The spikes on the spine: causes, types, symptoms and treatment

Шипы на позвоночнике: причины, виды, симптомы и лечение

The sharp edges of the vertebrae hurt nearby tissues and nerves, causing the patient acute pain attacks

The spine plays a very important role in a person’s life . He is a major part of the axial skeleton of man and the basis of such systems as the nervous, skeletal and muscular. So it must be protected.

But I’m sure many have heard expressions such as vertebral spines or osteophytes. Is an overgrowth of bone on the articular processes of the vertebrae or on the body of the vertebrae. They appear as the result of ossification adjacent to the spine tissues (periosteum, ligaments, etc.), and received its name due to the fact, that resemble spikes. The spikes in the spine can lead to rather unpleasant consequences (pinching the nerve endings, a limitation), so you need timely detection and treatment.

Most often this disease (it is called spondylosis) affects people aged 40-50 years. At a young age, osteophytes of the spine are very rare. Growths can be formed in any region of the spine. Most often the spikes occur in the cervical and lumbar spine. The emergence of spines in the cervical region threatens the displacement of the vertebrae, compression of blood vessels and nerves. The formation of the lumbar spines suggests that a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, and this can lead to disastrous consequences.

The main causes of spondylosis:

  • injury;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • frequent excessive physical exertion;
  • degenerative process of the body;
  • inflammatory processes in the bone tissue;
  • excess body weight;
  • frequent long stay standing or sitting.
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Vertebrate species of thorns

Шипы на позвоночнике: причины, виды, симптомы и лечение

How to really look vertebrate growths

Post-traumatic form occurs as a result of fractures or serious damage to bone structure. Due to the formation of splinters or fragments occur callus.

Spikes can also occur under the strain of the periosteum, even if the bone itself is intact. The osteophytes occurs in this case as the result of the ossification of the periosteum. Often post-traumatic form it is found in knee and elbow joints.

The degenerative form occurs against a background of degenerative-dystrophic process in the human body. Spikes in this type resemble fringe. Osteophytes this type occur in people with diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis.

Periosteal species occurs on the background of inflammatory processes in the bone tissue. The periosteum ossified haphazard. Serpentine occurs as a result of a malignant tumor. In appearance, the spines resemble a spur or visor. Such localized osteophytes on the vertebrae iliac bones.

The spongy appearance is formed by not quite proper formation and growth of cartilage. It also contribute to the development of benign tumors.

Symptoms of osteophytes of the spine, treatment

At the initial stage of the disease the symptoms may be completely absent. However, you should pay attention to soreness of the lumbar and cervical spine. Usually pain are dull in nature and most apparent during walking. You should pay attention to the pain that radiates to the shoulder and back of the thigh.

Unable to attend and headaches. All these painful sensations are enhanced during active physical exertion, but relaxation of the body pain is lessened. However, these symptoms may resemble other diseases, it to identify it and should be treated by an experienced specialist.

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How to treat the disease? Treatment consists of combination therapy. When osteophytes of the cervical spine are appointed by the medicines and various treatments, which include massage and exercise therapy. When disease of the cervical spine your doctor may prescribe an orthopedic collar for the correction of the vertebrae and their situation. Osteophytes of the spine, if this is the last stage require surgical intervention. It is therefore necessary as early as possible to identify the disease is to avoid surgery.Шипы на позвоночнике: причины, виды, симптомы и лечение