The main symptoms and causes of the anomalies of Kimmerle

The reasons for the anomalies Kimmerle, the main symptoms and methods of treatment

This disease is characterized by the formation in the cervical spine abnormal extra bone handles (they are well seen on x-ray photo), which can put pressure on the neck artery and thus prevent the flow of blood.

As a result of violations of blood pressure in the brain do not receive adequate quantities of nutrients, which affects its full functioning.

The location of the anomaly of the first cervical vertebra (Atlas).

The disease has Kemerli can be congenital or acquired, arising as a complication of other diseases of the spine. The anomaly is incomplete and full (when in addition to bone handles appears lateral ligament, providing additional load on the vertebral artery).

The causes of the disease and its symptoms

The first cervical vertebra — Atlas, is different from the rest of the vertebral structure — he has no bone of the body, and consists of only two arcs.

Medicine has no clear opinion, what factors affect the development of the disease.

Presumably, abnormal growth of bone in these handles may occur due to vertebral osteochondrosis, degenerative joint disease.

In the case of congenital anomalies Kimmerle, the disease usually does not cause discomfort, but there is always a risk of aggravating the pathology.

In cases of complications of the disease develops, the vertebral artery syndrome — a significant and sometimes progressive deterioration of the cerebral circulation.

Often the disease is detected and diagnosed by chance — for example, when radiography of the spine or the occipital part of the brain.

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People for a long time may not know about the presence of the disease, attributing the symptoms of the discomfort to other reasons — such as high blood pressure.

Manifestations anomalies Kimmerle most often are:

  • tinnitus, especially intense in the turns and head tilts;
  • headache, sometimes paroxysmal;
  • the sudden darkening of the eyes, stars and sparks before the eyes, and occurs when movements of the head;
  • possible short-term loss of consciousness and fainting or falling due to muscle weakness while retaining consciousness;
  • uncontrollable twitching in the eyeballs, difficult to read and focusing on the eyes;
  • sudden weakness in the limbs;
  • violation of movement coordination;
  • weakness and numbness of the facial muscles.

If you suspect the presence of this anomaly produced a comprehensive examination of the patient. The most effective way to diagnose the disease is x-rays of the upper spine or a CT scan.

With a high probability for the disease may indicate an ultrasound scan that allows to reveal the peculiarities of local blood flow in the vertebral blood vessels.

Methods of treatment of anomalies Kemerli

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To eliminate anomalies Kimmerle used complex treatment. The patient is prescribed a soft diet and treatment, consisting of several stages.

The purpose of therapy is to normalize blood circulation and eliminate the hypertonicity of the muscles.

In severe cases, fixation of the cervical with the help of orthopedic appliances such as collar Trench.

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At the initial stage of the disease is sometimes enough medication and massage therapy.

Medicine (nootropic and neuroprotective drugs, antioxidants) reduce the pressure inside the skull, increase blood flow, massage relieves muscle tension.

The patient should avoid loads on the cervical region of the spine, eliminate heavy physical work before the end of treatment.

Massage and manual treatment should be conducted only by specialists, Amateur massage can sometimes bring more harm to the arteries of the spinal Department.

Health benefits for this disease can be achieved using different applicators and massagers. Also useful for swimming and prescribed exercises. During sleep, patients with the anomaly Kimmerle recommended to put under the neck cushion in the thickness of the hands.

Another method of treatment is therapy with bee venom (if not allergic).

In severe cases of the disease have Kemerli requires surgical intervention (operation), when bone shackle is removed through a cervical incision, but in modern practice this method of treatment of this disease is extremely rare.

Possible consequences of this disease

The consequences of anomalies Kimmerle capable of provoking a brain stem stroke.

Caused by a disease sudden fainting can lead to head injuries, injuries and injuries of the limbs and trunk.


Do with the anomaly Kimmerle in the army?

The presence of this disease does not exempt a person from military service, except cases, when the disease can be life-threatening.

To determine the severity of the disease is a brain scan study of arterial circulation in the vessels of the neck and head of departments. Used digital radiography.

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A video describing the reasons for the formation of anomalies

Watch the video with a clear description of the location of the anomaly Kimmerle, the story of the main causes of the disease and precautions if you have this syndrome