Therapeutic massage: basic rules

Лечебный массаж спины: основные правилаMassage can undoubtedly be called the most ancient and unique art form. Today spread a lot of techniques, explaining how to do a back massage. After all, he is one of the most popular methods of treatment in Orthodox and alternative medicine. One of its main features is the extraordinary ability to neutralize the destructive influence of stress on the body . Ancient Eastern medicine with the help of effects on certain points of the body put on the feet of even the heaviest patients.

Quite often it happens that the human body refuses to function fully, and the muscles feel a sense of heaviness and pain. It mostly happens after heavy exercise or a hard day’s work. In this case, the indispensable becomes a massaging effect on the back.

Healing effect of massage allows you to feel like you were born again. The procedure is done manually or special apparatus. Is an active therapeutic and prophylactic session.

The basic rules and techniques of massage

The essence of any massage lies in the mechanical action on the skin by using stimuli − hand of masseur or special devices. Procedure you can choose for yourself individually: depending on what you think is more enjoyable and preferable.

If this option is not forget about the main rules.

  • Massaging of the back is performed only by the lymphatics.
  • Massage should be carried out when the patient is in a relaxed position.
  • The person he is, should not feel pain and discomfort.
  • Must respect the clarity of the tempo and rhythm of movements.
  • Eliminated the pause between massage techniques.
  • The maximum effect is achieved only when exposed to the naked body.
  • Лечебный массаж спины: основные правилаNo need to be professionals to learn how to make back massage at home. How to do medical massage, you can learn by studying the several available techniques. With these knowledge you can easily help your family and friends to relieve pain and tension in your back after exercise or long periods of sitting at a computer.

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    It is now necessary to consider how to do a back massage. As the back pain people complain about most, it follows that a massaging effect on your back most popular. Do not need special talent or certain skills to make a back massage at home. Start a practice you can simple hand movements.

    In order to understand how to carry out therapeutic massage of the back, the first thing you need to learn a few massage techniques:

    • stroking;
    • kneading;
    • rubbing;
    • vibration.

    Should not to massage immediately after a meal. It all starts with a preparatory phase. Before beginning the procedure, the therapist needs to shoot with it all the unnecessary items (watch, bracelets, rings).

    The basic rules of therapeutic effects are universal to all techniques and variants of these procedures. Massage is performed in a well-aired and warmed to room temperature comfortable. It is believed that the best time for massage is in the morning or evening.

    Sequence massage

    The impact on the patient’s body can be divided into several main stages.

  • The patient lies on a table or the couch in his chest to a more comfortable position of the body is placed a special cushion (the position of the patient while relaxed).
  • Back massage, as well as any other massage, it is recommended to start with stroking.
  • From the lumbar towards the spine slowly spend a clenched palms, which are pressed fully to the back, and the thumb is put aside. Repeat this step at least 5 times.
  • In the same direction, proceed to kneading. Slightly increase the pressure, swipe your finger in a spiral (from the lumbar up to the blades). Massage is more energetic.
  • The following massage technique is reminiscent of sawing. It is the outer parts of the palms. Carefully studied all the surface of the back.
  • Thumb and forefinger zasypnica small part of the muscle tissue and slowly moving it towards his neck. The movement should be continuous. It is repeated several times (from different sides of the back).
  • Slightly relax the hands, clap hands across the back.
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    The treatment ends with the same motion that was used in the beginning: the strokes. Such massage is carried out on average 15 minutes, but if desired, the time can be increased. After the massage the patient should not immediately get up, leave it in this position for 10 minutes.

    Massage is a great method not only for treatment but also for prevention of various diseases. How to learn how to do it — you can learn, mastering massage techniques yourself. Today there are a huge number of tutorials about how to do therapeutic massage. To understand this is not difficult, and the experience and skills will lead to a positive result of this procedure.

    Important point: practicing the technique of massage on the patient, think positive. Remember that when you physical contact all of your energy is transferred to him. Never get to work in a bad mood.

    The correct position of the patient during the procedure and basic rules of massage that should be followed to guarantee improvement in General condition and normalization of tired back muscles.

    Openness and contraindications

    Лечебный массаж спины: основные правилаRegular massage treatments should be individualized. Everything will depend on the overall health of the person and his tolerance of sessions to allocate. Doctors and therapists recommend to do a back massage 1 time a week for prevention. This will improve blood flow to the muscles of the body and accelerate the metabolic processes in the internal organs.

    Before you learn how to do massage, you should thoroughly examine all possible contraindications. Be careful, resorting to the therapeutic massage, whether you make it to your loved ones or themselves play the role of the patient. If during the procedure you can feel discomfort and pain, occur redness on the skin, massage should stop and consult a specialist. Be sure to analyze your health and overall health, not to worsen the situation. Don’t forget that hiding from massage information about contraindications, you take responsibility for the consequences only for themselves.

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    You should pay attention to the following diseases in which massage is contraindicated:

    • different blood diseases;
    • the inflammatory process in the body;
    • bleeding;
    • purulent processes;
    • increased body temperature;
    • heart disease.

    Лечебный массаж спины: основные правила

    Use for treatments massage oils with natural essential additives

    Therapeutic massage has many advantages. The skin is cleaned of old epidermis, appear the secrets of the sebaceous and sweat glands, improve metabolism, significantly reduced the amount of subcutaneous fat. Massage allows to avoid many problems in the future, restores energy, supports vitality, helps to achieve harmony of body and soul.

    Don’t worry, if massage is contraindicated for you. We must note that the ban is temporary. After all inflammatory processes in the body will be, you can begin this pleasant and relaxing treatment.