves blood circulation in the hip joints.

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Незрелость тазобедренных суставов: причины, признаки, лечение

Wide swaddling locks the legs in the correct position

An excellent prevention in the fight against immaturity and dysplasia is the wide fold. Young mothers, of course, heard about this method, but have no idea how to do it. All tell and show an example of a podiatrist. Nothing complicated. Thick flannel diaper is folded in a triangle. This triangle is placed down. Then the child is put on a diaper. The baby is laid on the diaper and the legs bend at 80-90°. One end of the diaper wrap one leg of the baby, and others — the second. The bottom area of the diaper fixed to the stomach. Then another diaper swaddled baby, as usual.

The recovery of the child depends on parents. Timely visit to a podiatrist, following his recommendations and a daily set of exercises will help your baby to quickly heal together with you to enjoy life.