The treatment of joints folk remedies

The treatment of joints folk remedies at the correct choice effectively complements traditional methods. Home treatments with the use of inexpensive ingredients are an alternative option if there are contraindications to the use of conventional medications or prone to allergic reactions to individual components. The popularity of voodoo recipes associated with strong positive opinions about the results.

Developed over the years and centuries of techniques passed from hand to hand, from generation to generation in the families of hereditary healers-herbalists. The certainty effect is based on deep knowledge of the properties of herbs and their combinations with ordinary household substances. Modern pharmacology, producing a variety of herbal teas, too, often turns to the old manual. Complementing the well-known combination of new components, applying scientific approach, conventional medicine could reasonably balance the ancient knowledge with the achievements of modernity.Лечение суставов народными средствами

How did the ancient recipes

Treat the old recipe should be used with caution. We should not forget that the grandmother, a woman was gathering herbs in the ecologically clean forests, wild, not to be poisoned by civilization meadows and fields. A sorceress did it honestly at certain times of the year, even day by reciting the appropriate spell health. It was believed that it reveals the maximum internal Wellness resources of useful herbs to encourage her to operate at full strength. Modern pharmacological industry has a large volume, but the techniques herbal is quite wrong, as they were from native healers, who worked tirelessly.

The processes of drying and grinding to size is also done manually, under special conditions. Mechanical processing of Botanical material present day often leads to a noticeable loss of power plants and partial loss of useful properties. In factory packaging, drug charges can be small amounts of extraneous vegetable impurities. Incorrect storage conditions of natural remedies impact on their quality and efficiency.

Home kits are also not always located in areas with favorable conditions for the storage of dry mixes. Important temperature, humidity levels, packaging, air. To make a decoction or infusion is also not so easy on a typical urban kitchen with electric stove.

Buying pharmacies useful herbs, be careful. Ask for certificates of origin and compliance with applicable sanitary standards, quality, and technical regulations. It is better to buy fees first hand, established firms, and not from dealers. And the ideal – self harvesting ingredients for all rules in spring and summer.

The causes of diseases

The conditions of modern life have led to a significant reduction in age limit of persons suffering from articular diseases. This is due to the emergence of dozens of new professional fields that require long hours of sitting at the computer. The risk group includes programmers, copywriters, designers, web developers, managers, accountants. The bulk of these staff are young people. A few decades ago, diseases of the joints of the feet, hands and the spine pathology was characterized mainly elderly. Daily long text printing on the keyboard leads to arthritis of the fingers, standing at the trading show-Windows causes problems with the spine. The drivers of long-haul flights common inflammation of the sciatic nerves and hip pathology.

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Diseases occur due to factors:

  • hereditary tendencies to disease;
  • overweight;Лечение суставов народными средствами
  • frequent exposure to emotional stress;
  • negative lifestyle;
  • injuries and diseases of the nervous system;
  • the adverse weather conditions.

To cure the running stage of articular pathologies extremely difficult, in most cases, the disease can lead to irreversible deformations or disabilities. Conventional medicine recommends to treat the disease in its early stages. Doctors prescribe effective drugs from the category of NSAIDs. But they have a large list of contraindications, long-term use of these funds is fraught with complications. Instead of a tablet form of the drug can be used ointments, gels, creams, or treatment of joints folk remedies. The required methods that can treat the source of the problem, not the symptoms.

Gel «Diclofenac» gives a rapid analgesic effect, but this is a temporary measure. «I experienced an unexpected side effect» from snake venom can, if not cure, to stop the disease. In its composition: salicylic acid, camphor, turpentine, Viper venom. Action: tissue nutrition, improve blood circulation, antiseptic effect, reducing inflammation.

A variety of folk remedies for the treatment of joints are used as additional funds. They can have different shapes: this options diet, physical exercises, mixed external use for compresses or rubbing, as well as a decoction or infusion of herbs, taken by mouth.

How to get rid of arthritis

Arthritis often affects the joints of the hands and is a very unpleasant pathology. Modern medicine offers a variety of medication methods to cure arthritis. These include the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory external agents (ointments NSAIDs).

The main component of drugs – diclofenac. Drugs have powerful analgesic effects, but their use may be signs of dangerous side effects. If you treat the articular pathology of the hands of these ointments, you can get even a stomach ulcer. Therefore, you cannot use the same product and choose it on their own without the advice of a doctor as folk remedies for the treatment of joints.

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Appropriate alternating NSAIDs with ointments ointments warming action. They also possess high efficiency, but are safe. Arthritic fingers you can return to a healthy state with mud baths, paraffin treatments, or electrophoresis with novocaine.

To enhance the relaxation effects it is reasonable to add drug therapy right folk remedy for treatment of joints. Good results in the presence of pain from the joints of folk remedies such as special diet, gymnastic exercises, rubbing herbal infusions. Useful actions for arthritis of fingers:

  • warming the affected parts sea salt;
  • overlaying bandages with camphor oil;
  • compresses of cabbage leaf;
  • rubbing garlic juice;
  • bathing in thermal water;
  • warming hot sand;
  • compresses of blue clay;
  • swimming in the sea.

Лечение суставов народными средствами

If you suffer from arthritis, you can’t SuperCool, carrying, overextend the fingers. In the cold season it is necessary to protect the brush warm gloves. Required careful care of the skin on the hands, daily self-massage of fingers, with immediate initiation of treatment upon the manifestation of the first symptoms.

Popular recipes

Wisely used when serious problems from the joints of folk remedies for the treatment experienced physician. Consultations with specialists are required. Ask about them in order to avoid manifestations of Allergy with subsequent complications.




Garlic juice or onion paste have a warming effect. Saturate the bandage fresh garlic juice or put on a bandage grated onion. Apply a bandage to the sore spot before going to sleep for 3 hours. The duration of the procedures a week.
To eliminate the strong pain, when the fingers are like «twisting», it is possible the rubbing of the infusion of celandine in vegetable oil. You will need one litre of sunflower or olive oil and 3 tablespoons of the crushed plant. For medication uses fresh stems with leaves which you finely chop. The ingredients are mixed together in a glass or ceramic bowl. The mixture should be stored in a dark place for two weeks. Then you can start a daily rubbing the oil infusion in affected areas. The course is held for three weeks.
One of the most effective for the treatment products can be called pine nuts. They’re washed, towel dried, calcined in the pan and purified from the shell. In half-liter bottle tightly Packed shells, then fill the remaining space with medical alcohol. Capacity carefully sealed and placed in a non-illuminated a warm place for 20 days. After this time the infusion is filtered. Medication ready to use. The reception start with a small dosage. First dose – 2 drops dissolved in a spoonful of water. Every day you need to increase the dose by 1 drop. For maximum effect the reception is at the same time of day, preferably a day before meal. After reaching a dose of twenty drops two the countdown begins: decrease the dose by one drop with each ingestion. When will the rate of 2 drops, is a three-day break. The course then resumes.
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Лечение суставов народными средствами

Making a solution from a glass of water and two tablespoons of sea salt, it is useful to hold it for 15 minutes patients brush. Repeating the procedure 3 times a week, you can achieve the highest Wellness score.

Diet with joint pathologies

Joint disease should not be complicated by malnutrition. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, it is undesirable to eat potatoes, tomatoes, and other Solanaceae. It is advisable to limit the consumption of sugar, coffee, citrus fruits, acidic and spicy foods. Wheat and corn are harmful for arthritis, but still need fiber in the daily volume from 30 g. Not recommended, pork, mutton, but it is useful not more than 100 g meat Turkey or chicken for the week.

From the daily diet should exclude vegetable oil with omega-6 fatty acids. This applies to sunflower and corn oils. But to useful elements of diet could be considered linseed oil. Due to the volume content of fatty acids of linseed oil has effective healing effect. It can be taken in capsules or drink tablespoons, 2 per day.

You need to eat phosphorus-rich products. It is useful to eat berries currants and cherries, nuts, salads. Medical foods must contain radishes, cheese, bran, egg yolk, cod liver oil, sea Kale. Almonds, cauliflower will increase the amount of natural consumption of calcium. Improve the condition of joints vitamin drinks. You need to drink compote of dried fruits, tomato, cabbage, beet juice, green tea.

Choosing the right diet depends on the specific type of articular disease and the stage of its development. Appoints a diet by the dietician after attentive acquaintance with history of the disease.