The restoration of knee joint

Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic disease in which the cartilage of the knee becomes thinner, gradually destroyed, and then the recovery of the joints becomes extremely difficult. The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain. Without proper treatment over time, the cartilage is completely destroyed, leading to loss of mobility and disability person. The restoration of the damaged knee joint is possible only in the early stages of the disease. Most importantly: do not miss the moment and to see a specialist.

Восстановление коленного сустава

The causes and development of osteoarthritis

The disease are disturbances of metabolic processes in the organism, which arise due to improper diet and lifestyle. Bad habits, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins and inactivity are major factors contributing to the development of osteoarthritis. The most common causes of osteoarthritis include such.

  • Injury. Cracks formed due to injury, and may eventually increase in size.
  • Excessive stress on the joint (sport, work).
  • Weight. Constant pressure on a joint causes cartilage does not receive proper nutrition. In addition, the constant pressure contributes to the erosion and thinning of cartilage.
  • Weak ligaments. Articulation bones are supported only thanks to the durable ligaments, tendons and muscles. If, for any reason, these structures become weaker, the joint loses its stability. It is known that if the cartilage in the «wrong» place to put pressure in the amount of 1 kg, it will lead to its destruction. In this case body weight is transferred due to loose ligaments on the other side of the cartilage, can lead to serious damage.
  • Articular diseases (e.g., arthritis, tumors).
  • The stress and emotional turmoil.
  • Cartilage covers the ends of the femur and the tibia. The connection is covered by an impermeable capsule – joint capsule. The inner shell of this bag produces a special synovial fluid, which fills the entire cavity of the joint capsule. Because cartilage contains no blood vessels, its nutrition is only due to this synovial fluid. The porous structure of cartilage provides his food. When pressure on the joint cartilage is compressed, it then goes all liquid. When the pressure ceases, the cartilage takes the initial shape and, like a sponge absorbs liquid.

    If you have negative factors, the changing composition of the synovial fluid. It becomes more dense and no longer contains the necessary nutrients. As a result, the joint begins to dry out, its surface cracks. If in normal condition the cartilage to glide easily, now between the surfaces appears, the friction. The distance between the bones is reduced and the degenerative processes are stimulated.

    The patient begins to feel stiffness in the limbs, it becomes difficult to perform usual everyday things, there is lameness.

    Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

    Recovery of the knee joint with arthrosis of today possible. What matters is that the cartilage didn’t occur destruction. If the disease is at an early stage, stop its development possible. With arthrosis of knee joint is necessary comprehensive treatment. The methods of this treatment include:

    • diet;
    • medication;
    • physiotherapy, massage;
    • physiotherapy, gymnastics;
    • operation;
    • treatment of folk remedies.
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    Восстановление коленного суставаAs the disease are disturbances of metabolic processes and deficiency of mineral elements, treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee begins with power adjustments. If the patient is overweight, then they must get rid of. The diet for osteoarthritis is not rigid and is likely the rate of supply of any person, rather than a limitation. From the diet should exclude fatty, salty and sugary foods. You can not eat pork and lamb, and grilled and smoked foods. Totally abstain from Smoking, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee.

    The daily ration split into 5 parts plus 1-2 snacks in between meals. To supply the body with enough calcium every day, eat low-fat (but not nonfat) cottage cheese, sour cream, butter. Give preference to dairy products homemade.

    Mandatory to eat is poultry (chicken, Turkey, rabbit) and fish. Meat and fish should be consumed or baked, or boiled. Frying in sunflower oil is strictly prohibited. Doctors also recommend to eat soups, cooked on the bone, also jelly and jellies. The meal contains natural collagen, which is necessary for the formation of cartilage and bone.

    Do not forget about the liquid. A day you need to drink about 1.5 l of clean water. Also useful are herbal tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and juices are homemade.

    Medicinal and operative treatment of osteoarthritis

    In case of arthrosis of the knee joint prescribed drugs that have different action. You first need to relieve the pain and inflammation in the joint. For this purpose non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs can reduce swelling of the knee, relieve pain and inflammation. For osteoarthritis of the knee NSAIDs used in the form of ointments or gels: «Voltaren emulgel», «Diklak gel», «Finalgon», «Indomethacin». If the glenoid cavity accumulates fluid, it is necessary to undertake puncture. To do this, in the joint cavity, the needle, and excess fluid is pumped. During the same procedure in the joint cavity is also possible to introduce anti-inflammatory drugs («Diprospan», «Kenalog») or antibiotics.

    Восстановление коленного сустава

    Restoration of the joints is carried out using chondroprotectors. Chondroprotectors are drugs, whose action is aimed at restoring cartilage. Because of these drugs cartilage cells are produced much faster, thereby forming new tissue. Such drugs include the following: «Artra», «controlon», «Chondroitin complex», «Structum». Chondroprotectors can be taken as tablets, and also use in the form of ointments.

    The most effective is the injection of chondroprotective agents directly into the joint. The results of this treatment will appear only after the first year of treatment. Today there is a combination of drugs that combine NSAIDs and hondroprotektory. This saves the patient from additional intake of anti-inflammatory drugs and brings the most positive results.

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    The operation is performed on those stages, when the cartilage is destroyed, and pills do not bring relief. Arthroscopy is considered the most gentle method of surgical treatment. Knee done two small incisions, one of which introduces the endoscope (this is sort of a video camera connected to the monitor). In the other incisions surgical instruments are inserted to carry out the necessary manipulations. During such an operation removes the damaged tissue or are a transplant.

    Osteotomy is an operation which removes part of the bone in the joint, so that the body weight is transferred to the healthy part of the knee. Arthroplasty is total joint replacement with artificial prosthesis.

    Physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise

    Another important point of treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee is physical therapy. Physiotherapy helps to regenerate tissues, restore metabolic processes. They are also able to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. For the treatment of osteoarthritis using procedures such as phonophoresis, paraffin, electrophoresis. The most effective procedure is magnetic. Using the magnetic joint can be warmed up by 2-3 degrees. The depth of the heating reaches 9-12 see It has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the joint, helps rebuild the tissue and reduce puffiness.

    In case of arthrosis of the knee joint is contraindicated large load on the joint. But therapeutic exercise is extremely helpful for restoring the health of your joints. Simple exercises you can perform at home by yourself.

    Waking up in the morning, do not rush to jump out of bed. Lie down for a few minutes. Then, lying on back, start the exercise «Bicycle». And during the day you can perform these simple exercises.

    Exercise # 1. Lying on your back, lift one leg at 15-20 cm from the floor. Lock the leg in this position and then slowly lower. Do the same with the other leg.

    Exercise # 2. In the sitting position on the floor, keep your legs straight in front of him. Clasp your hands and toes and slowly pull the foot for themselves.

    Exercise # 3. Lie on your stomach, bend your leg at the knee and grasp of a hand stop. Pull the foot towards the buttock to the toes touched her. Then proceed to the exercise on the other leg.

    Exercise # 4. For this exercise you will need a folding chair or table for support. While standing hold hands behind the back of a chair or the table surface and attach the leg to the side. At the very top hold your leg for a few seconds.

    Exercise # 5. For this exercise, you will also need a chair or table for support. Only now you need to be sideways to the support surface and perform the leg swings forward and backward.

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    Exercise # 6. This exercise is possible even in the workplace. To do this, simply sit in a chair and talk with their feet forward and backward.

    All exercises should be performed at a moderate pace, without strain and with small amplitude movements. Running and jumping is prohibited. If you perform squats, they should be shallow.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    Восстановление коленного суставаIn the complex of the actions directed on treatment of osteoarthritis, can include treatment of folk remedies. For the treatment of osteoarthritis use of both external and medication for ingestion. Before the treatment the popular methods to consult with your doctor.

    Methods of treatment Recipes
    In the spring, treatment of osteoarthritis you can use the dandelion. For this flowers (5-6 PCs.) are eaten fresh, for example, to the salad.
    With osteoarthritis of the knee effective is burdock. Remember the burdock leaf, so that it stood out the juice. Then soak the sheet with Cologne and apply to the damaged joint. Secure the mug with cling film and wrap a warm scarf.
    A compress can be made from cabbage leaf. The sheet also you need to mash and smear with honey. Well fasten a compress and wrap woolen cloth.
    Help heated vegetable oil (olive, sunflower). Morning and evening massage the warmed oil into the joints. Please note that oil cannot be heated in the microwave. It can be heated in a water bath or to lower the oil bottle under the hot water tap.
    Traditional healers especially appreciated the Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy that can help with various ailments, including for osteoarthritis. 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (better if it is homemade), dilute in a glass of water. Drinking this product every morning and evening. Will suit Apple cider vinegar and rubbing. For grinding the joints does not need to be diluted with water.

    Treatment of folk remedies can be effective when used in conjunction with other methods. Before you start to be treated with folk remedies, you must obtain permission of the attending physician, as you may have contraindications (e.g., allergies).

    Arthritis is treatable, but only if the treatment was started in time. In the presence of alarm symptoms do not delay a visit to the doctor.