The treatment of the joints of blue and yellow clay at home

How to use clay for treatment of joints

Nature has always been to him a source of invaluable tools to restore health.

It also springs with healing water and medicinal plants, hot springs, and seemingly the most ordinary clay.

It is believed that the use of clay for therapeutic purposes, put the famous physician of antiquity Avicenna.

Healing properties of clay

He substantiated clay treatment of diseases of the joints, as sciatica, rheumatism, gout, colds and other diseases.

But to him the healing properties of clay was known to many people.

The main property of clay is the ability to absorb harmful substances, and thereby remove them from the body.

The use of clay purifies and heals the body, removes from harmful substances, relieves pain. Under its influence faster heal wounds and cracks on the skin.

These properties make clay an exceptional therapeutic and preventive tool, especially given its low price.

The color of the clay depends on the chemical composition.

He testifies about the content of the elements:

  • red — rich in iron and potassium;
  • yellow — sulphur compounds, iron and sodium;
  • the dark brown content of iron and carbon;
  • green — the presence of iron and copper;
  • blue — the presence of cobalt and cadmium;
  • white clay mainly contains aluminum impurities of other metals it is almost there.

Depending on the color and composition of the clay change and healing properties.

Joints treatment at home most often made by the funds on the basis of blue, yellow and white clay.

Therapeutic clay used as part of a comprehensive treatment of such joint diseases as arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, osteomyelitis, etc.

You can use clay as a poultice, wrap or rubbing, take clay baths. In some cases, the purified clay take still inside.

Its absorbent properties help draw out toxins from the body, thereby removing unnecessary substances deposited in the joints and interfere with their normal operation.

Recipes, time-tested

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Packs, wraps and other means of clay for strength and joint health.


For them the clay diluted with warm water until a plastic mass and applied on the aching joint. Cover with wrap and top wrap to retain heat. Keep this compress need a couple of hours at least, and carry out the procedure every two days.

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In the preventive purposes it is sufficient to make clay compresses for two weeks, and treatment continue until the complete disappearance of joint pain.


Clay diluted with warm water to obtain a batter. Wet in her cloth and wrap the patient’s joint. Wrap in foil and warm soft cloth or shawl.

If instead of napkins use a large piece of cloth on which to spread a thin layer of liquid clay, you can make the wrap for the whole body. On top of the cloth wrap in foil, top cover with a blanket.


The clay is diluted in a ratio of 1st. L. to 1 liter of water. Bath for 20 minutes. After the procedure it is advisable not to wash off immediately, and give the clay to dry on the body and a little support.

You can soak in a tub full, and you can make the bath for sore legs or arms. When cooling it is possible to gradually add hot water. The procedure is best done before going to sleep, not to stress sore joints.


They are prepared by mixing clay with vegetable oil. Light massage movements the mass is rubbed into the affected area, then wrap.

Can be done several times a day until the disappearance of pain. At the same time to protect the joints from heavy loads.

Pull the excess salt and toxins

To remove salts and toxins from the body clay can be taken internally. In 150-200 ml of water to dissolve some clay, stir well.

The resulting slurry drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Then do not eat or drink at least half an hour.

The clay for this procedure, you need to buy at the pharmacy!

An integrated approach

In the treatment of clay often used other means of folk medicine: the honey and propolis, medicinal herbs, essential oils.

This allows you to enhance the action of baths, lotions, compresses, faster to relieve pain.

This treatment has a complex effect, improving blood circulation, stimulating the metabolic processes in the affected joints. Decreases inflammation, subside the pain.

If you combine external treatments with the reception of a clay water, you can get a good effect with almost any disease of the joints.

Recipes with lemon juice

In order to remove the swelling of the joint and relieve pain in bursitis, you can make a wrap with honey and lemon juice. Take a teaspoon of each substance, dissolve in 3 tbsp of warm water.

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The clay gradually add in the liquid to obtain a mass similar in consistency to sour cream. The gauze coated with a lot of wrap around the inflamed joint, heat wrap. An hour and a half to remove, wash with warm water.

Lemon juice is used in the trays. If the sore joints of the fingers, you can make a solution of 1 liter of water, juice of half a lemon and clay.

To dip their hands into liquid, keep for half an hour. After rinsing the hands well wet the towel and wear cotton gloves. In an hour the gloves can be removed, and hand cream.

The same bath can be done for painful joints of the foot, then wearing wool socks.

Instead of lemon juice and add aloe juice. Always first preparing a mixture of water and juice, and in her divorce clay to the desired consistency.

Recipes with herbs

Inflammation of the joints — bursitis — helps wrap calendula, chamomile and lime color. A spoonful of each of the herbs to pour boiling water for 20 minutes, strained infusion to hydrate the clay. Keep on the affected location two hours.

You can make the application of dense plastic clay, cooked in the broth of rosemary, hops, oregano with the addition of aloe juice.

Mass applied a thick tortilla, covering a diseased joint, cover it with a thick cloth and heat wrap. Leave for two hours.

This application is good to do every night to cure inflammation.

Therapeutic baths for large joints

With the disease of large joints require a bath. It will fit any of the available herbs: oregano, St. John’s wort, wormwood, nettles, calendula, burdock root.

Take a tablespoon of each herb, to insist in a liter of boiling water for hours. Clay first to spill the beans in water and then mix with the infusion and herbs. All pour into the prepared bath water.

Take 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Treatment in a day or two to three weeks.

For pain in osteochondrosis on the affected area imposed a compress with the addition of honey and aloe juice. You can do rubbing.

To dissolve the clay in a mixture of Cup of water, a teaspoon of aloe juice and lemon. With a swab of cotton wool soaked in the liquid, RUB the sore spots — lower back, sacrum, neck, shoulders.

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As drying swab back to dip into the solution. After rubbing needed warmth and rest.

It is important to remember!

To begin treatment of the joints with clay at home, you need only after consulting with your doctor. In some diseases, the use of clay contraindicated.

The first procedure is desirable to carry out under the supervision of physicians in sanatoriums and resorts. In good health after their treatment can continue at home.

The best clay to buy ready-to-use. It is sold in pharmacies and beauty salons.

Preparation of solutions and mass for a poultice, use a wooden spoon or spatula, glassware, porcelain or plastic, in any case not a metal one.

You will need cotton or linen towels, sheets, medical oilcloth or plastic film, warm cloth, shawl or blanket.

If during the procedure the man is cold, you can apply a heating pad. But it should be warm not hot.

Contraindications to the balsams, clay treatment

It is impossible to engage balsams, clay treatment during exacerbation of diseases of the liver and kidneys. Any treatments with clay contraindicated at high temperature.

When allergies and asthma are particularly important caution, especially if you plan to bath.

Do not use clay for osteoporosis, after she, along with salts takes from the body and calcium, thus making bones more fragile.

Specific procedures for the treatment of clay must appoint a physician.

Clay has excellent healing properties: heals wounds, draws out toxins, reduces inflammation, reduces pain syndrome.

Under its influence, quickly heal injuries on the skin. While the clay is still available means for the treatment of diseases of the joints.

The effectiveness of medical procedures from its application is such that one is forced to think: maybe really the first man was molded from clay?