Thoracic radiculitis (chest): symptoms, treatment, prevention

Breast sciatica: symptoms and treatment

Sciatica is a symptom, which manifests itself in the form of various lesions of spinal nerve roots.

Syndrome complains about one in ten people aged 40 years and older.

Intercostal neuralgia (another name for radiculitis of the thoracic spine) can sometimes be less than the similar pathology of the cervical or lumbosacral region of the spine, which makes diagnosis and treatment especially if the patient is using traditional medicine and does not call for qualified help.

The General concept of the disease

Still a common misconception that sciatica is a distinct disease and not the symptom.

However, radiculopathy is accompanied by a large number of other pathologies, and the suppression of one of several of their manifestations brings only partial and temporary improvement of the patient’s condition.

The symptom is associated with negative effects on the spinal cord, which is known to be located in the spinal canal.

Depending on the specific localization of lesions and carry out the classification of the disease (in particular, diagnosed sciatica chest).

Thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae. Due to the lower mobility of this part of the body (compared to the neck or lower back) the spinal cord is better protected from the negative effects, which explains the lower prevalence of breast varieties of sciatica.

The symptom usually manifests in men aged 45-65 years. Due to the nature and localization of pain thoracic radiculopathy is often confused with ischemic heart disease, which is also most often found in the specified group.

This fact complicates diagnosis and therapy.

The causes of the disease

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The symptom occurs when squeezing or irritation of the spinal roots due to adhesions, tumors, trauma, protrusion, or herniated discs, stenosis, fracture of the vertebrae.

The most common cause of thoracic radiculitis serve degenerative distroficescimi processes within the spine.

Rarer manifestation of the disease is associated with metastatic foci of malignant tumors. Also symptom may arise due to individual physiological characteristics, hypothermia.

Sciatica chest accompanied by the following diseases:

  • development defects of the thoracic spine (e.g. scoliosis);
  • complicated by a viral infection;
  • inflammatory damage of the thoracic muscles;
  • sprains, fractures, displacement of vertebrae;
  • chronic diseases of the spine osteochondrosis, arthritis, hernia, ankylosing spondylitis (better known as Bechterew’s disease);
  • inflammation of the spine that can occur due to tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. syphilis or gonorrhea);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypothyroidism.
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Also the emergence of intercostal neuralgia is affected by overweight and lifestyle, in particular lack of physical activity or regular prolonged exposure to the cold.

Cartilaginous discs lose their elasticity, the distance between the vertebrae decreases, causing a separate the nerve endings zaselyalsya.

As the formation of outgrowths (osteophytes) at first irritated the roots of the spinal cord, so a strong discomfort occur only in certain locations of the body.

Further, when the mobility of the connective tissue is significantly reduced, the pain will become permanent.

The development of pain symptom

The occurrence of the pain symptom associated with the course of the underlying disease.

If it is seasonal or the periods of exacerbation occur under certain conditions (e.g. after exposure), a symptom is manifested in the fall and winter. Similarly, when the constant course of the disease, radiculopathy can be felt constantly.

Usually the patient feels discomfort in the chest only in a certain position of the body, so sciatica can specify too careful motion and (or) unnatural posture.

The main symptoms of thoracic radiculitis is a violation of sensitivity (burning, numbness, tingling) or pain (continuous or paroxysmal).

Unpleasant sensations at a palpation the affected area and sharp movements. The pain can cover the entire thorax and its separate area.

Since the sciatica disturbed a normal reaction of the nervous system, a symptom is accompanied by vegetative disorders (sweating, discoloration or a decrease in skin temperature).

How to treat the disease?

As the chest sciatica is simply a separate symptom, treatment should be directed at the underlying disease. If you get rid of only the pain syndrome, after a short time he will re-emerge.

Therapy is preceded by thorough diagnostics, aimed at identifying the underlying disease. To this end, we conduct various types of imaging, x-rays, electromyography and General analysis of blood.

Treatment of the disease aims to eliminate the compression or irritation of spinal roots.

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In the treatment process, stop inflammation, restores mobility of the spine and increases the distance between the individual bones.

The greatest efficiency shows an integrated approach:

  1. Drug therapy is aimed at pain relief, restoration of metabolic processes and inflammation. Commonly used drugs for intramuscular and intravenous injections.
  2. Through physical therapy, therapeutic exercises and massage the patient gets rid of muscle spasms.
  3. Traction are used to stretch muscles. In this way increases the distance between the vertebrae.
  4. Surgical method of treatment aimed at tumor removal and restoration of the cartilage disks.

The experience of grandparents

Treatment of folk remedies aimed at warming the damaged area in some way (e.g., using homemade ointments) and as a result, the removal of pain.

At the time of treatment it is necessary to limit physical activity, stay in bed and fix sore joints tight bandage or special corset.

As the ancient healers did not know about the true nature of sciatica, you should very carefully use traditional medicines.

Even the most experienced doctor with no comprehensive examination of the patient is unlikely to be able to distinguish a radiculopathy from diseases with a similar course (e.g., from ischemia). When self-treatment is easy to confuse the pathology and to use the tool, which in this case will be a threat.

Complications of the disease

If a long time to ignore the problem or limited to only symptomatic treatment, the underlying disease will progress.

In the early stages pain is not so sharp and the attacks are fleeting and can pass by themselves. Further periods of exacerbation occur more often and longer. Finally, in the later stages the pain almost stops.

If the symptom is associated with joint diseases, the pathology will lead to a gradual weakness and destruction of the corresponding compounds. Periodic irritation of the spinal roots will be replaced by their complete jamming of the bones.

Inflammation resulting from infection or tumors first manifest as muscle spasms and then lead to irreversible damage of the tissues, organs and subsequent death.

How to prevent the disease?

Any disease easier to prevent than to cure. To avoid the thoracic radiculitis, enough to prevent and timely eliminate the pathology that accompanies it.

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To do this:

  1. Birth defects of the spine, where possible, corrected in childhood. Diseases of joints warn, proper nutrition, adherence of the day, sports, sleep in a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow.
  2. Avoid infections it is possible if to strengthen their immune system, avoid contact with the media and casual sex (in this case, be sure to use a condom and local antiseptics).
  3. Inflammatory processes usually occur due to hypothermia, so you need to ensure that the closet was in compliance with weather conditions.
  4. Sedentary work lack of physical activity to compensate for the exercise. You should also make sure that the working place was equipped in compliance with all requirements of ergonomics.
  5. If the employment duties are connected with long stay in the street, ought to dress warmly, and to provide protection from rain (for example, to carry the umbrella).
  6. The nature of malignant tumors is not fully understood, so guaranteed methods of prevention and treatment does not exist. However, the effectiveness of the treatment impact timely diagnosis. In this connection it is necessary to undergo regular surveys, particularly if the patient belongs to a risk group.

Thoracic radiculopathy is a symptom of a number of diseases.

Treatment only painful symptoms do not make sense, since without addressing the underlying pathology pain will soon return (symptomatic therapy is justified only as a temporary measure).

At the first sign of the disease should immediately consult a doctor and get tested. Are unlikely on their own to put the correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment, in addition, to eliminate the progression of the pathology is very difficult.