The spondylosis: treatment and symptoms

Спондилоартроз: лечение и симптомы заболеванияThe human spine can withstand tremendous stress, but because of the fact that it is in constant tension, it is prone to various diseases. In most cases, the first warning symptom may be back pain. This is a signal development of the disease. If you have a suspicion of any form of arthritis (eg, spondylosis), treatment should occur immediately. Drastic changes in the spine can affect the joints and cartilage. If these elements lose their elasticity, then the patient will hardly move. The disease begins to spread to the joint box and more. As a result, the patient can develop spiky growths on the bones.

The appearance and progression of spondylosis can be caused by congenital or acquired anomalies of the spine. Also, the cause can be injury or chronic. Constant sedentary work, spinal curvature, abnormal metabolism are all causes of the development of spondylosis. Continuous physical exertion and frequent lifting of heavy objects may contribute to the development of the disease. Often, an incorrect load distribution on the back can cause the progression of the disease.


First and foremost, patient with any disease of the spine begins to feel back pain. They can be different in strength and duration, but are the main symptoms of diseases of the spine. Many people do not pay attention to such signals, that do not start timely treatment and trigger the disease. A similar symptom is seen when a slight physical exertion during prolonged sitting or changing position of a trunk. Often spondylosis of the thoracic spine is manifested in the pain between the shoulder blades. The pain usually have aching in nature.

Спондилоартроз: лечение и симптомы заболеванияIf treatment is not initiated, the disease begins to progress. Then does the second symptom is stiffness of the body in the morning. During this period the patient is quite hard to get up in the morning due to muscle spasm. It provokes the deterioration of the cartilage disks and does not allow them to function normally. Often pain from spondylosis is felt only in one place. If the pain is there between the shoulder blades (thoracic spine), it will not extend across the spine, and increase over time.

As a result of patients have severe inflammation of the joints affected area and disruption of the spinal canal. Quite often with the progression of the disease the patient may from time to time to lose feeling in the affected region of the spine. Depending on which part of the spine progresses spondylosis may also be affected internal organs in this region of the body.

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Spondiloarthrosis its symptoms are not very different from osteoarthritis or disastrosa. It is therefore not always possible to timely diagnose. To distinguish this disease from others by putting analysis and detailed diagnosis of the spine. Usually to determine the correct diagnosis using MRI, CT or x-rays of the spine. In some situations the doctor may refer the patient to radioisotope diagnosis.

On palpation the patient there is severe pain the affected vertebrae, which is evidence of spondylosis.

Treatment of ailments

How to treat this form of arthritis? Today there are many ways of dealing with the disease. If the patient spondylosis is not in the acute stage, the doctor may prescribe the following treatment methods:

  • Exercise;
  • swimming, gymnastics in the pool;
  • therapeutic massage.

Спондилоартроз: лечение и симптомы заболевания

The disease causes destruction of the facet joint of the spine

Such procedures help to strengthen the spinal muscles allow the joints to regain their elasticity and repair of cartilage. If such studies the patient feels pain, he is prescribed a course of other treatments.

For elderly patients and for those who cannot perform a certain exercise, there are physical treatment methods. For rehabilitation of such patients, in addition to conventional medical treatment, they prescribe magnetic therapy, massage, monohalobenzene, phonophoresis. Such procedures help to reduce swelling, relieve stiffness from the spine, reducing pain.

As the treatment of spondylosis involves primarily the elimination of violations of the structure of the intervertebral discs, in recent times great popularity began to use this method of treatment, as a structure-modifying therapy. Such a method involves the use patients special drugs aimed at slowing down the destruction of cartilage. These drugs have a tangible result at the initial stages of the disease, and the treatment is rather advanced forms of spondylosis.

How to treat the disease in other ways? An effective drug for the treatment is an ointment for external use. Similar drug influences on the joints. In addition, it prevents the breakdown of cartilage and stimulates its recovery. The ointment promotes the recovery of the patient because it contained the elements of dimethyl sulfoxide. They contribute to the penetration of the beneficial elements of using gel cells deep into the tissues. After treatment, patients begin easier and more confident to move.

Treatment of spondylosis is possible using ultrasound. The procedure will have a therapeutic effect. With such a method is impossible to achieve cardinal changes in the patient’s condition, but, thanks to ultrasound, the human body receives essential nutrients that contribute to regeneration of damaged areas of the body.

When spondylosis physical therapy

Exercise in any form of arthritis are necessary and good for the health of the patient.

Gymnastics at the spondylosis should be held under the supervision of a specialist. Any control of this technique must be performed slowly and smoothly to avoid damage to the affected joints. The patient should avoid sharp turns, slopes, excessive stress. If exercises are performed regularly, you will soon improve the blood circulation in the cervical and thoracic, increase muscle tone, and the spine becomes more mobile.

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Спондилоартроз: лечение и симптомы заболеванияPhysiotherapy involves not only the correct execution of the exercises, but also proper breathing. The cervical spine is very mobile. So when you exercise try not to damage it. Remember, exercises for osteoarthritis should restore the flexibility of muscles, to strengthen them. This effect is achieved only after a full course of study. No need to try their best at the first training session.

Such therapeutic exercises prescribed for the patients in the acute period of the disease. Joints this point is particularly susceptible to outside influence. Therefore, they can be affected. The complex of exercises includes elements for different muscle groups of the spine and to strengthen all of the joints, relaxation of muscle spasm. Physical therapy can be performed lying down on the floor or sitting on a chair. There are detailed sets of exercises (they performed together with the coach), and there are short lists of tasks (can be performed at home or at work).

In more severe losses in some parts of the spine, the patient is prescribed a lightweight program. It mainly includes dynamic exercises which aim to restore elasticity to the joints. Avoid heavy loads on the body. Exercising with the spondylosis must be a regular, but not excessive. Otherwise, the muscle strengthening will not occur, in contrast, can increase pain and manifest cervical sympathetic syndrome.

Pay attention to exercises that require rotation or tilt of the head. In the initial stages of spondylosis such tasks cannot be performed. This may contribute to the pinching of the occipital nerve, the progression of the disease.

Useful exercises

Спондилоартроз: лечение и симптомы заболеванияThere is a long list of gymnastic elements that you need to perform in case of arthrosis, but these are the most effective. To perform one exercise, the patient needs to lie on the floor and stretch your legs. On 2 accounts, the patient should bend the knee. Should have a angle of 90°. Try to tighten the foot to the body as close as possible. Now slowly and gently pull the bent leg to the chest. You can help yourself by hands, but not much. Be careful when performing this exercise your back remains flat and not off the floor. Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds. Then smoothly move the foot in 90° position and then on 2 accounts lower the straightened leg to the floor. Repeat the element for each leg 12 times.

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Take a starting position lying down. Lift the right leg to a height of 20-30° from the floor and hold her in the air for 5 seconds. Then go back to the original position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Complete the quest by 25-35 times. Then return to starting position and relax for a while.

The following exercise is the most effective in the fight against spondylosis. In order to execute it, lie on the floor and bend your knees as much as you can. Most importantly, don’t take your foot off the floor. Slowly and gently raise the knees in different directions. If you have a good stretch, then you are unlikely to get the knees of the floor, but you should try to increase the amplitude of each time more and more. Repeat 13 times.

The following all have long known. To execute, lie on the floor and lift one leg. Run it flapping motion, the horizontal amplitude of motion should be as large as possible. The main task of the patient — do not bend legs at the knees. Repeat this element for 15 times each leg.

To perform the following task will need a chair. Sit down, keep your back straight. Slowly bend forward until, until you touch the floor with fingertips. Try to keep the spine straight. Repeat an element several times. Return to your original sitting position. This time slowly raise first one leg, then the other.

Elevate the foot so that it was parallel to the floor and foot and stretched himself.

Repeat the exercise 10 times and return to starting position. Now spread your legs, straighten your back and lean forward. Be careful not to bend the spine.