Treatment and cleansing the joints from salts rice: recipes and reviews

Cleaning of the joints from salts rice: preparation and recommendations

With age, the joints become less elastic. The cartilages wear out. It happens that the young have pathological processes in cartilage tissue — deposited salt.

This happens from improper nutrition and hereditary predisposition. If genetics is what we dunno, a balanced diet can establish at any age.

If you periodically flush the salts from the joints, you will be in great shape in the Prime of life and in old age. Companies produce the drug, but there are non-traditional, effective methods of purification.

Of medication there are negative side effects. Folk remedies, if you stick to the nutritional advice and treatments to those who can entirely harmless.

Derive salt rice

The procedures for the purification of the joints people spend, especially those who feel that they have deposited salt.

There are many effective ways to dissolve and excrete the excess salt. One of them is a diet and.

The rice is cooked, literally «pulls» the joints of salt. Even a variety of rice dishes have a cleansing effect in the least.

Ideally, if you take the rice brown. This is the best absorbent. It will not digest in your stomach, and the transit will take place in the intestine 12-perstny and absorb the toxins that are there.

Soon he will be released from the body, effectively clearing the toxins and excess salts.

The power of rice therapy

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Often we’re chasing after expensive medication or fashionable drug and forget that there are natural products that help us to heal. This is the rice!

Therapy based on rice is an ancient practice. It was carried out since ancient times, Chinese masters of qigong.

Purification of diet is safe and effective and additionally normalizes the activity of the urinary canals. Out toxins, improves metabolism.

The weight becomes secondary as full and exhausted people. The kidneys and liver are stable, the swelling reduced.

Such therapy is that for a certain time to enter into the diet of soaked rice. Salt intake restrict to a minimum or no salt food.

This technique has attracted many the fact that rice is not only «pulls» salt deposits, but also revitalizes the internal organs and systems of the body.

It is possible the following effects:

  • the skin is cleansed;
  • salt out of the joints;
  • swelling removed;
  • metabolism stabiliziruemost: the person loses weight or gains weight exhausted;
  • the vessels with the tissues, liver, kidney cleansed;
  • the health great;
  • the body is rejuvenated.
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Winter is the most beneficial time to carry out such a therapy.

Rice is the best choice for joint health

In folk medicine, there is a wonderful rice diet. Thanks to her, the joints will quickly return to normal and will no longer «squeak» will be a significantly moving, and the muscles with ligaments more elastic.

Ancient Tibetans have long been effectively applying this method. Rice directly «pulls» with the kidneys and joints excess salt. Remember, the more brown rice lies in the water, so it is better affects of salt and cleanses and rejuvenates the body.

The procedure of cleaning the joints using rice is soft and gentle. Painless. The joints are not injured. Importantly, using a certain technique, count the days and do not stray.

When you have finished the course, you will feel that the pain is greatly diminished, if not disappeared.

This procedure for adults. Especially beneficial for the elderly, in correct nutrition. Health will significantly improve, the body will purify and rejuvenate.

You will be available again long walks with the second half or your beloved dog.

In folk medicine effectively used burdock leaves for the joints. What’s the feature of the use of burdock in the treatment of diseases of the joints and recipes you can find here.

Not recommended when cleaning the rice?

Contraindications to cleansing diet also is not recommended:

  • pregnant or nursing;
  • for those who have a ulcer in the duodenum or in the stomach in the acute stage or chronic;
  • children;
  • if you have worsening liver disease, kidney, genitourinary system, other contraindications.

Before carry out the cleaning of rice, be sure to consult your family doctor or therapist.

If the doctor determines that your body is relaxed and such a procedure cannot be carried out, put it on a more favorable period.

The ration type rice dishes.

Preparing for ecoterapia

Rice that get rid of salts in the joints are prepared in a special way to increase the adsorbing effect:

  1. You need to take 5 cans. Each number. In No. 1, add 2 or 3 tbsp of rice (pre-rinse). Then, pour 1 Cup of cold water. Leave in the dark.
  2. Let stand until tomorrow. Drain the water, rinse the grain again and pour 1 Cup. In jar No. 2 add the rice, previously washed and again 1 Cup of water.
  3. Third day: drain the water from 2 cans, rice rinse and re-fill every 1 Cup. Take all 3 to the Bank and repeat. Do this until you use all 5 cans.
  4. On day 6 of banks No. 1 rinse the rice. Breakfast cook the oatmeal. Salt butter, do not add. If there are noticeable disturbances in the gastro-intestinal Department, it is possible boiling water for 10 min. rice to fill and eat. In an empty jar, add the same amount of rice and cover with water, and so in every following until the course of 20 days.
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Recommendations in the diet

In the morning on an empty stomach before you eat the rice, drink a glass of water or herbal tea. Importantly, there was no sugar. When you pass by rice cleaning, follow a special diet.

An hour or half an hour before intake of rice, drink 1 Cup of herbal tea or water. Importantly, no sugar. Rice chew. 4 h. after that, do not eat or drink.

It is strictly forbidden to use:

  • pickles;
  • sugar;
  • meats;
  • foods with additives, E and other artificial;
  • marinades;
  • alcohol;
  • bold;
  • sharp.

It is best not to eat meat during this period.

Unfortunately, harmful salts, the adsorbent will begin to withdraw and minerals from the body.

Eat more foods that contain potassium:

  • dried apricots;
  • raisins;
  • Fig;
  • potatoes baked;
  • fish;
  • honey;
  • apples;
  • millet porridge;
  • Apple cider vinegar and others.

Can at the pharmacy to buy potassium orotate tablets or asparkam.

As the joints are cleaned?

If you notice that the joints appear «bumps» — these are obvious signs of salt deposits in the body. Salt, as it would stick together and get these «bumps».

Blood supply of joints are bad, and there are similar problems. The small vessels and sklerosiruta. This process is almost irreversible.

Pain when growth cones do not feel and often misses the initial stage, when the fast can be cleaned from excess salt in the body and to prevent the «growths.»

They appear on the joints in the area of the hands, often on the feet. Bone «spikes» are especially painful.

And all of them will not be actively growing and will decline slightly, if you hold the rice cleaning. If after cleaning the body the rice you will feel that «would eat an elephant», it means that the cleaning process has started successfully.

Active toxins and salts will begin to emerge from joints in a month after the first dose of rice.

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Noticed that urine was cloudy? This is a clear sign. After 3-4 months. after completing the procedures, the salts are actively excreted.

Don’t be alarmed when about 21 day diet you will be difficult to sustain 4 hours between meals. You will feel hunger, sometimes dizziness with weakness.

The opinion of those who have tried the rice diet

Analyzing the reviews of those who’ve tried a diet and, it can be noted that must adhere strictly to the guidelines so that the treatment is not to turn into a maiming.

Yeah, and my husband and I want to try. Both chondrocyte. I have rarely sick, and its a little procwait and suffer with my back. I discipline easier to sustain, and the man will persuade you?

Kate, 31

Tibetan cleaning rice, was once popular. When did the back pain I tried personally. Thought rice is not salty to eat easily, but was not easily irritated and a lot of jars in the kitchen.

Now just do not tell, helped or not, but recently cleaned dried bilberry leaf.

Valentina, 38

Came. There are contraindications. All individually. Those who passed — happy, I agree and I am very happy.

Elena, 27

Don’t forget to eat while cleaning the raisins with dried apricots, apples, and other foods rich in potassium. Rice just boil in distilled water. Boil it for 4 times. Do not eat after 4 hours.

Anna V., 43

The rice treatment is available and effective procedure.

With rice bran diet excreted the excess salt and toxins from joints, kidneys, liver.

The joints are movable, flexible and you are moving smoothly with no squeaks.

Cleaned and rejuvenated the whole body.