Therapeutic swimming in scoliosis of 1, 2 and 3 degree: exercises in the pool

Therapeutic swimming in scoliosis: tips and warnings

Scoliosis corporal asymmetry, in which one can observe a spinal curvature to the left or right direction relative to its own axis, and, protruding from any part of the body of the rib or shoulder blade.

This defect is clearly visible when the patient is leaning forward with her hands in a free hanging position.

There are also such types of disorders like scoliosis, where the spine is curved to one Department and to one side, S-scoliosis in which the spine is curved in two divisions and in two different directions, and the Z-scoliosis, which is a rare manifestation in 3 arcs.

There is also a kind of disease, which collectively are present and lateral curvature and slouching, and it is called kyphoscoliosis.

Scoliosis may be congenital and acquired. Currently acquired violation is often called idiopathic, i.e. not having a specific cause.

The acquired form of the disease is 80% of the total weight. Caused by such breach is chronically incorrect body position when writing, sports, sleeping, etc., and as a result, uneven muscle development.

This pathology occurs in adolescence, the period of most rapid development.

More rare causes are:

  • articular hypermobility;
  • congenital defects of the vertebrae;
  • rickets;
  • the difference in length of lower extremities;
  • diseases of the neuromuscular system;
  • disruptions of metabolic processes in bone tissue.

The healing power of swimming

Swimming has a beneficial effect on bone and muscle system, and hence it is very useful to swim at different deformation changes of the spine.

Therapeutic swimming promotes stretching and unloading of the spine, strengthens the muscles and increases the strength of the limbs. Due to the fact that when swimming occurs a symmetrical load, it is equally loads of muscle.

All these positive aspects of swimming affect the improvement of posture and coordination in scoliosis.

However, the positive dynamics can be achieved only if the treatment of scoliosis: swimming and pool exercises should be combined with the bracing exercises on land, and these exercises must be directed on correction of deformation and strengthening of the body.

When the patient is prescribed therapeutic swimming, a doctor must take into account the severity and form of disease, as well as age, General physical condition of the patient and his ability to swim.

As already mentioned, the treatment of scoliosis managed successfully with an integrated approach.

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In turn, swimming is a significant emotional factor, which consists in leveling the mental strain and stress in patients, creating a positive attitude of success.

In addition to the rehabilitation and strengthening of joints and muscles through the practice in the pool, people at the time, when he swims, is subjected to the therapeutic effects of the water side:

  • cleaning, strengthening and improving skin elasticity;
  • water stimulates the body’s metabolic processes and optimizes the work of the heart;
  • for moderate, periodic training, over time, the heart rate becomes less and this saves cardiac reserves;
  • during the voyage the water pressure on the thoracic cage and thus forcing the respiratory muscles to the intense work that affects the capacity of lungs increases.

When swimming comes to harm?

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If there are contraindications, such treatment, of course, appointed to be.

Not recommended swimming and pool exercises if the sessions occur persistent pain.

There is a list of contraindications, not related to the specifics of the disease itself:

  • eye diseases;
  • diseases of the cavity of the auricle, the oral cavity and nasopharynx;
  • open wounds and ulcers and skin diseases;
  • diseases a venereal nature;
  • epilepsy;
  • defects of the cardiovascular system;
  • tuberculosis, asthma.

Also swimming and gymnastics, in no way contribute to the cure of organic and structural changes.

The experts advise

During the treatment of swimming are advised to follow the following rules:

  1. The style of swimming and physical therapy exercises for the pool are selected individually for each patient by a specialist: trainer and doctor.
  2. It is worth to pay attention to the correct breathing technique.
  3. The patient needs to control the stability of the spine during swimming and exercise, and, however, in any case not to resort to the use of devices for passive stretching of the spine.
  4. You need to ensure that while swimming, pause the slide with spinal samovyrazheniya was as long as possible.

Without the attention and supervision of a coach not to apply therapeutic exercises, which require complex technique.

What is the combined method?

In the treatment of scoliosis swimming widely used method combination in the training included exercises asymmetric, symmetric, and corrective in nature:

  1. Symmetric exercises characterized by the fact that retain the middle position of the spine. The beneficial effect attainable with a uniform tension of the concave and convex parts of the back. Over time, the muscle pull becomes equivalent on both sides, what positively affects the alignment of the scoliotic concave arc.
  2. Asymmetrical exercises for uneven development of concavity and convexity. Such exercises is an attempt to concentrate the therapeutic effect in requiring that the portion of the spine. For example, when lifting arms from the side of scoliotic concavity, it is aligned due to the fact that the upper limbs changes its position.
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Exercises the asymmetric nature of the chosen physician based on the specific need of the patient and localizing the spinal defect.

They are more traumatic and difficult to implement, so the patient is strictly forbidden to invent and perform them yourself without an instructor.

Different stages of the disease — a different approach

For treatment of scoliosis the most effective style of swimming is the breaststroke on the chest with extremely elongated recess of the slide.

The muscles of the body tense up at this time statically, and the spine extremely elongated.

Anticriticism the effect is due to the symmetry in the movements of the lower and upper extremities, which does not overload the spine and stabilizes its position.

When the doctor or the coach has the choice of exercise therapy in water, it is, first and foremost, takes into account the degree of scoliosis:

  1. When the patient 1st degree – sufficient and symmetrical exercises: breaststroke and front crawl, controlled high-speed swim areas.
  2. If the scoliosis is already started and on the 2nd and 3rd stage – the doctor and the coach is forced to resort to asymmetric exercises.
  3. The fourth stage of curvature requires a different approach. Preferred symmetrical exercises, asymmetric practice is permissible only in case of positive progress.

Program workout routine

Here is a typical training day of a person with scoliosis:

  • General construction, warm-up and warm-up on land;
  • breathing exercises;
  • exercises of a preparatory nature: swim breaststroke on the chest;
  • special tailor-made corrective exercises;
  • swimming breaststroke on the chest with the use of technology long slides;
  • asymmetric exercises and corrective in nature;
  • General development of muscular power of limbs in the application of the weighting;
  • acceleration in the water;
  • arbitrary swimming, a hitch in the water.
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Also actively used at the same time exercises to develop proper breathing. It is advisable to conduct periodic swimming with breath holding.

It is worth to remember and know!

It is worth remembering that incorrect exercises, or self selection, inconsistent with the specialist, inevitably leads to the hypertrophy of the scoliotic arc, the emergence or strengthening of protivostoianie.

If you still do not want to consult a trainer and doctor, choose a symmetrical exercises such as swimming breaststroke on my stomach and crawl back, as they are less traumatic than asymmetric.

It is worth remembering that with so fragile a structure as the human spine, to be trifled with. Wrong-chosen set of exercises can cost the patient substantial speeding up of the disease with the 1-2 degree 3-4-th degree.

Therapeutic swimming in scoliosis and exercise therapy performed in the water has found its extensive application.

Deceptive the widely held opinion that people suffering from scoliosis is contraindicated for physical activity, which allegedly will only hurt them.

It is clear that the shock load, like running and jumping and asymmetric sports, does not contribute to the cure, however, the rejection of physical training slows down the recovery and cure of the disease.

Swimming and physical therapy exercises in the water — this is the perfect spot to restore normal shape and alignment of the scoliotic arc, because they give the patient a great opportunity to produce movement of the limbs, without giving them the reference load, which unloads the spine and stabilizes it.