To cure bursitis of the elbow joint: traditional and folk methods

Вылечить бурсит локтевого сустава: традиционные и народные способы

Trauma bag the joint swells, becomes inflamed and increases in size, forming a tumor

To cure bursitis of the elbow joint, it is necessary to understand the reasons that led to the development of the disease. The elbow joint is formed at the junction of 3 bones. This means that the elbow consists of 3 joints: radioulnar, preselective and brachioradialis. Each of them is enclosed in a special bag (Bursa).

This joint capsule is a connective sheath. Inside it is a liquid that is responsible for the nutrition of the joint and not allow it to dry. If this fluid becomes less or more than is necessary, begins the inflammatory process. As a result, may develop bursitis in the elbow. If the disease is run, there is a real risk to completely lose the ability to perform any manipulation by hand.

The reasons for the development of the disease

Bursitis can be of different types:

  • sharp;
  • chronic;
  • recurrent.

The nature of the liquid in the bag bursitis of the elbow can be divided into 3 types.

  • Hemorrhagic. In Bursa there is a blood.
  • Serous. Fluid in the joint resembles the consistency of a serum.
  • Purulent. In the articular capsule begins to accumulate pus.
  • In most cases, the cause of the bunion becomes severe injury. The damaged area while still subject to the influence of microbes. Usually traumatized and deformed bag and periarticular tendons. As a result of such adverse effect can develop specific or non-specific bursitis.

    Illness can be a constant overload of the joint, causing it to just wear over time. In some cases, bursitis occurs on the basis of arthritis or gout. As a result, the joint swells, the skin around the source of the disease is red, the patient has fever.

    In addition to the elbow, there’s more shoulder, hip and knee bursitis. But such varieties of the disease are much rarer. Infectious agents can be bacteria, they penetrate into the elbow joint through the injured skin.


    As the disease develops, the symptoms become more pronounced. Elbow bursitis is hard not to notice. From the first days of infection, the patient’s elbow starts to swell, this results in swelling and the skin reddens. The temperature can rise as high as throughout the body, and specifically in the affected area. In the acute form of the disease the temperature may rise to 39-40 °C. on palpation you can feel a moving joint fluid under the skin.

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    Вылечить бурсит локтевого сустава: традиционные и народные способы

    Bursitis of the elbow joint affects not only the individual area of the body, but all of the human body. With the progression of the disease is marked deterioration of many internal organs, there is a strong weakness. The chronic form of the disease manifested not so bright: no severe pain, the temperature does not rise. The volume of fluid in the joint in this case is not too large, there is a small swelling. This form of the disease leads to serious disorders of the elbow joint.

    When purulent bursitis the patient’s condition worsens and in most cases need urgent hospitalization. The body temperature of a person rises to 40 °C. If not stopped in time, the inflammation, it will spread to tissue located near the affected joint.

    Traditional therapy

    The main objective in the fight against bunions is to prevent further injury to the joint capsule. First and foremost, the patient is required to impose a pressure bandage, which is fixed to the arm. Traditional methods of treatment involve taking medication. It is anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Antibiotics are selected for each patient separately, depending on the nature of the causative agent. In some cases, medication is injected directly into the joint itself.

    To cure a bursitis, in which the articular capsule is accumulating pus, and hard enough. With such type of disease the patient is placed in a hospital and carry out a course of rehabilitation procedures. Pus is regularly pumped out of joint. After that, the joint capsule is administered a medication, stopping the infection and relieving inflammation.

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    Вылечить бурсит локтевого сустава: традиционные и народные способы

    Removing the accumulated in the joint fluid

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs give a good effect in the treatment of bursitis. These drugs are usually prescribed in combination with ointments and compresses. Such therapy is possible provided that the elbow is not closed with a bandage. The patient is recommended to take vitamins and invigorating medicine.

    After the disease has ceased to progress and the acute phase has passed, you can start physiotherapy. Most often the patient is assigned multiple sessions of magnetic therapy. Such procedures are in the final course of treatment. This combination therapy provides relief of inflammation, fluid in the articular capsule is cleaned, metabolic processes return to normal.

    In order to return the elbow mobility and to develop it, you need to do therapeutic exercises. A special set of exercises is perfect for the recovery period after a long course of treatment. To do exercise preferably every day. Start with the easiest tasks and, over time, increase the load.

    Surgery for bursitis, you may need only when irreversible inflammatory process. This leads to prolonged lack of treatment of the disease. During the operation, cut the infected joint capsule, and in its place is inserted the implant.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    Traditional medicine quite often helps in the most hopeless of situations, when traditional methods of treatment are powerless. In the case of bursitis there are many popular prescription drugs that will help to overcome the disease and strengthen the body as a whole. To reduce inflammation, take a raw potato and slice it into thin pieces. Put them on a piece of cloth and apply to the infected area. Wrap the poultice with plastic, and the top tie a woolen scarf. Such a compress may be desirable to pass at least 12 hours. Alternate potatoes with raw beets and cabbage leaves. Each procedure repeat 3 times.

    In inflammatory processes in the body need to drink a tincture of celery seed. Take 1 tbsp of seeds and pour 1 Cup of hot boiled water. Cover the infusion with a lid and leave for 3 hours. When the beverage infusion, strain it through cheesecloth. Drink the infusion have 2 cups a day for 14 days.

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    Вылечить бурсит локтевого сустава: традиционные и народные способы

    You can prepare the ointment from propolis. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Take 1/3 cups of vodka and 15 g of propolis. Put the ingredients into the bottle and mix. Cover the mixture with a lid and leave for 6 days in a dark place. When the infusion is ready, make it compresses on the aching joint as long as the inflammation has passed.

    The taking baths with pine needles helps not only with arthritis, but bursitis. Pour 2 kg of needles of 5 l of water and boil. After that, cover the pan, wrap something warm and allow to stand for 15 hours. When the infusion is ready, it will need to drain and add 0.5 l in the tub when bathing.

    One of the most effective drugs is considered to be Vishnevsky ointment. To make a lotion, apply the ointment on the tissue layer, sprinkle some vodka and apply to the inflamed place. Carefully wrap the poultice and leave for 24 hours. Repeat this procedure is desirable in a day. If the soreness does not go away or begins to deteriorate at certain points, try to alternate hot and cold compresses.

    Try at first to limit the movement of the hands, wearing special bandage. As a result, the joint will not become overloaded and injured even more.