The knee does not bend completely: modern methods of treatment

Колено не разгибается полностью: современные методы леченияStraighten the leg at the knee is not so easy if there are diseases affecting the ligamentous and tendinous apparatus. An experienced doctor will be able to immediately identify the problem. If the inability to straighten the leg accompanied with sharp pain, this indicates the presence of arthritis, bursitis, osteoarthritis or ligament rupture.

In order to resolve the pathology, you need to assign a treatment based on the results of laboratory tests. The first thing is fluoroscopy. It helps to exclude the presence of injury or strain.

Often joint pain is related to the fact that the person moves a little. This condition may occur due to the loss of elasticity of ligaments and tendons. This problem requires immediate solution.

Causes of pain in the joint

When a person asks himself the question «why can’t straighten the joint», he realizes that the answer can only give him the doctor. If during flexion of the knee be acute pain, it indicates a change in the contour of the joint. Usually the pain manifest itself during walking and sit-UPS. What to do in this case? The first thing you need to understand, which developed pathology. The reasons can be many.

  • Compression of the sciatic nerve. In this situation, observed pain in the hip, «spreading» on the outside and the inside. Any slight motion can cause increased pain, to straighten the limb is not always obtained.
  • Aggravation of degenerative disc disease. It manifests itself usually in the form of radiculopathy and sciatica. Such diseases occur if a person suffers from destruction of cartilage.
  • Колено не разгибается полностью: современные методы леченияInjuries, stretching of tendons and ligaments lose. In these pathologies it is necessary to temporarily limit mobility. Leg need to develop with the help of massage and special gymnastics. The medical complex is controls and an experienced instructor.
  • There is a crunch in the knee due to bursitis. You first need to identify the causes of the disease. The treatment is carried out using modern methods of manual therapy. However, this requires time and the desire to achieve a certain result. Sometimes requires surgical intervention with the use of arthroscope.
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    Why the knee cannot straighten?

    If bursitis occurs frequently and lasts for a long time, the knee joint is often impossible to straighten. In the same way make themselves known injuries to the ligaments, which were received long ago. Deforming osteoarthritis also can cause this symptom in the early stages of the disease. In this case, is clearly visible propagating deformation of the tissue on the feet. The knee Cup is not completely unbent at gonarthrose, which is accompanied by a traumatic lesion.

    Man, being at home, can’t understand why my knee wants to straighten up. And even an experienced doctor is not immediately put an accurate diagnosis. However, there are a number of distinctive signs of the disease. But to treat yourself in this case is not worth it.

    Колено не разгибается полностью: современные методы лечения

    The pain may occur because of rupture of a ligament

    When osteoarthritis knee not bend, and any movements are accompanied by severe pain. May occur swelling, the affected area becomes hot.

    A sprain is often accompanied by stiffness that are caused by small tears of the tendons. All this may be accompanied by severe sharp pain. It occurs suddenly, even at rest. May cause edema of the soft tissues around the lesion, it is possible the bruises. It is also necessary to understand why the limb snaps.

    If the person cannot straighten the leg at the knee, it most likely indicates the presence of severe injury. Need the assistance of a trauma specialist, he will prescribe the right treatment and rehabilitation. Usually all the treatment facilities include the use of manual therapy. This process helps to avoid the development of contractures.

    Bursitis does not allow you to straighten the knee until the end that brings a lot of inconvenience. For the disease characterized by inflammatory process. It occurs in one of the periarticular bags. May be affected by the knee Bursa.

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    Manual therapy as a method of treatment of the disease

    After the trauma contracture can be generated that will not allow you to straighten the limb. This requires immediate intervention specialist, are assigned a special course of rehabilitation. Some doctors assure the patient that the process is irreversible. In fact, everything can be corrected with manual therapy. A foot injury to recover quickly, if you work hard on it.

    Necessary work, which will focus on the development of muscle structure. In this case, the foot will recover quickly, the main thing is to do the exercises. Improvement of metabolic processes and blood supply will make a huge contribution to the restoration of the damaged portion. The return leg mobility will help therapeutic massage. It is important that the program to restore the functioning of the knee were selected for the patient individually.

    For pain in the knee, you should immediately consult a doctor, because they can occur as a result of the injury, and the presence of certain diseases. It is better to restore the mobility of the feet using gentle methods than to resort to surgery.