The treatment of arthritis and other joint diseases cabbage leaf and juice

Treatment of diseases of the joints cabbage: compresses with leaves and juice

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, evidence of deformation of the joints and their limited mobility. In the complex treatment of the disease need to pay close attention to folk remedies.

An effective way of treating osteoarthritis is the use of poultices with cabbage leaves and the juice applied on the knee and other painful joints. This vegetable successfully and widely used in folk medicine, and its medicinal properties are used by people in the course of many generations.

Take a look at what is useful for joints cabbage and freshly made juice from it, how to use sheets to achieve the desired effect.

Useful and healing properties

Cabbage is a valuable source of vitamins and useful mineral substances. Often referred to as a natural first aid kit. This is due to the fact that the composition of a full vitamins: A, B1, B6, C, P, a lot of fiber, sugar, fats, mineral salts.

The unique composition offers a wide field of application in folk medicine, particularly in the treatment of diseases of the joints:

  • carotene;
  • lactose;
  • volatile;
  • lipase;
  • thioglycoside.

It is important to know that this chemical composition of vegetable has a therapeutic effect on the whole body, improves metabolism, strengthens the protective function. Thus, cabbage leaf and juice is a rich storehouse of natural vitamins, ascorbic acid, which is helpful for joints affected by osteoarthritis or arthritis.

In addition to joint diseases, cabbage helps in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract gastritis, enterocolitis, diabetes, gout. Promotes rapid healing of ulcers, wounds. Even eliminates constipation.

With this vegetable, you can even lose weight, and this is an important aspect in the treatment of osteoarthritis, as it reduces stress on the joints. Weight loss causes bone and cartilage suffer less, decreasing painful symptoms.

It is important to know that in the late varieties of vegetable contains a lot of ascorbic acid. Cabbage contains large amount of sulfur, aluminum, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, chlorine, calcium.

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Recipes with cabbage for the treatment of osteoarthritis

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To get rid of chronic osteoarthritis, it is possible to take advantage of proven popular recipes of compresses and lotions of cabbage leaf and juice . In addition to osteoarthritis cabbage cure and other diseases of the joints, this can also be used compresses.


Cabbage juice relieves pain and regulates metabolic processes in the body, stimulates recovery of damaged tissue.

To prepare it you will need a medium size head of cabbage, cut into four parts. One part of it crushes mortar to get a juice.

The crushed leaves are placed in a juicer or a meat grinder and ground to form juice.

The latter can be used for compresses or drinking. For a long time it store is not desirable because it loses its properties.

Keep recommended a maximum of three days in a cool dark place.

When the juice runs out, you can start cooking the next batch.

The course of treatment is 1-3 months. The effect will appear only after a certain time, the same advantages can be attributed to the fact that treatment of cabbage is completely safe, no contraindications, and no side effects.

Seven of the most effective and efficient prescriptions for the treatment of diseases of the joints based on the cabbage leaves and juice:

  1. Recipe compress with cabbage and honey one of the most popular among people who have joint disease. You will need a large sheet. On its surface you need to do the tick, and then warm up in the microwave. Then, you should lubricate it with honey, with a thin layer. A compress applied to the joints, wrapped with a bandage and a scarf. The manipulation is performed before bedtime. After a time feel better, the pain in my knees begins to subside. The optimal duration of therapy or thirty days.
  2. In the absence of honey or allergic to it, the cabbage was washed with water, dried. Sheet you need to beat, it will give the juice, then it must be applied to the affected area, wrapped by the film food, top you can apply a bandage.
  3. There is another quite good method. You will need the mixture made of a spoon of mustard, a spoon of honey and three tablespoons of camphor oil. Lubricate with a mixture of pure cabbage leaf compress applied to the affected joint, to fasten a bandage and a scarf. Leave for two hours, but don’t keep more than four, otherwise there will be severe burns.
  4. To stop the pain and discomfort you can use the following method. You need to crush two aspirin tablets into a powder to which you add a teaspoon of liquid honey. Ready substance is put on the joint, cover with a cabbage leaf, wrapped with a bandage and wrapped a warm scarf.
  5. Take a piece of woolen fabric, it should not be synthetic. Generously soak the juice of cabbage, put on a joint before bedtime. Put a compress on for two months.
  6. Other compress: take a cabbage leaf, with a need to cut the Central veins. Then put on the table and roll out with a rolling pin. Now you will need a plastic bag on top of it placed a napkin and a piece of cabbage. All wrapped with cling film and a scarf. A poultice applied to the knee and is left overnight. The morning after the bandage is removed the joint is lubricated with sea buckthorn oil.
  7. You will need a medium size cabbage head. It should cut smooth sheet, rinse it with cool water and cut into several times from the other side, which is planned to be applied to the joint. If the leaf has veins, they should beat off a kitchen hammer. Then you need to attach the sheet to the joint, to lock the cling film and wrap with a scarf. Keep the compress need 40-60 minutes. If the pain does not pass, the compress can be repeated with fresh cabbage leaf.
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The specificity of the treatment and General recommendations

To apply the compress on the area of the joints can be on all night. If the treatment site has wounds, abscesses or injuries, change the bandage if you experience stinking smell. Removing the compress, do not forget to wash the affected area with water, after which the treatment area needs to be dried.

In case of burning sensation and redness will need calendula oil or sea buckthorn for treatment of painful area.

The compress should fit to the affected area very closely, for that it is fixed in a bandage wrap and a warm dressing. In case of arthrosis of the knee joint cabbage leaf can be attached with the help of tights, stockings.

Observing all the rules and guidelines regarding hygiene, with adequate preparation of vegetables for use and disinfection, complications and side effects occur.

Thus, the ordinary cabbage could be the best doctor when compared to many expensive medical drugs. Despite the fact that the effect is not immediately, it will be a long and safe.