The treatment of the spine, and first aid for injuries

Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмахThe spine is the Foundation of a human skeleton consisting of vertebrae connected by joints, ligaments and cartilage. Its anatomical design of the spine is very fragile, so in the medical practice there is quite a lot of cases related to his illnesses and injuries.

In order to protect the spine from injury, as well as to warn against diverse pathologies, a man from childhood accustomed to physical exercises: charge of kindergarten and physical education in school. Everything is done to ensure that bones and joints are not only the spine but also the entire musculoskeletal system began to develop, and to treatment of the spine was not required never.

Why it is important to correct posture

Posture is habitual upright posture, regardless if the person is in motion or not. Posture is different for each person, and that it is possible to determine externally the manner of a person to keep themselves. Study posture by scientists of different Sciences for many years, but the most detailed and in depth studies medicine and physical culture.

Interesting facts in the study of posture show not only the excellent physical condition with smooth spine and psychological steady state.Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмах

  • Confident person apparently has straightened his shoulders, smooth back, despite the kind of activity and resting or he is constantly moving.
  • Shy and less sociable a person can look the opposite, which may indicate a psychological state of isolation. This type of people often have a curved ridge until the deformation of the joints and spine.
  • Incorrect posture can indicate not only about the bad physical shape, but also the presence of permanent neurosis, the recent emergence of many business people. With nervousness showed uneven muscle tension, which leads to uneven posture, the distortion of the spine. This proves that even after full formation of the spine and musculoskeletal system can seriously harm their posture even in adulthood. In order to avoid this, you need to know how to tolerate stress situation and to carry out preventive exercises. In this case, it is quite suitable exercises for the spine and a number of other physical exercises for strengthening of back muscles and the entire body. Simple physical exercises done a couple times a day, can rid the treatment of the spine and joints. In more developed countries the problem of the curvature of this nature study and treat not only physically but also psychologically helping the person to become more confident and believe in yourself.

    The posture bending on the background of neurosis common in boys and girls of school age. It is in the school period the child’s mind is subjected to psychological neurosis that has been proven to Frederick Alexander, who conducted and proved the success of psychopathic methods of correction are still in the 19th century.

    It proves once again that the physical ailments of the body, including posture, or curvature of the spine cannot be cured by physical means such as therapeutic exercise for the spine.

    The symptoms and course of diseases of the spine

    In addition to the injuries and bruises, there are a number of pathologies and diseases affecting the spine. Scoliosis — curvature of the spine with possible deformation of the framework skeleton. Curved spine scoliosis, in most cases one of the sides, in case of congenital pathology or acquired.

    Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмах

    The curvature affects the internal organs

    Treatment of scoliosis is not only a clinic, the person should be alone to deal with. The causes of the origin of scoliosis can be varied and even incomprehensible in some cases.

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  • The main and frequent causes of scoliosis is considered to be a weakness or poor development of the ligaments and muscles responsible for the movement of the musculoskeletal system during the period of its intensive development.
  • The most vulnerable time for progression of scoliosis is considered a school period when they begin to form habits of poor posture.
  • In advanced or progressive forms of scoliosis of the spine creates a rib hump, pelvic imbalance, difficulty in the development of the internal organs.
  • How to cure the spine in severe forms of scoliosis? It is almost impossible, so you need not to bring up his treatment, and always maintain the physical form of the muscles and even posture.
  • Isias — disease of the spine, accompanied by pain or a sharp tingling, burning, numbness of the buttocks, thighs, drumsticks. Sometimes painful feelings are unbearable, and the use of pain medication is simply useless or inefficient — there is need clinic. Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can induce such discomfort and disrupt their way of life. The sciatic nerve is the most powerful in the human body with the largest extent, it is connected not only with the spine, limbs, but also organs.

    Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмах

    Compression nerve herniated discs

    Nerve inflammation may occur due to external influences (cold, infection) or disease when the disease related authorities. Also soreness of the sciatic nerve can be felt with unusual loads on the spine, pathology of the intervertebral discs, etc., the Treatment at home inflammatory process of the sciatic nerve can be useless — better to refer to specialists.

    Spondylosis — back the development process (wear, aging) anatomical structures of the spine, which may result in violation of the vertebral joints and tissues. In frequent cases, even running a form of spondylosis may not appear and not appear externally.

  • Factor in the manifestations of the disease can become impaired metabolism, leading process pathology to the deposition of salts and immobility of the spine.
  • At a younger age substantial cause of spondylosis can be a curvature of the spine, which narrows the vertebral channels and puts pressure on the nerve roots.
  • People diagnosed with spondylosis can’t find a convenient location at the time of sleep, waking up in pain in the cervical spine.
  • Methods of treatment long enough, as the disease is chronic and may lead to the most unexpected consequences, including a disability.
  • Intervertebral hernia is a frequent pathology of the spine of modern humanity, arising due to displacement of intervertebral disc. This is a complex and serious violation of the spine, due to improper metabolic processes of the organism and manifestation of osteochondrosis. The loss or displacement of the intervertebral disc frequently on the lower part of the vertebra, this is explained by the greater load of gravity in this region of the spine. The displacement of the disc leads to a reduction of the transported fluid in the very base of the disk, changing its mitigating function, after the disk begins to protrude outside, forming a herniation.

    Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмахBudged intervertebral disc compresses the nerve root and place the spinal canal, causing inflammation with accompanying swelling. A result of long infringement of the nerve roots and tissues of the spinal cord, when affecting the nerve roots in a particular area of the spine, is the disruption of certain organs, which is responsible for the damaged item of the spine. Damage to the spinal cord intervertebral hernia can lead even to fatal outcomes. Physiotherapy or physical therapy for this diagnosis can be contraindicated, the treatment for each patient individually.

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    The main and most common cause of back pain can be low back pain, and he can trouble any area of the spine, from the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and to the sacral. Until now, the determination of the occurrence of osteoarthritis is not fully proven, this ailment may suffer people of all ages and physical fitness or patients with metabolic disorders. Osteochondrosis occurs after prolonged stress on the spine, such as frequent changes of body position associated with the working activities. Manifested in the form of aching pain and stress with the change of weather. Self-treatment when the diagnosis of osteochondrosis contraindicated, otherwise you can damage not only the spine, but also throughout the body.

    The issue of where best to treat this disease of posture, it is important to note that required the presence of therapeutic exercises in the home or sanatorium conditions.

    Bruises and injuries to the spinal column

    Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмахThe greatest number of contusions and injuries of the spine in victims, as noted by the practice and statistics in medicine, occurs in car accidents, while swimming in the water falls on the back or making the vertebra a large impact, for example, in the Wake of the explosion. Vertebra injury different from injury to maintaining the integrity of bone marrow and spine. Injury of the spine is less harmful, but leads to serious consequences as even the slightest injury remain abrasions and bruising, which leads to a serious disruption of the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, and tissue necrosis at sites of inflammation.

    The first external symptoms of injury of the spine — the emergence of unpleasant and unusual sensations, swelling and bruising. During spinal shock, the person may not feel the area below the injury, disturbed coordination of movements is lost and the sensitivity and usual reflexes. Symptoms after receipt of the injury may vary depending on the place of injury. To do therapeutic exercises for the spine to consult with your doctor in this case is impossible. it is important to decide how and where to treat the injury.

    If the injury of the lumbar spine, the victim can easily bend your feet and feel the reflex of urination, the chances of full recovery are very high if the picture is quite the opposite, then he will have to undergo treatment and possibly a course of physiotherapy and therapeutic massage for the spine as a rehabilitation process. Such procedures may offer a clinic or massage therapists.

    Through trauma or injury the victim feels chest pain not only during breathing but also weakness in the legs and possible paralysis of the upper limbs, pain in region of heart, etc. As for other injuries and injuries of the spine, therapeutic exercises without the consent or prescription contraindicated. How to treat or eliminate the pain in the thoracic region, it is better to ask your doctor, who will announce the Outlook for future treatment and the ability to address problems of the spine without surgery.

    Trauma of the cervical vertebra is characterized by weakness, numbness or complete paralysis. After receiving a serious injury and sensations of pain shock the victim may lose consciousness.

    Sacral spine — no less vulnerable part of the skeleton. After an injury in this area there is severe pain and the desire to take the body for complete disappearance of pain.

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    First aid for spinal trauma

    Лечение позвоночника и первая помощь при травмахTrauma or injury of the human spine is absolutely impossible to move or turn except if it threatens an even greater danger. To move the victim only on solid and flat surface in the same position in which man was before the move. This is done in order to avoid a pinched spinal cord in the spine. A pinched spinal cord in the spinal cord injury leads to loss of blood supply and death of cells, the clinical picture of the future of this victim is very sad, in most cases, it remains disabled.

    First, the assistance must provide a medical worker of the ambulance after arriving at the scene, is to inject special drugs that slow cell death of the spinal cord. During the delivery of the victim to the hospital and before the operation, it is necessary to provide quality and effective first aid for the greatest chance for a full recovery.

    How and where to treat a range

    The treatment of pathologies or disorders plays an important role and is responsible for full performance of man in the future, therefore, early treatment will keep from many problems and consequences. Diseases such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, sometimes can be treated without surgery of the spine. In some cases, does not help even surgery. For example, gymnastics for the spine in scoliosis can not be cured, and reduce pain at the site of the curvature or inflammation.

    According to many doctors, the best in the question of how to cure the spine, is a complex treatment with application of various methods, skilled care professionals and medical equipment. In parallel, it is necessary to conduct therapeutic massage (if the methods shown doctor).

    Clinic for the treatment of the spine has at its disposal not only surgeons but also neurologists who are able to quickly and efficiently respond to any event and to put people on their feet even at the slightest chance for recovery. To treat the spine is a rather complex and long procedure, which depends not only on doctors but also on the willpower of the victim. After a serious spinal injury and undergoing surgery the patient had a long course of rehabilitation.

    Therapeutic massage, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture and many other procedures are done to restore reflexes and sensitivity of the limbs.

    Exercises for the spine as prevention of diseases

    In order to better treat the spine, it is important to know that exercises for the spine are performed in cases of disease prevention of the back or musculoskeletal system, maintaining proper posture or in the case of preventive and curative physical culture as a way to restore musculoskeletal system after injuries and surgery on the spine.