The spondylosis of the lumbar spine: symptoms, causes, treatment

Спондилоартроз поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, причины, лечение

The disease provokes the destruction of the intervertebral joint

More recently, spondylosis of the lumbar spine was considered a disease of the elderly. But nowadays this disease is more common in people whose age far from retirement. The disease causes a dysfunction of musculoskeletal system. The range of reasons why a person may occur in human spondylosis of the lumbar, quite diverse: from metabolic disorders to physical overload. Disease begins always quietly. not manifesting itself pain symptoms or limitations in movements. Then there is aching pain in the lumbar region. If you do not start to fight the disease, occurs immobilization. Possible effective treatment of the disease? What you need to do to halt the progression of the disease?

Factors and risk groups

The main cause of the disease is the decline in physical activity. Indeed, even 10-20 years ago, the risk of disease in the lumbar spine increased mainly in people over the age barrier 50-55 years. Today at risk – those whose age is 30+. Why? Because from this age many people start to drastically reduce their physical activity, thereby creating the perfect stage for the emergence of the disease. The most common is the degenerative disc disease of the spine.

An equally important role in the emergence of the disease play and congenital anomalies. The abnormal development of the spine can not only be inherited. The child, being in the womb, may be due to improper provision of certain malfunctions of the woman’s body to back problems for the rest of my life.

The sooner you begin to wear and aging of the articular tissue, the higher the probability that a person at a young age will have osteoarthritis. Modern science considers the spondylosis of the spine in the region of the lumbar as one of the forms of osteoarthritis caused by improper metabolism. Regular static loads — a direct path to the development of diseases of the lumbar spine.

Спондилоартроз поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, причины, лечениеAn important role in this process plays and long work at the computer. This pastime is common to many young men and women, and it is not lost on ridge. Previously it was believed that bad posture is a sign of aging of the human body. Symptoms of scoliosis in our day, visible from a significant number of boys and girls, and most of them are already developing degenerative disc disease. Both of these disease «pull» other diseases of the back, among which are osteoarthritis.

There is a common misconception that a flat foot safely. But in almost all cases, the person who has this pathology, does not suspect that she is one of the root causes of the emergence of degenerative disc disease.

A defect of the foot and gait changes entail another violation of the uneven load on the spine. Joint tissues wear out, and the result is osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis and their derived forms. So it is important to begin the fight flat-footed.

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Defeat the facet joints

When spondylosis affects the main elements constituting the joints of the spine:

  • there is a disruption of the structure of articular cartilage;
  • is the destruction of the subchondral departments bones;
  • notes seal of the capsule and ligaments of the joint;
  • noticeable seal short muscles surrounding the joints.

Спондилоартроз поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, причины, лечение

The facet joints and their pathological changes

The diagnosis of «spondylosis of the lumbosacral spine» indicates that the man was not only the defeat of the connective segments between the vertebrae. Osteoarthritis can affect selectively certain tissues, and the form of osteoarthritis is to destroy everything. The disease destroys the ligaments and perpendicular to the muscle. Cartilage and subchondral bone are also covered. Osteoarthritis is unable to completely destroy the facet joints, spondylosis, Yes.

Deforming spondiloarthrosis found in medical practice often enough. If there is a formation of spondylosis lumbosacral, patients this disease in the early stages in some cases mistaken for sciatica. This is due to the fact that both diseases peculiar painful symptoms. With the development of spondylosis lumbosacral pain at first appear when bending and walking. The longer time goes, the pain getting stronger. They are not confined to a small area of localization. In the presence of spondylosis of the lumbosacral they are able to radiate to other parts of the body.

Pain symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Pain symptoms — a special issue in the diagnosis of diseases of the spine. They can complicate the clinical picture that the disease at first will be similar to osteochondrosis. However, stiffness at the same time with pain observed at the early stages of the disease. If it affects the cartilage, they concentrate only on the buttocks and thighs. At 1-1 and 2nd degrees of the disease its diagnosis is difficult. This is due to the fact that x-ray examination is not always able in the initial stages to detect the osteoarthritis form.

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The reasons for the loss of the ability of the fibrous ring of performing their functions also lie in the process. X-ray examination usually detects osteoarthritis at its stage 3, and spondiloarthrosis is no exception. The symptoms of the third stage of the disease include the presence of bone growths (osteophytes) and degenerative changes of the ligaments.

If the spondylosis of the lumbosacral spine is at the 4th stage, the movements of the spine, a person can not move independently. Flattened nerve endings cause such a strong pain symptoms, it does not always help treatment conservative methods. At this stage, the patient often receives disability.

The spondylosis, and arthrosis compresses the vascular wall, and blood flow in this area of the spine is disrupted. Osteochondrosis other mechanism of the disease – the compression of the intervertebral discs. When spondylosis pathology is formed due to degeneration in the tissues of the cartilage.

To identify these diseases can not only the radiograph, but radioisotope scan of the spine. When a person is diagnosed with spondylosis or osteoarthritis, doctors begin to block the pain. Effective treatment of these diseases is possible only in a complex.

How to slow down the degeneration of cartilage

Hormonal medication can help to alleviate the condition of the person who has spondylosis or osteoarthritis. One of the most effective methods of dealing with pain is the introduction into the cavity of the affected joint mixture is a steroid hormone and local anesthetic action. But this is only the first step in the fight against disease. Treatment includes non-steroidal drugs.
Спондилоартроз поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, причины, лечение

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When the disease is in remission, active non-drug treatment used to strengthen the spine. It includes massage, exercise therapy, swimming. Treatment not deny, and methods of acupuncture. The procedure of extraction of the spine is also considered quite effective option, but it has a number of contraindications.

Medical treatment necessarily involves the use of chondroprotectors. These drugs are necessary to restore the affected joint tissues. Widely used chondoprotective ointments, medicated plasters, which has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Surgical treatment medical professionals prescribed only in cases when conservative methods do not bring tangible results and to facilitate the patient’s condition fails. In the fight against disease quite successfully used minimally invasive method. It lies in the fact that with the help of modern technology destroys the nerve endings of the radio-frequency rays. This surgery can not completely cure the disease, but it considerably eases the pain. To deal with the pain symptom and the method is capable of hemilaminectomy. The operation in this case is based on excision of the site of vertebral arch, which compresses the nerve endings.

In the fight against disease is involved, and traditional medicine. Its main techniques is the application of healthful, homemade ointments on the affected areas of the back. Also inside used anti-inflammatory tinctures from medicinal plants.

The list of tools that help against various forms of osteoarthritis, traditional medicine recognizes the fir oil, hop cones, mint, calendula, dandelion flowers, chestnuts and pine nuts. One of the most popular painkillers methods is warming up the sick parts of the body with salt.