The magnet for the treatment of joints in osteoarthritis

Magnetic therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee joint, as well as arthritis in recent years become increasingly popular. It is used to cure not only knee but also the shoulder, elbow, hip, any joint in which pain is manifested. But how effective is this treatment? And can it happen that, in removing with it one problem, we instead get a new one? Try to understand impartially.Магнит для лечения суставов при артрозе

What is the essence of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy, or the treatment of magnetic fields is one of the alternative courses of physical therapy, recently formed into a coherent system. Its essence lies in the fact that affected area of the body exposed to low frequency magnetic fields. The magnetic field of the human body is not changed, but in the body fluid – water, blood, etc. – receive an additional magnetic charge. This allows you to affect the lymphatic and endocrine system, to regulate and accelerate blood flow and enhance metabolism. It happens so because each red blood cell of blood is the iron atom, and these atoms under the influence of a magnetic field line up in an orderly manner on its axis.

The main thing is that focused on the use of magnetic fields for the treatment of maximum deliverance of man from pain. Statistics show that in 60% of patients when using magnetic therapy a decrease in pain, increased mobility and there has been a General improvement in health. However, 40% of patients noticeable changes for the better were observed. Therefore, this method is recommended for use as adjuvant treatment, and approach its use with necessary caution.

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Don’t forget that there is a fairly large list of contraindications for treatment using magnetic therapy:

  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
  • strongly expressed arrhythmia and angina;
  • implanted pacemakers or other electromagnetic devices;
  • rehab after suffering a heart attack or stroke;
  • diseases of the blood.

Even in the absence of contraindications magnetic therapy should not be applied on patients who have inflammation or severe pain are present in the affected joint, i.e. actually such an effect is shown only at 1 or starting stage 2 stage osteoarthritis. In all other cases, the application of magnetic therapy for the treatment of knee or hip joint the special effects brings.

How is the treatment

Магнит для лечения суставов при артрозеFor treatment use a special three-phase installation that creates a pulsed magnetic field. It is placed in the patient’s joint is rapidly heated to a depth of 12 cm, the heating Temperature in comparison with the normal: for the knee joint plus 2 degrees for the hip plus 3-4 degrees. The duration of one session should not exceed 20 min, and for young children (2-5 years) – 10 min. For maximum effect you need 10-15 sessions.

Generated by the installation of a magnetic field affect not only the joint but also on adjacent tissues. To improve the result for the treatment of knee joint radiation installation goes on the back of the lower leg above the knee. In the treatment of hip – lumbar vertebrae.

As with any warming, magnetic fields accelerate the resorption of edema and restoration of damaged tissue in the infected joints. Muscles relax, preventing them to work freely spasm is removed, and the person can move the patients joint, almost without feeling pain. It is also important that in the heated areas of the body dilate blood vessels and increases blood circulation. Stagnant blood, this scourge of diseased joints (especially the hip), with a strong warming naturally updated.

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Also magnet therapy eliminates the inflammatory process in the diseased joint. But to reduction of swelling of tissues around the afflicted joint is visible, you need at least 4-5 sessions. During this time, approximately half of the cases, the swelling decreases and without the treatments, although of course not as intense.Магнит для лечения суставов при артрозе

The benefits of magnetic therapy is that it can be used for the treatment of the elderly and patients with weakened immunity and predisposition to certain kind of allergies. This allows you to use it when more complex methods of treatment is impossible or undesirable.

The insecurity of self-treatment with use of magnet

Sessions of magnetotherapy best taken in a clinical setting on professional equipment and under the supervision of trained medical personnel. But since the minimum magnetic treatment – at least Crescent, most patients prefer to pass it at home using special devices: Almag, Magnetar and some others, i.e. self-medicate. Given that you can predict the effect of treatment with magnetic fields is impossible (remember the percentage ratio of 60/40), and contraindications to him a lot, such use of magnetic therapy, and even if it is held without the permission of the doctor will bring more harm, than good.

There is another circumstance, which is worth considering. The human body itself is a generator of a magnetic field, though weak. It was created by nature for existence in the natural magnetic field of the Earth.

But with the widespread use of electrical appliances the person is forced to dwell in an environment where an artificial magnetic field is significantly superior to the natural strength of the field. If we start from the theory of magnetic therapy, being in this field, we have to become healthier. But the decline of immunity, the epidemic of allergic reactions, a marked increase in cancer and other dangerous diseases shows just the opposite.

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In addition, in the treatment of hip joint under the effects of generated electromagnetic fields inevitably affects not only muscles but also the spinal cord. How this will affect our descendants, is still unknown. Reliable data on this issue.

Magnetic therapy as a method of treatment has the full right to live and develop. But, choosing method of treatment, one should not forget that originally our body was designed by nature according to the principle of self-regulating mechanism. And to restore health it is important to run this mechanism, and not to suppress its uncontrolled use of tablets and other procedures.