Therapeutic mud for treatment of joints: composition, varieties, recipes using

The use of mud for treatment of joints: recipes and tips

For anybody not a secret that our ancestors had good health and could do without many of the medicines offered by us in today’s pharmaceutical industry.

They used the gifts of nature, because the effectiveness of natural remedies in many cases is superior to drug.

Mud is a powerful organo-mineral complex, acting on the disease and contributing to the adjustment of the systems of the human body. He starts the self-repair mechanism.

In the treatment of diseases related to the musculoskeletal system, dirt is not the only method. Only a comprehensive approach can lead to the desired result. Usually this component is used at the last stage of treatment, then it can give maximum result.

What is included?

In the therapeutic mud are:

  1. The brine (solution) and water component from the place of formation: lakes, seas, and estuaries. They consist of chloride of sodium, sulphate of magnesia, and of sodium sulfide. High therapeutic effect is achieved due to reactions of these compounds and other elements contained in the mud.
  2. The coarse component is composed of phosphate, calcium, gypsum, and organic compounds. The particles reach the value of one hundredth of a millimeter. Finely dispersed component represented by organic matter and minerals of the same size. Increase the percentage of this part leads to greater efficiency.

Varieties of mud

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For treatment of joints using the following mud:

  1. Peat consists of digested products that leave the bacteria. Places of education – the swamp. Due to the organic compounds, it receives a higher heat capacity. Peat mud resists inflammation, you’ll be antibacterial effect.
  2. The sapropel. Organic substances formed by decomposition of remains of plants and fauna. A positive result is enhanced by the presence of enzymes, vitamins and hormones. Mined in the Urals, the Urals, Estonia and Germany from freshwater bodies with standing water. Sapropels have high warming properties.
  3. Silt. The compound decomposed algae with particles of clay formed during fermentation in bacteria.
  4. Sulfide – silt mud. Deposits mined by means of bottom. Contain small amounts of organic substances, represented by ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, methane etc. They increase the antimicrobial effect. The main place of their production: the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai, the Dead sea and Bulgaria.
  5. Knoll. The basis – the oil organic. They are known for therapeutic effects, increased iodine and bromine. This kind of is auxiliary means. Main place of production in Azerbaijan.
  6. Hydrothermal. Decomposed volcanic rocks, formed as a result of exposure to sulfide gas vapors emitted carbon dioxide. They contain small amount of minerals, the effect is achieved due to the very high temperature that is slightly below boiling point.
  7. Fango. In them based on volcanic clay and water. The composition detects the presence of microorganisms, algae and patches of magma. Different healing properties. Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wound healing and analgesic effect.
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The use of therapeutic compounds in the treatment of articular diseases

Therapeutic mud is recommended for the treatment of all diseases of the joints. Under its influence change of pathological processes:

  • relieves pain and prevents inflammation;
  • activates metabolic processes;
  • it reduces inflammation;
  • purifies the blood and improves its characteristics;
  • restores cartilage.

It must be remembered that the mud can only be applied in chronic diseases of the joints or during remission. Remedy for fever, acute relapse and elevated temperature use is strictly prohibited.

Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia mud therapy is particularly popular.

Infectious arthritis – a disease in which dirt is less effective and applies only after elimination of the infection.


Home conditions well suited for treatment with mud. This will significantly reduce the financial costs. Appropriate dirt you can buy in a drugstore or specialty store.

Also the dirt is going to own. For this you need to look for peat bogs, which may be outside the city. There you can find the popular peaty mud, which needs to be dried. Its medicinal effect it will not lose even a year.

To use the tool, the mud, in the form of dry powder, mixed with water (7 to 1) until a homogeneous mass.

Therapeutic application

Sapropel and peat mud used as a means of helping to restore musculoskeletal system. For heating use a water bath.

When reaching 40 degrees, it is applied on the affected part of the body and fixed with polyethylene. On top of the wrapped towel.

The patient must go to bed and hide a warm blanket. After half an hour the dirt is washed off. For maximum effect, the procedure is repeated every day.

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Applique can be applied exclusively to the feet and hands. After heating in a water bath, it expands on the bags of polyethylene. There are feet and hands. Washed off half an hour later.

Then, you need 30-40 minutes to go to bed and warm shelter. Repeat 8-12 times through the day. The recurrence rate is 4-6 months. This procedure can cure the joints and clean the vessels. For greater effect it is recommended to use citrus juice.

Mud bath

Tub is filled with water, heated to 37-38 degrees. Added mud (200 g). Accepts up to 20 minutes.

Followed by a shower and it is recommended to go to bed and cover up with a blanket. The procedure is carried out 8-10 times a day.

The mud baths not only help in the fight against diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also improves blood circulation, metabolism, and cleanse the vessels.

The tips and nuances of mud

You should follow these rules:

  • a positive result is obtained after 15-20 procedures, repeated through the day;
  • the sessions take place before bedtime;
  • a day need to take a few litres of water or herbal tea;
  • before beginning procedures, you should refrain from eating at least two hours;
  • at the end of the session should not be long kept under sunlight.


Galvanogryazelechenie – treatment, which is produced in the combination of DC and mud. This procedure stimulates the quite complicated processes in the human body, leading to rapid recovery.

Galvanography apply only in medical institutions and at the respective resorts. Home application is strictly prohibited.

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Mud therapy in conjunction with treatment of the clay can significantly affect the positive progress of the treatment of the disease.

When should I cancel procedures


  • pregnancy;
  • fever;
  • tumor;
  • tuberculosis in the open form;
  • chronic diseases in acute form;
  • blood diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;
  • kidney stones;
  • some diseases of the thyroid gland.

Of course, mud treatment at home fine, but diseases associated with the spine and joints require a visit to specialized mud spas.

They treatment be performed under the direct supervision of a physician, and will apply the procedures and curative mud, which cannot be used. In addition, the resort appears to just rest for a while.

On the other hand, houses and walls help.