The opening of the hip joints: the basic exercises

Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражненияMany people wonder about how to open the hip joints to sit in the Lotus position or the splits. How fast can you do the splits, depends on age and your mobility. The disclosure process should be gradual and in some cases can take several years.

Question about how to open the hip joints primarily interested in those who attain yoga. In Hatha yoga asanas involve the ability to sit in meditative pose and to sit in this position for up to several hours. In disclosure are often interested dancers and athletes — without a good stretch marks cannot perform any dance or acrobatic element.

Women who are planning a pregnancy, can reflect on how to facilitate childbirth. And it also requires the disclosure of the joints of the pelvis. Exercises on the disclosure useful for anyone who wants to strengthen the spine and improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Before you start any exercise you must warm up your muscles. For this you can use any active motion of aerobics or Pilates.

For independent practice, you can use the yoga asanas that help to open the hip joints and form a strong muscular frame around the joints to avoid sprains and injuries in this area.

Starting position standing

  • A very common tree pose (Vrikshasana)

The pose is designed to develop the ability to keep balance. This pose is good for warming up the hip joints. The emphasis is on one leg, and a second bend at the knee and rests on the inner thigh of the supporting leg, trying to lift your heel as close as possible to the pelvis.

Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражнения

Asana for beginners

This exercise involves the gluteus Maximus: the pressure on the supporting leg helps stretch the short, long and comb-like adductors. Placing a knee in the side, it is necessary to create tension in the gluteal muscles and perform the necessary load on the pelvis, whereby they are disclosed. When performing exercises need to keep the tension of the muscles of the supporting leg, to avoid putting excessive strain on the knee. Asana «tree pose» works the pelvis and back, and improves mobility of the joints of the upper and lower extremities.

  • The pose of the eagle (Garudasana)

Garudasana asana develops balance. One leg bent at the knee, and the other needs to twist the supporting leg, the foot of the raised leg is bent at the Shin of the other leg. Then you need the same way to curl your hands. During exercise, occurs a complex process, in which the piriformis muscle is a large load, stretching the muscles of the buttocks and sphincter muscles of the hip. Asana helps to stretch the hip joint from the back side. Leaving the poses, you first need to free his hands, then the feet. Below the opening is uniform, it is necessary to repeat the asana in the mirror.

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  • Warrior pose (Virabhadrasana)

Asana helps to open the joints of the pelvis and stretch the ligaments of the inguinal region. One leg bent at the knee, and the other is given back. The angle of the thigh relative to the position of the lower leg should be 90°. To the opposite bent knee with a hand to clasp the thigh and clasping his hands behind his back. The hip joint of the bent leg takes place outwards, and the other leg helps to stretch the groin muscles and open the pelvis. Stable position when performing exercises helps to keep the force of gravity exerted on the working leg. The joint of the knee of the outstretched leg will unfold out, so you need as much as possible to retain the position. Virabhadrasana helps the recovery of the pelvis and strengthens the legs.

  • Prasarita

Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражненияThe position will involve internal and external surface of hips, removes unpleasant sensations in the back and strengthens the pelvic muscles. Feet apart on shoulder width, when performing exercises it is important all the joints to rotate slightly inwards. This asana is suitable for warming up before more intense exercise. When the body is tilted, the spine in the lumbar region is stretched, removed the clamps, tighten the muscles of the inner thigh and buttocks. If in the lumbar back have back problems, too much lean to does not need.

To prepare for the main exercises for opening the hip joints are rifts from foot to foot. Joints after such exercises are becoming more mobile, improves blood circulation in the pelvic region.

Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражненияThe exercise involves the quadriceps muscles of the hips, the piriformis, stretching the muscles of the buttocks and lower leg. When performing exercises the body weight is transferred from one foot to the other.

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To increase the load, keep pelvis close to the floor. Active exercise helps to stretch the back muscles and improves blood flow to internal organs.

Original sitting position

  • The position angle (Upavista of konasana)

The hip joints in this pose, unfold out and bend that stretches the back and the back part of the legs, stretch the muscles of the pelvis. To perform exercises you need to sit on floor, legs dissolve as far as possible, hands hold feet, chin and try to touch the floor. Performing the asana first, you may feel cramps in the gluteal muscles. Their fiber is very short, when stretched they are under a big load, which could cause seizures. Feet should be touching the floor, trying not to let the knees bend. The feet should be upright, while the muscles of the calves are getting maximum tension, and the hip joints remain in the correct position. The asana should be done carefully, because a high probability of stretching or tearing of ligaments.

For starters it is better to reduce the angle between the legs, and with each new exercise slowly increase it.

  • Staff pose (baddha of konasana).

Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражненияTo get into the pose, bend the knees and join the feet. At the maximum stretching of the thigh should touch the floor and feet pressed against his groin. During the exercise, your back should be kept straight, to bend the hip joints, not the spine. The foot can expand up, however, it is worth remembering that it is easy to injure the ligaments of the knee joints that are poorly amenable to stretching.

In the pose you need to stay for a few minutes. Hands at desire it is possible to rely on the floor behind him. Baddhakonasana asana has a beneficial effect on the bladder, helps with diseases of the kidney and prostate.

  • The pose of the cow’s head (gomukhasana)

This asana improves the mobility of shoulder and hip joints. Sitting need one knee to put on top of the other and foot to get back. Start the brush back and engage the lock. This posture helps to turn the hip joint outward, helps to stretch the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and the piriformis muscle.

  • The pose of the monkey king (hanumanasana)

This is a challenging asana, requiring serious preparation. In the exercise involving almost all the muscles of the rear thighs, gluteus, gastrocnemius and intrinsic muscles of the pelvis. The joint is extended forward with the feet takes place inside, and the knee is maximally bent.

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Раскрытие тазобедренных суставов: основные упражненияOpening of the joints occurs in different directions, so the asana refers to the exercises of increased complexity. Big load hanumanasana is on the groin, ligament of this region is strongly stretched. Hands reach up, while the spinal. The asana should be performed regularly, only then can you expect positive results and the approach poses to the ideal mind.

Side splits (samakonasana)

This asana is of complex exercises. It is recommended to perform samakonasana under the supervision of a specialist. The exercise starts with sitting poses. Legs should be diluted as far as possible. In this position strongly stretched groin, inner and outer thighs.

All asanas require maximum concentration when performing. Making samakonasana, imagine that you inhale the air goes to the hip joints and helps them open up even more. On the exhale, tighten the muscles of the pelvis up and think about how the air dissolve all blocks and barriers, ligaments become more pliable and stretched better.

In exercise Supta padangusthasana works direct thigh muscle. Starting position — lying on his back. One leg lifted and with hands or belt is tightened to the head. The second leg should remain pressed to the floor. At asana stretch the muscles of the buttocks, calves, front and back of the thighs. Supta padangusthasana helps to open the hip joints and is shown in paralysis of the legs.

Yoga presents many asanas for opening the hip joints, as the main focus of all practices is placed on the achievement of meditation the Lotus posture. Here are considered the most effective exercise in which maximum use of the pelvis, ligaments and muscles involved in the stretch.