The joints of the foot and their diseases: arthritis and arthrosis

Today more and more patients are turning to hospitals and clinics with complaints of much pain in the joints of the foot. It is not surprising, because most modern people lead a healthy life, they move a little and eat unhealthy food. All this no doubt affects the condition of their body, including the joints of the feet. That is why nowadays a variety of diseases of musculoskeletal system, which includes diseases of the joints, are among the most common among the population around the globe.

Суставы стопы и их заболевания: артрит и артроз

Various diseases of the joints can lead to deformity of the foot and toes

Symptoms of arthritis of the joints of the feet

According to modern medicine, all diseases in which the person aching joints of the legs, are divided into two main categories: arthritis and arthrosis. The main symptom of arthritis is severe pain in the joints of the foot, which increases significantly even after small physical activity. In the initial stages of the disease pain may not be too pronounced, and after a long rest — and do pass as long as people again begin active physical activities.

In the more severe forms of the disease, excessive exercise, such as running or prolonged walking can cause severe pain attacks that occur in very sharp shooting pains in the affected joints. In this situation, even a long rest will not be able to provide a person getting rid of pain. In a calm state, the pain will simply cease to be as sharp, taking more pulling and aching in nature.

In addition to expressed pain, another symptom of arthritis of the joints of the foot is soft tissue swelling and significant redness of the skin.

Often in the area of joint disease may be a local increase in temperature. In addition, many patients with arthritis complain of severe crunch in the foot. It is most pronounced early in the morning after a night’s sleep.

The causes of the disease

Arthritis occurs for a number of reasons.

  • Various injuries: bruises, cracked bones, closed and open fractures. In this case a person develops a so-called post-traumatic arthritis.
  • Excess weight, diabetes, metabolic disorders, malfunction of the endocrine system, sluggish metabolism.
  • Genetic predisposition to joint diseases.
  • Severe viral or infectious disease.
  • Excessive physical activity and the tremendous loads that affect the feet, for example, regular lifting weights, doing ballet or professional sports.
  • Shoes with very narrow toes or high heels, especially stiletto heels.
  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • Senile changes in the body.
  • Poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking.
  • Permanent hypothermia, frostbite of the feet.
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    Суставы стопы и их заболевания: артрит и артроз

    Gouty arthritis is characterized by joint involvement uric acid crystals

    The foot can be affected by several types of arthritis, such as:

    • post traumatic;
    • gouty;
    • rheumatoid;
    • psoriatic;
    • osteoarthritis.

    All types of arthritis require timely and comprehensive treatment.

    Gouty arthritis

    If while walking, running or jumping, a person experiences severe pain in the joint of the big toe, in this case, the doctors first suspected he had gout. The main cause of gouty arthritis is a metabolic disturbance in the body of the patient. Because of this, his blood is accumulated uric acid, which later is deposited on the surface of the joints.

    For gout is characterized by sudden attacks of severe pain in the joint on the leg and redness of the skin. This pain is so sharp and acute that literally paralyzes the patient. It deprives him of the ability to perform even the simplest physical actions.

    Pronounced pain syndrome gout is caused by the increase of the big toe joint, swelling of soft tissues around it.

    If the patient was given all necessary medical care, it is no more than a week the pain will pass, and he will feel a noticeable improvement. However, if a person prefers to fight the disease on their own, then the attack of gout may last several months. Do not neglect timely treatment to a specialist.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Суставы стопы и их заболевания: артрит и артроз

    The x-ray stop patient with arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious chronic disease that affects how the ankle joint and the joints of the toes. In the initial stage of this disease a person is experiencing a fairly mild pain in the legs while walking and other physical activities. But since the pain manifests itself is not too much, the patient often ignores her and does not give importance to this symptom. But later, when the disease passes in 2 and 3 stages, pain becomes more intense, the patient has edema of the foot, redness of the skin and marked increase of the joint. All this has a negative impact on motor abilities of a person, preventing him to walk normally and lead a normal life.

    Sometimes rheumatoid arthritis is manifested to a person as an independent disease. But it often can be a secondary disease, as a complication, for example, in osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that occurs in the patient due to unexplained failure of the human immune system.

    If at the beginning of the disease, the patient just complains of a slight pain in the joints of the foot after long walking or running, pain becomes very intense and almost eternal.

    Rheumatoid arthritis is an insidious disease. Often, the patient has fever, and in the region pain joints and throughout the body. In the later stages of rheumatoid arthritis, the patient noted the total deformation of the foot.

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    Pain in osteoarthritis

    Суставы стопы и их заболевания: артрит и артроз

    Osteoarthritis develops in the large joints

    Osteoarthritis is a disease that is characterized by severe pain in the joints and can cause development of feet other serious diseases. This type of arthritis usually affects people middle-aged and elderly as the main cause are degenerative changes in the joints caused by the aging process. With the age of any person is a significant wear of ligament, tendon and cartilage, causing them to lose their natural elasticity. While the muscle fibers of the person become weak and lose the necessary vitality. All of this makes the foot more vulnerable to lesions and reduces their stamina to even minor physical stress.

    In osteoarthritis the patient regularly complains of severe pain in the joints of the feet and the constant crunch of bones.

    In addition, with the development of the disease patient’s joint becomes excessive mobility. It’s as if he «walks» in the area where the bones. It brings the patient considerable discomfort.

    Osteoarthritis as a cause of pain

    Osteoarthritis is another disease that often becomes the reason for severe pain in the joints of the foot. Arthritis cause degenerative changes in the joint tissues. It is particularly strong negative impact arthritis has on the cartilage, which literally destroyed and thereby significantly reduce the functionality of the joints of the foot.

    In this disease the joints of the feet are cartilage degenerates, which causes a substitution of the newly formed bone spikes. Joint bones are beginning to grow strongly, with the result that they are much larger in size than the bones of a healthy person. Therefore, in a patient with arthritis is always there is a characteristic of the «petrification» of the joint, which significantly reduces the possibility of movement. If a person suffering from arthritis, was not given proper medical care, the disease will lead to severe foot deformity.

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    If the aching joints of the foot

    Суставы стопы и их заболевания: артрит и артроз

    Another common cause of pain in the foot is a heel spur

    The main issue of concern for all the people suffering from various diseases of the joints of the feet: what to do and how to treat sore feet. It is important to remember that the fight against any disease of the joints of the feet should begin at the first signs of joint damage. The treatment requires a lot of time. Access to a doctor at the initial stage of the disease will help to achieve the best results and return the patient’s ability to move normally and lead an active lifestyle.

    The majority of modern physicians agree that the treatment of diseases of the joints of the foot should be conservative and include the following therapeutic methods:

    • treatment using a variety of medications;
    • therapeutic massage treatments;
    • chiropractic;
    • magnetic therapy;
    • physiotherapy;
    • recipes of traditional medicine;
    • physiotherapy.

    Wondering what to do and how to treat diseases of the joints of the feet, it is very important to understand that in this case it is impossible to self-medicate. This can only aggravate the already serious condition of the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor who will select the best treatment that’s right for a particular patient, given its current state. In addition, you will also need to adhere strictly to the diet, regularly perform exercises of physiotherapy and visit the massage therapies.

    To overcome any disease of the joints of the foot, must act comprehensively, combining drug therapy with physiotherapy and curative gymnastics.

    However, in any case, you need to be patient and always listen carefully to your body, recording any changes in the joints. This makes it possible to achieve the most clear results. Be healthy!