The schmorl’s nodes in the spine

The schmorl’s nodes – pathology of the spine, flowing kind. Acute symptoms when the disease is absent, to detect the disease only when echocardiography. Because the patient does not feel the violations, to the doctor he usually gets about other problems, and the nodes found along the way. When disease cartilage pathologically deformed, presses the bone substance of the vertebra and forms a ledge that is visible on x-ray.

There are several names of diseases who use physicians. This pathology called «schmorl’s node», «schmorl’s hernia of the spine», «schmorl’s nodule». Small – famous physician, observed and thoroughly investigated with colleagues this pathology, its pathological manifestations. He found the degeneration, the degeneration of the hyaline plates in 38% of patients in the observed group.Узлы шморля в позвоночнике

Age category under 20 years included a single manifestation of disease. People over age 50 have weakened bone with reduced density and strength. This is due to the fact that with age the blood flow significantly deteriorates in the slightest changes (stooped figure or scoliosis). Young people get nodular pathology as a result of illness, regular heavy lifting, obtaining the vertical strokes.

Risk factors

Such a structural violation as the schmorl’s nodule is similar with herniated discs, but is a danger to a substantially lesser extent. The advantage of causal origin – hereditary-genetic background. If the disease is of genetic nature, a tendency to the formation of schmorl’s nodes is manifested from members of all subsequent generations. If it is of an acquired nature, the main contributing factors are as follows:

  • injuries, mechanical injuries of the spine;
  • deformed posture of the torso as a result of degenerative changes hyaline plates;
  • the regular load on the spinal column, associated with certain types of sports;
  • violated the process of material exchange;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • congenital structural disorders of the spine;
  • aging of the bone system;
  • accelerated growth with a non-uniform addition of mass of different body parts in children.
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In the initial period of life the child can very quickly and unevenly to grow. The process is accompanied by the stretching of soft tissues. Such rapid development is not typical for bone, bone structure can not add the dimensions in the appropriate pace. The spongy body has a void, there begins to distort under the load of a certain mass of cartilage.

If the parents has a hereditary predisposition to hernia Shmorlja, you need to check the child nodes even in the absence of complaints. When selecting children’s educational classes, some types of abnormal loads should be deleted. This must be done to complete the formation of the musculoskeletal system.

Special attention to children with hereditary risk factors should be given in relation to his diet. Daily children’s menu should include foods rich in calcium, vitamins, and iodine.

Varieties of pathology

The schmorl’s nodes may form in any part of the spine. Observed as a single body and multiple clusters. Hernia can be intraverbal or intracorporeal. At the location of node can be:

  • Central;
  • front;
  • rear;
  • side.

Узлы шморля в позвоночнике



When intraverbal schmorl’s nodules. Tissue of the intervertebral disc through the vertebral shifted to the structure of the endplates.
When intracorporeal formations. Purposee — disc invades the spongy tissue of the spine. Closing plate when it is destroyed, which leads to the formation osteosclerosis the area around the nodular formation.
For single nodules. Independent detection by single side or Central lesions impossible. The symptoms of these diseases do not exist as such.
When multiple vertebral knots. With the defeat of the lumbar spine loses its typical dynamic and static properties. Is compressed, the clamp of the nerve roots, and sometimes of the spinal cord. This danger may arise even due to small knot size medium.
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Nodular pathology of the breast helps to reduce the mobility of the spine. The load is transferred to the vertebrae located above or below the zone where the formed nodes. The most common type of disease – protrusion of the cervical. The intervertebral disc bulges, but can easily take the starting position, that is, the protrusion has the ability to reverse. The formation of the prolapse is not observed in the intervertebral disc. These lesions occur in the expanded clinical form that requires immediate treatment even if the patient has no complaints of feeling unwell.

It happens that the blood vessels of spongy bone grow into the cartilage or intervertebral discs. This leads to fibrous transformation of the host with a further block of the affected vertebrae. If ingrowth the progression of the disease is slow. Key growth stops after the introduction into the body of the vertebral bones of the main mass gelatinosa cores.Узлы шморля в позвоночнике

Sometimes vascularization occurs due to resorption of the guard plates, and cartilage. The affected area loses its properties of mobility and increases stress on the joints, there is a risk of fracture, vertebral fracture, arthrosis of the intervertebral joint.

Methods of correction

To prevent abnormal development of the site, the patient was observed neurologists and spine. Prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and medications to improve the power discs. Additional measures for pain relief:

  • barraterre;
  • parenteral administration of decongestant and analgesic drugs;
  • the electroanalgesia;
  • acupuncture;
  • gymnastics Niches (the Japanese health system);
  • therapeutic physical training;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • autogravitation pulling;
  • massage;
  • chiropractic therapeutic effect.
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The treatment is carried out on the simulator couches with movable tubular ribs, having a smooth surface. Orthopedic couches replicate the natural vertebral line. The patient can sit comfortably, stretching and relaxing the spine. The result is a gradual increase in the intervertebral distance, improving the feeding functions, easing the load on the nervous structure. Shown swimming, regular exercise.

The presence of schmorl’s nodule is not a barrier to the passage of compulsory military service. The medical examination young people with this pathology confirmed readiness to perform military duties not requiring heavy physical training.