The rice brew for joints: how to prepare, recipes, the benefits and harms

How to cook and use the rice brew for healing the joints?

Rice is a unique cereal crop. For most of the world’s population it is the staple food. The popularity of rice is due to its balanced vitamin and mineral composition. The content of carbohydrates in it reaches 70%, which provides long-lasting energy for the body.

Salts in the composition of grains contains virtually no. This provides the ability of rice grains to wash salt from the joints and kidneys coming from other foods and settled previously, which accounts for its healing properties.

Use brew on rice

The action of the absorbent granules are used to remove toxins, toxins, salt deposits from the joints, tissues, organs and blood vessels. To completely withdraw harmful substances from the body will need a two-month treatment course.

There are many folk recipes for cleansing the body with rice: boiled, raw, soaked in water or rice water.

Purification and treatment of joints rice brew than other methods of application of the culture for therapeutic purposes has several advantages:

  • cleansing the body Kvasov drink does not cause discomfort (not everyone likes to eat rice without salt and sugar, to comply with the time interval between intake of rice and Breakfast);
  • the preparation of the beverage takes less time and hassle;
  • the drink is delicious, with a slight acidity, refreshing in the summer heat.

Rice brew has an obvious benefit:

  • removes waste and toxins from the body;
  • can make the stomach;
  • can wash settled in the joints of salt, including heavy metals;
  • reduces inflammation of the joints;
  • it has diuretic and antibacterial action.

A refreshing drink has established itself as an effective folk remedy for cleansing the joints.

Salt deposits are the cause of many diseases musculoskeletal system. They do the body with different foods and untreated tap water, accumulate and eventually lead to serious orthopedic ailments requiring prolonged treatment, and in severe cases – surgical intervention. So, after 40 years it is necessary to regularly clean the body of toxins and salt deposits.

Attention! The rice treatment should be carried out not more often than once in 2 years, because along with harmful substances are excreted from the body and useful zhiznennovazhnye of salt.

The preparation of ingredients for beverage

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To prepare high quality medicinal drink, it is necessary to observe several conditions:

  1. Water to brew need to take clean: spring, well, filtered or melted. If you use tap water, pre-boil it.
  2. To prepare the brew in a two — or three-liter glass jars.
  3. The best healing properties of unrefined brown rice. In the shell surrounding the grain contains higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. You can use parboiled rice. When steaming in rice grain from the shell goes up to 80% of the contained nutrients.
  4. In the Kuban culture contains fewer vitamins, but more proteins that is gentle on the digestive organs. It is chosen for the treatment of gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea and high acidity of the stomach.
  5. For making kvass is acceptable to use regular rice, short-grain or long grain, which is sold in stores. But it is preferable to use a long as it contains less starch. Broken rice not suitable.
  6. Before cooking healthful drink raisins and rice thoroughly.


Rice brew you can cook several recipes. They all have a healing effect, but different taste.

Unforgettable classics

Classic recipe:

  • pour one liter of water in two-liter glass container;
  • dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar, add 5 raisins and 4 tablespoons of washed beans;
  • tie a neck banks gauze pad, put in a Sunny place for 3-4 days for fermentation;
  • remove the sample (the drink should have a distinctive sour taste), strain the brew and store it in the refrigerator;
  • from the remaining cake, prepare a second batch of kvass.

Drink brew after meal, ¾ glass 3-4 times throughout the day. The course lasts 2 months.

Preparation of the second portion:

  • add to the cake one liter of water, 3 tablespoons beans, sugar and 3 raisins;
  • put to ferment, after 3-4 days, strain, store in the refrigerator, and the cake use for cooking the next batch of kvass.

The preparation of the third and subsequent portions:

  • add to the cake one liter of water, 1,5 tbsp of cereals, sugar and 3 raisins;
  • put the brew to ferment, after 3-4 days, strain and use the press cake for the preparation of the following portions of kvass.

Recipe with ginger and citrus

Recipe for ginger-citrus brew:

  • in a three-liter glass container pour the 6 tablespoons long-grain rice and pour 2 liters of still mineral water;
  • add ½ tea spoon of cardamom, 1 teaspoon of grated ginger, 5 tablespoons of sugar, the zest from lemon and orange;
  • put the container with the contents in a bright warm place to ferment;
  • after 3 days the kvass strain, you can improve the taste of the drink with cinnamon or vanilla.
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Drink 100 ml 3-4 times a day on a full stomach.

Honey drink

How to cook the brew, infused with rice decoction with honey:

  • boil 100 g of rice 2.5 liters of purified water, leave for 10-12 hours in a saucepan with the lid to steep;
  • broth strain and pour in three-liter glass bottle, dissolve it in 100 g of natural honey;
  • in 100 ml of water dissolve 10 g of fresh yeast and add to broth;
  • place the container of broth in a bright and warm place when the foam is formed, strain the brew and place in the fridge.

Drink 100 ml 3-4 times a day on a full stomach.

Preventive cleaning

The course will require a number of tablespoons of rice, how many years are celebrated. In the evening pour the rice cool boiled water, leave until morning. During the night of the grains will be washed out the starch, they will become porous, like sponges. Such training increases the absorbent properties of rice.

In the morning a tablespoon of soaked rice, boil for 5 minutes, salt and sugar do not add. Boiled rice porridge to eat.

Try rice for Breakfast before 7am and at least 40 minutes more. The rest of the soaked rice wash, fill with new clean water.

The number of grains calculated on the full course.

Cleansing with uncooked rice

For 10 days eat as many raw soaked in clean water, grains of rice, how many years are celebrated. Chew grain thoroughly.

This recipe is especially popular with Eastern healers.

General principles of treatment

With the help of rice the body can be cleaned with not more than two months, because in addition to salt deposits and impurities of croup adsorbs and removes the necessary substances. The course may be repeated after two years.

During treatment, the rice brew:

  1. Observe the correct diet, completely avoid or significantly reduce the consumption of salt.
  2. Exclude from menu, alcohol, fatty and spicy food, sausages, meats and meat products.
  3. Simultaneously with the cleaning of rice follow the diet, which will fill the lack of potassium in the body. Menu must include nuts, baked potatoes, millet porridge, dried apricots, Apple cider vinegar, raisins, tea with honey.
  4. Mandatory physical activity, move more, walk in the fresh air.
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Salt actively begin to appear approximately a month of treatment. Evidence of this is the increased pain in spine, neck, joints, lower back, buttock, and also cloudy urine. After a while the pain subsides. In some cases, these symptoms can occur much later. It depends on the slagging of the organism and its individual features.

The excretion of salt will continue for another three months after the end of the treatment course.

Who benefit and who harm

Rice kvass, like other medicinal agents, has contraindications and limitations to use:

  • cardiovascular disease — due to the leaching of potassium;
  • the drink contains sugar, so people suffering from diabetes, you must cook the brew without sugar, adding raisins;
  • chronic constipation;
  • cirrhosis of the liver and alcohol intolerance as kvass is made by fermenting.
  • drink contains a small amount of alcohol (no more than 2%), because it is not recommended to drink kvass children, pregnant women, lactating women, drivers;
  • ulcers, gastritis.

Cleaning joints rice brew tested by many people, is easily tolerated. So the technique has had an extremely beneficial effect on the body, follow all recommendations for its use, use an integrated approach to treatment and always consult with your doctor.