The treatment plan of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

Ankle osteoarthritis: symptoms, causes, treatment

According to the statistical study of seven patients out of a hundred there is arthrosis of the ankle joint.

Besides, if to forty-two years of age, this diagnosis is observed in 3 percent, the population over fifty suffers from this disease to seventy percent.

This disease is the thinning and destruction of muscle tissue, there is a deformation in the structure of bone heads.

And the earlier you identify the signs of the disease, the more successful the treatment will be.

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Types of arthrosis of the ankle:

  • primary when cartilage damage occurs in a healthy joint, for example, during heavy loads on the joints;
  • secondary, when cartilage loss occurs in changed. For example, after injury, vascular disorders, or intra-articular fracture.

Degeneration of cartilage lead to two causes: mechanical overload and the reduction of the resistance of articular cartilage to various overloads. Risk factor of osteoarthritis in women is the regular walking in shoes with high heels. Are also subject to development of osteoarthritis, and people who have suffered significant load on the ankle. This may be related to professional activities or sports.

Often osteoarthritis of the ankle joint can be found among athletes (runners, football players, ballerinas, swimmers).

Do not let yourself have excess weight, as this significantly affects the risk of developing arthritis, including ankle

Under the influence of such causes cartilage age, become thinner, lose elasticity. Gradually, they are cracks where the deposited calcium salts that can further injure and destroy cartilage. Consequently, the bone tissue grows, there are osteophytes, which leads to deformation of the joints.

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In this situation one should speak of deforming arthrosis of the ankle.

If the disease is detected at an early stage, the deformation can be avoided.

The main symptoms of the disease:

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  • the initial pain that occurs in the beginning of the movement after the home position;
  • pain that increases during stress;
  • pain appears in the morning;
  • the crunching, squeaking, and clicking in the joints;
  • post-traumatic osteoarthritis during walking causes pain and fatigue;
  • subluxations often occur because of weakened tendons and muscles;
  • if the osteoarthritis progresses with the processes of inflammation, the joints may become swollen and hot to the touch;
  • movement joints are limited, constrained;
  • atrophy of nearby muscles;
  • the curved axis of the tibia (may be taken as O-shaped and X-shaped).

Action plan upon detection of osteoarthritis of the ankle

For the identified diagnosis of the treatment depends on the stage in which the disease. Early contact suggests conservative treatment, which usually achieved the desired results. It involves physical therapy and drug exposure.

Initially using manual therapy joint return and fix the natural position. Need to unload painful joints, reduce the duration of the walk. If overweight, plays a huge role weight loss. To do this, follow the simple diet based on the principles of a healthy diet — limit fat and carbohydrate foods, especially in the evening, and full use in food animal proteins — chicken without skin, egg whites, cottage cheese.

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Initially, treatment is aimed at relieving pain and inflammatory process (used analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Are tools that improve the nutrition of tissues and strengthen the bone tissue. Effective is the use of glycosaminoglycans (the substances forming part of the cartilage, utrativshie with the development of arthrosis).

Sometimes the joint is the introduction of corticosteroid hormones. For enhancing blood circulation are applied biostimulants.

Full picture of the disease can only make Your doctor, so don’t make your own decisions how and what to treat Your problem.

Physiotherapy anesthetize and dilate the blood vessels. They aim to improve the metabolism in the body, increase immunity. An important role in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint belongs to the following techniques:

  • massage;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • UHF;
  • physiotherapy.

Excellent results shows balneotherapy: in the absence of contraindications apply radon and hydrogen sulfide baths, therapeutic mud.

Many patients after the Spa treatment comes a long remission, even when there is no need in taking drugs.

Surgical treatment

If the disease is on the 3rd stage and the joint is destroyed, then surgical intervention is necessary. It could be arthrodesis is an operation during which the removal of residual cartilage and is artificial «closure» of the joint, i.e., immobilization. Or perform an arthroplasty, in which you can save the joint.
Occurs and replacement is a total joint replacement prosthesis.

Preventive measures of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint is quite simple:

— to avoid injuries;
— rational and eat right;
— timely treat all inflammatory conditions.

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You should not bring to extreme measures, don’t waste time, take care of their own joints. Be healthy!