Treatment and profilaktika of scoliosis in children: physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy

Peculiarities of treatment of scoliosis in school-age children and adolescents

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, as well as one of the most common diseases among school-age children and adolescents.

This is due, primarily, with the rapid growth and delay development of skeletal muscles from the formation of the skeleton.

A child with this disease it is possible to allocate among the other children very easily. A child slouches, the shoulders are positioned asymmetrically.

He was bothered with frequent headaches and higher degree of fatigue. The danger of the disease lies in the fact that in the case of scoliosis can be a deformity of the chest, and also violated the internal organs.

The treatment of the disease in many cases has a favorable prognosis, because baby’s spine is not yet formed until the end and correctable. Today, medicine offers plenty of techniques for treatment of scoliosis in children, but it is important to detect the disease.

At what age can detect the disease

Scoliosis is a very common disorder and occurs in children of all ages. Among children of preschool age, this pathology is noted in 5-10%, and for 16 years the disease is diagnosed in 50%. Many parents miss the development of scoliosis in a child and not treated in a timely manner with the help of a podiatrist.

Children’s scoliosis is also commonly called idiopathic, in other words, it is scoliosis, which developed without any particular reason.

There are currently 3 types of scoliosis depending on the age at which it began to grow:

  1. Infantile — very rare, the disease occurs before the age of 2 years and may disappear suddenly.
  2. Juvenile — appears at age 2 to 10 years are also uncommon.
  3. Idiopathic scoliosis in adolescence is manifested in early adolescence. Is observed in girls more often than boys.

The reasons for the development of the curvature

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Experts identify the main reason why scoliosis in childhood and adolescence is a wrong posture, in which the children sit during class.

In this situation appears uneven load on the spine and the muscles that become fatigued and weakened.

After a time develop changes in the vertebral ligaments, and they are deformed. There are the following reasons depending on the spine, succumbed to the curvature.

Scoliosis of the cervical spine:

  • injuries sustained during birth;
  • injury of the spine;
  • incorrect posture;
  • diseases of the joints.

Scoliosis of the thoracic:

  • abnormal development and weakness of the muscular frame;
  • the uneven distribution of physical stress;
  • the carrying of the briefcase on one shoulder;
  • congenital disorders of muscular system;
  • the difference in length of lower extremities;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • of the tumor.
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Scoliosis of the lumbar:

  • injuries of the spine;
  • flat feet;
  • uneven development of particular muscle groups;
  • poor nutrition;
  • delay in physical development;
  • inflammatory diseases.

Symptoms depending on the severity of the curvature

There are 4 degrees of scoliosis, characterized by different symptoms.

At the first degree of scoliosis observed:

  • oblique pelvis;
  • shoulders reduced;
  • easy slouch.

This degree is the most lightweight and can be corrected with special exercises.

For the second degree is characterized by:

  • visual curvature, which becomes visible in any position of the body;
  • the vertebrae deployed around its axis;
  • a misaligned pelvis.

Second degree are also treated very easily provided timely referral to a specialist. If untreated, the disease will progress.

In the third degree:

  • appears hump;
  • depression in region of ribs;
  • the weakening of the abdominal muscles;
  • the pelvis is skewed very much;

This stage is very treatable is much harder.

4 degree:

  • excessive deformation of the spinal column;
  • have an excessive stretch of muscles in the area of curvature;
  • reinforce all the signs of 3 degree.

This form of the disease is very rare and almost impossible therapy.

A comprehensive approach to treatment

All the methods to combat scoliosis developed will be effective only if the child and parents will seriously consider all prescriptions of the physician.

Treatment of scoliosis of the spine in children includes the following methods:

  1. Physiotherapy is a complex of certain physical activities for the treatment and prevention of scoliosis. As a rule, such events are held in the group, so it is advisable that parents attended the training, because the coach is not always able to follow that in good faith if the child performs all the exercises.
  2. Heat — hot baths, paraffin baths. Aims to improve circulation. Is assigned only in the case when the disease is not progressing.
  3. Electrostimulated muscles will be scheduled in parallel with the physical therapy course every few months.
  4. Electrophoresis — the course is held once a year in order to supply the deficiency of fluoride and calcium in the body. Prescribed to patients with 3 degree scoliosis.
  5. Ultrasound — appointed in the event of a strong sensation of pain and the appearance of symptoms of osteochondrosis.
  6. Hydrotherapy and mud therapy — mud, sea, sodium chloride baths are appointed with the aim of stimulating the immune system of the child.
  7. Corethrogyne. This method of treatment is applied in case of scoliosis, 2 and 3 degrees. During this period, the arc angle of curvature exceeds 20 degrees. The purpose of wearing a corset may also be provided that the scoliosis progresses to an advanced stage. By choosing a corset should be approached very carefully. Need to wear under the corset is a linen or cotton seamless underwear. He can deliver the child discomfort and RUB the skin. It is important to remember that the rubbed places do not need to lubricate any of the ointments. Over time, the skin gets used to the corset and discomfort disappear. If the device is too uncomfortable, maybe he’s picked up correctly by an expert. In this case, it would be appropriate to refer to another doctor.
  8. Massage is very effective in the treatment of scoliosis. This therapy aims to eliminate curvature by means of techniques which relax muscles, and joints send in the correct physiological position, thus, normalize all the functions of the spine. Manual therapy prescribed to patients with 1 and 2 degree scoliosis. Massage for scoliosis has quite a beneficial effect, because in children and adolescence has not yet arrived the ossification of the spine.
  9. Surgery. The operation is performed in the case where the curvature causes changes in the functioning of the heart and respiratory organs. Surgical treatment is aimed at correction and stabilizing the curvature, reducing pain and restoring vertebral axis. The operation will be to maximize the correction of curvature about a vertical axis, and the bone graft to hold the spine in the correct position. Fixation by means of special screws, hooks and rods, which remain in the spine and is not removed. The method of operation is chosen individually for each individual case, taking into account the child’s age, degree of curvature and the reasons which provoked scoliosis.
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To avoid relapse, they need all the positive changes to reinforce manual therapy, physical therapy and physical therapy.

If to speak about sports activities, you need to choose this kind of sporting activities, which will be excluded uneven physical pressure and sharp turns of the torso. Make a choice of the sport only need together with your doctor.

A selection of useful video materials

The healing power of the orthopedic corset in case of scoliosis:

A selection of exercises exercise therapy for scoliosis in children:

Massage technique:

Prevention of spinal curvature

Prevention of the disease is very important and if you follow all the necessary measures to prevent the further development of scoliosis:

  1. Pick up the mattress on which the baby sleeps so that he was neither too soft nor too hard. It will be good to choose an orthopedic mattress.
  2. Child under years old not to put his head on the pillow. Subsequently, the cushion must be flat and not high.
  3. To take the kid on hands, supporting the back. The baby should not lie constantly one side, it is necessary to turn on one and on the other side.
  4. To ensure that the child engaged in the lessons and other occupations that involve sitting, just sitting at the table, and the posture should be correct.
  5. To adhere to proper routines and nutrition. Food should be balanced and contain the right amount of all the useful minerals and vitamins. Very useful for bone calcium, copper and zinc.
  6. You need to teach a child the lessons of morning gymnastics.
  7. Regularly undergo orthopedic examination and, if violations are found, not to delay starting treatment.
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Complications and consequences

Doctors say that running a child’s scoliosis can be very dangerous. The development of the pathology can lead to various irreversible changes in the child’s body.

For example, there may occur deformation of the spine, a hump, a basin may be very skewed. All these changes affect the development and operation of important internal organs. The child will suffer constant headaches, muscle aches, severe fatigue.

Also unpleasant consequences will be ugly posture, deformed rib cage, disturbances in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and in some cases — violation of the functions of the spinal cord. If time does not begin treatment, the child may develop degenerative disc disease and spondylosis.

Group disability is given if a persistent and severe disorders of the spine and thorax, which survived after the treatment, when there is a limited ability to move, self-care, work performance, causing social insecurity.

In childhood and adolescence a very important time to pay attention to the child’s scoliosis, and begin treatment on time. Today, schools regularly conduct comprehensive medical examinations that help to detect the presence of this disease.

Parents should remember that scoliosis in the early stages is much easier to treat than later stages, so it’s important to seriously treat this issue.