Traditional treatment of gout and effective means

Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средстваGout is one of the oldest diseases on the planet, which is a consequence of metabolic disorders. The disease occurs due to the accumulation in the body salts of uric acid, which form crystals in tissues such as tendons, cartilage, joints. Gout can affect any joints regardless of their size and location on the fingers and toes, knee joints, shoulders, elbows.

But most often this disease affects the joints of the foot that results in the formation of painful bumps on the big toe. For the treatment of folk or traditional health remedies to be effective, you first need to conduct a comprehensive examination by experts. The disease may appear not only due to the metabolic disorders, but also against other diseases — cancer, kidney failure etc.

The symptoms and forms of disease

Gout is usually characterized by the beginning of inflammation in any joint. A person feels a sudden sharp pain, heat in the joint, redness of the skin in this place. Often such attacks compared to the pain from fractures: sensitivity of the affected joint is extremely high, pain can occur even from the touch of clothing or bed linen.

Usually, gout attacks happen at night and can last from 2 days to a week. When properly selected treatment to eliminate the symptoms of the inflammatory process within 1-2 days. The risk groups are primarily men aged 40-50 years, women in this age group the disease occurs in 20 times less.

Gout with high probability it can occur in people with high blood pressure, overweight, tend to eat large quantities of protein products and alcoholic beverages.

Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средства

Salts of uric acid accumulate in the diseased joint and erode cartilage

Modern medicine klassificeret gout as acute and chronic. Acute gout is the primary stage of the disease.At this first stage of the patient plagued by sharp pain.

The frequency of repetition of the attacks depends on the General condition of the organism, and the measures and means of treatment. The right treatment at this stage allows, if not totally get rid of the disease, it significantly push back the timing of the occurrence of the next attack.

In chronic disease pain in the affected joints can haunt a person for a long time, accompanied by the characteristic crunch during movement, stiffness and increased pain during exercise. Gout treatment at this stage is often complicated by kidney, heart and other internal organs.

Diagnosis and conventional treatment of gout

The disease is diagnosed on the basis of data obtained from laboratory studies, x-ray, renal ultrasound and visual inspection. If you suspect gout the therapy in the first place examines the results of ultrasound examination of internal organs x-rays of the joints to detect gouty nodules in the subcutaneous tissue.

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The most informative method of diagnostics is the analysis of the joint fluid. The presence of crystals of uric acid salts allows you to accurately establish the correct diagnosis and choose the most effective methods of treatment. Gout is a type of diseases, treatment of which should be from a number of specialists: General practitioner, nephrologist, rheumatologist, urologist.

Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средстваTreatment of gout must necessarily be comprehensive and consist not only in eliminating recurring pain, but also in changing the whole lifestyle of the person. As traditional methods of treatment and medication should be agreed with your doctor. For getting rid of a disease like gout requires correction of many habits. Need a special diet, control body weight, the use of appropriate drugs, treatment of folk remedies, increase the level of physical activity, abstinence from alcohol.

In addition, you should take into account that the disease may affect the neighboring joints. Therefore, prevention and treatment need to be taken seriously, while in the joints not come irreversible changes. As the popular and medical treatment of gout is aimed at reducing the amount of uric acid in the body and its full removal, preventing the formation of crystals. All medicines are divided into two groups: for the relief of acute inflammation and for the prophylactic treatment between attacks.

To relieve pain and neutralize inflammation usually prescribe non-steroidal means:

  • indomethacin;
  • diclofenac;
  • voltaren;
  • naproxen.

Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средстваIn more serious cases, prescribed hormonal drugs in the form of a single injection:

  • betamethasone;
  • methylprednisolone;
  • dexamethasone.

In the periods between attacks are very effective is treatment with traditional methods in combination with proper diet, joint exercises and avoiding harmful habits. To relieve the acute pain traditional methods recommend the use of ice compresses.

Use in the treatment of salt and iodine

Gout treatment the popular methods involves the use of both external and internal tools. Their action is directed at the removal of inflammation, normalization of metabolic processes and excretion of excess uric acid from the body.
Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средстваSo how to treat gout it is necessary to comprehensively, it is not recommended to only focus on one the health of the joints. In any case it is impossible to prevent drastic weight loss, because it increases the amount of uric acid in the body.

Coffee and tea must be replaced with healing herbal tea and alkaline mineral water. By drinking herbal infusions may experience unusual sensations in the bladder is due to dissolution of salts, slightly irritating the mucous membranes of the internal organs.

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Folk treatment of the disease with the help of external tools based on the use of publicly available and inexpensive drugs. Thus, the use of iodine at the initial stage of the disease gives good results. The most effective folk remedy treatment iodine joints of the feet, elbows and hands — a warm bath, which I do regularly in the evening for 10 days. To prepare the bath 3 liters of warm water dissolve 2 tbsp baking soda and 10 drops of iodine. The diseased joint is heated in warm water for 10 minutes, then wipe off smeared iodine of 5% and insulated woolen cloth.

The popular treatment of gout involves the preparation of iodine rubbing in 10 ml of iodine dissolve 5 tablets of ordinary aspirin. This mixture before going to sleep lubricate painful joints, and then insulate them with a woolen scarf that was left until morning. Such a course of treatment of gout is at least a week.

Equally popular folk remedy — pack of vaseline and iodized salt. 0.5 kg of salt fill with water so that it covers the layer of salt, after which the mixture boil on low heat until complete evaporation of water. The resulting precipitate is thoroughly mixed with 200 g of vaseline or interior of pork fat. The ointment is put on the piece of cloth and fixed in the region of the patient’s joint for a few hours.

The use of decoctions and infusions of herbs

Gout in the initial stage of development is treated with saturated chamomile decoction. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. This allows the use of decoctions from its flowers to prepare dressings and treatment trays.

The most common folk remedy for gout is considered a decoction consisting of equal amounts of chamomile flowers and elderberry. Plants pour a small amount of hot water, bring to the boil and infuse for about 10 minutes. In the still hot liquid moistened strip of cloth that is fixed above a sore hip.

Gout treatment inner means allows not only to remove pain and improve the metabolism, but also improve the body as a whole. Available known folk remedies for the successful treatment of gout, intake. This decoctions, infusions and juices of medicinal plants.

An old folk treatment method recommends the use of an infusion of chicory, brewed with boiling water. Chicory is not only able to effectively treat diseases of the joints, but also beneficial effects on the heart and liver.

Another folk remedy is well combined with the need to adhere to the diet. To get rid of the salt crystals will help wheat cereals. It needs to be welded onto the water with a small piece of high quality butter.

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Serves the same purpose, and onion soup. 2-3 bulbs of raw pour a liter of filtered water and cook on low heat until fully cooked. Broth strain and drink daily before meals for 10-15 days.

Treatment of exotic folk ways

A rather unusual folk remedy since ancient times, coastal peoples used for the treatment of gout at any stage, pain in the feet, elimination of heel spurs. Medicine is a poultice prepared from 2 kg of fish scraps. Meat is separated from the ridges, divided into 10 equal parts and put them in the freezer. One daily portion of fish fillet defrost before going to sleep, place the fish on top of the patient’s joint, well-fixed and insulated woolen cloth. Compress leave for exposure on all night, this morning used fish discarded. The course of treatment is for 10 days.

At least the original folk method of treatment of gout is the use of contrasting temperatures. To do this, prepare 2 vessels — one with very cold water, the other with grains of any cereal plants, drenched with boiling water.

The diseased joint was dipped for a few seconds in cold water, then immediately place it in a container of steamed beans. When the grain has cooled, the joint is tied with a warm cloth to retain heat. Treatment should be long — at least 2-3 months.

Народные методы лечения подагры и эффективные средстваAn old folk remedy used to treat gout affecting the joints of the fingers also takes time, but is no less effective than the heating of the grain. Unsalted pork fat are cut into small slices, put on the sore joints and RUB until then, until the slices become thin and small. The strong pain that not only to RUB the fat into the joints, but to leave it small slices for the whole night, fixing a bandage or plaster.