The spondylosis of the thoracic spine: causes, symptoms

Спондилоартроз грудного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы

Destruction of the intervertebral joint leads to deformation of the vertebrae

According to statistics, problems with the functioning of the spine is, in our days, every second Russian. Previously, spondiloarthrosis, the residents of Russia was fairly uncommon. But today is more people who have symptoms and who seek help in medical institutions.

Accepted: spondylosis of the thoracic spine is found in patients less similar disease developing in the neck. But from what diseases of the thoracic spine less fixed, this does not mean that the disease will automatically become less severe. The spondylosis of the thoracic spine can lead to other forms of the disease. The most common form of transition may be deforming spondiloarthrosis. During this type of disease consequences of disease may only be treated with surgical intervention.

Developing cervical disease occurs mainly in adolescents. At this age, completed the formation of the vertebrae and the entire spine as a whole. Neck, usually have many children mobile, which leads to deformation of the vertebrae. The load on the spine and sitting in an uncomfortable position — the main reasons why they develop low back pain and spondylosis, which is a form of osteoarthritis. The disease carries with it the degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the joints located between the vertebrae.

Diseases that can develop in the neck or thoracic spine, provoked by the same causes. Just than a man grows older, the more likely the emergence and development of spondylosis of the spine in the chest area. Pain symptoms is the first point to the disease and that the broken vertebrae functioning.

Unlike neuralgia

Спондилоартроз грудного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы

In the fMRI clearly shows the beginning of process of destruction of vertebra

What is spondylosis? This term means a disease that is directly linked to lesions or injury of the small intervertebral joints. The development of the disease is gradual, starting with the appearance of degenerative processes of cartilage in the intervertebral discs.

In such processes, the discs lose their elasticity and become thinner. A little later, the disease passes to the articular surface. Marvel and bone tissue of the vertebrae.

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The causes of the disease are:

  • curvature of the spine;
  • pathology posture and weakness of the ligaments and muscles of the back;
  • deformity of the foot;
  • overly active lifestyle;
  • a back injury;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • overloading of spine sports and workouts.

Have degenerative disc disease, spondylosis onset of the disease goes unnoticed. While the pain symptoms somewhat similar. It is the intensity of the pain will point to the specificity of the defect of the synovial tissue between the vertebrae when a person is developing osteochondrosis and spondiloarthrosis.

Disease spondylosis distinguished by aching pain in the affected organ.

When low back pain strikes the chest pain symptoms are not constant, but in fragments. If the person is just moving, painful the signs of both diseases do not make themselves known. As he changes posture in the thoracic area of vertebral pain is felt. Especially noticeable symptoms of aching pain if the patient is at first horizontal and then vertical position or Vice versa.

Treatment is complicated considerably by the fact that people who have low back pain or one of the varieties of osteoarthritis, in no hurry to go to a medical facility. The symptoms that manifest the disease is not alarming, the condition of each vertebra in this area of the body they consider normal. Mild pain symptoms become commonplace. Patients attributed this condition to physical exhaustion and not in a hurry to pay a visit to the doctor, and at this time of osteochondrosis and spondiloarthrosis, against which there is no treatment measures are moving in a more severe form.

Be attentive to symptoms

Спондилоартроз грудного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы

The disease gradually affects one vertebra over the other and compressed the nerve endings

Each case of degenerative disc disease has a General and particular features. The first characteristic of an entire group of diseases, second to only a particular disease. Osteochondrosis provokes gradual changes of the cartilage of the joints. It must be remembered that the disease is chronic in nature. Destructive processes in the joints cause the cartilage in the damaged area ceases to be elastic. Osteochondrosis is a long time in a strictly local condition, the spondylosis — no. Gradually the second disease is beginning to spread to other areas of the body. As «the extension of the zone of influence» of the disease spiky growths grow on the joints of the spine, where there is low back pain.

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The main symptoms of spondylosis can manifest as follows:

  • pain and partial or complete loss of mobility;
  • the occurrence of pain in the legs;
  • the appearance of numbness and tingling fingers;
  • pain radiating to shoulder, arms, back and shoulders;
  • disorders of the excretory system;
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve (sciatica).

Osteochondrosis in the thoracic spine is often different radiating the nature of the resulting pain. The symptoms that distinguish spondylosis include strongly expressed pain in the lower back and spine that occur in the morning, General or localized with limited mobility. The more the spondylosis progresses, the stronger becomes visually noticeable symptoms.

Should definitely pay attention to how the disease affects the person’s breath. The patient feels like something heavy is pressing on his chest. At this point it becomes difficult to breathe. Normally the spondylosis so manifests itself in people in old age, when the acute diseases.

Why all the spondylosis is diagnosed so difficult? The answer to this question is simple: the symptoms are not so pronounced. If the patient has pain in the ribs, a clinical picture of 1st degree of the disease partly resembles the manifestations of neuralgia.

The spondylosis is a chronic disease. But in the first stage, it can be effectively treated. 1, 2 extent of disease may be diagnosed using computed tomography, x-ray, angiography, scanning of the spine. 3 extent of conservative methods of treatment a significant effect, as a rule, do not give, so the spondylosis can be treated only surgically. At 4 degrees the patient and the surgery can help not in all cases, as bony growths acquire an impressive size. On the background of limiting the mobility of the spine the patient has compressed the nerve endings and blood vessels.

The transition of the disease into other forms

Спондилоартроз грудного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы

In the fMRI shows strong curvature of the spine in a patient

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Spondiloarthrosis closely associated with imbalance of salts and minerals in the human body. In the beginning of the disease the pain occurs due to the fact that the friction of the intervertebral discs. If the spondylosis does not begin to treat modern illness becomes distorting in nature, as the change shape and inflammation of bone tissue. Deforming spondiloarthrosis especially dynamically occurs in those people who have low back pain, which can cause many diseases.

Spondiloarthrosis distinguished by the specificity of its occurrence and pathology. There are many varieties of this disease. One of them is ankylosing form of the disease, which is often called the disease of spondylitis. Ankylosing disease is considered to be a male disease. That has its own truth, as this form of the disease is mostly found among representatives of the stronger sex aged 20 years and older. Ankylosing form of osteoarthritis affects the limbs, not just the spine. The disease is characterized by a pronounced deformity of the spine. Ankylosing disease progresses quite rapidly.

Ankylosing spondylosis ankylosing is a systemic inflammatory disease of connective tissue, which, in turn, affects the joints of the axial skeleton. Ankylosing form of osteoarthritis most often affects men, and over the years the condition of the patients deteriorates. It development often fails to stop, despite conservative medical measures. Ankylosing form of osteoarthritis requires surgery. There are often situations when you need emergency surgery as soon as men set such a diagnosis.

Different from the above-mentioned disease spondylodiscitis? It also affects the vertebral discs from both sides, but spondylodiscitis is also an infectious character.

Urinary tract infections and chronic prostatitis — the most common its causes. Spondylodiscitis accompanied by a significant weight loss, it has not only pain, but also symptoms of fever. Spondylodiscitis as spondylosis, can Rob a man of mobility. If the second disease is operated on unsuccessfully, the person may start spondylodiscitis. In some cases, it is accompanied by accumulation of pus in the vertebrae. If one time does not pass therapy, ankylosing disease usually goes into sepsis, followed by death.