Treatment and the consequences of a fracture of the pubic and other pelvic bones: first aid

Fracture of the pubic symphysis and other pelvic bones: the most dangerous injury

The pelvis is part of the human skeleton, which is in the base of the spine and connects the lower limbs with the torso, and also serves as a reliable support for the entire body.

The basis included: two hip bones, the coccyx and the sacrum.

Approximately 18 years in the major bones are joined by cartilage, it is formed and ossification of the pelvic bone. Main departments:

  • the upper, wider, big basin (contains the abdominal organs);
  • the lower, narrower pelvis (keeps the rectum and bladder, and in men the prostate and seminal vesicles, and in women the uterus with appendages and vagina).

Injury to the pelvic bones

Fracture of the pelvis is the most serious injury of the musculoskeletal and according to modern traumatology is about 4-8% of the total number of fractures.

A fractured pelvis may lead to serious consequences, up to a lifetime of disability.

Trauma is accompanied by loss of blood, damage to internal organs and severe pain, traumatic shock, and sometimes leads to death.

The main causes of injury

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As a rule, fractures of the pelvis, including the pubic bone, prone to athletes.

Since the injury can happen due to a sharp contraction of the muscles. At risk also get older people and those who suffer from osteoporosis.

The pelvic bone is very strong, so to damage the desired action of traumatic factors.

Quite often fractures occur in case of accidents: car accidents or fall from height.

Injury of the pubic bone of the pelvis occurs due to the compression or severe impact.

Complaints of victims

The main symptoms that accompany fractures of the pelvic bones:

  • swelling and bleeding under the skin, is always as injured blood vessels;
  • deformity of the pelvis;
  • a painful shock, which is accompanied by blood loss, decreased pressure, increased heart rate, pale skin, highlighting and sticky and even loss of consciousness;
  • a strong and sharp pain that increased on palpation and movement of the lower limbs;
  • the symptom of «adhering heel», the victim cannot raise the lower limbs because the pain is amplified.
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In all fractures of the pelvis immediately it is important to check the internal organs for damage, for this prescribed ultrasound, urethrography and cystography.

Characteristics of injury of the pubic bone

When a strong impact or compression can seriously damage all of the pelvic bone.

Fracture of the pubic bone dangerous because it can injure the urethra and cause a rupture of the symphysis in men.

As a rule, the urethra is separated from the prostate and of the urinary organs secretes blood. About the trauma of the urinary bladder indicates the presence of blood in the urine and impaired urination.

If there was a rupture of the intestine or bladder, the patient exhibits signs of peritonitis.

First aid

As the pelvis is very dangerous, the injury victim must be immediately taken to the hospital.

Transporting a patient is necessary to carry out lying on her back and under her knees to put the roller.

If necessary, give the victim pain reliever.

Therapy in the hospital

The General scheme of treatment for fractures of the pelvis consists in the following steps.

Withdrawal pain

Serious attention is paid to the suppression of traumatic shock with the help of local anesthesia.

Use the technique Shkolnikova-Selivanova, which makes only the doctor. For this purpose 1% solution of novocaine injected into the iliac muscle and then it spreads into fascial pelvis.

If the patient has a fracture of the marginal bone or front of the washer, injected with 1% novocaine solution at the dosage of 10-15 ml in a hematoma over the injury.

The fight against blood loss

Doctors create compression of the damaged pelvic bones.

For this purpose, the lock, thanks to which decreases the bleeding and which does not interfere with the operation (if necessary).

If you experience profuse bleeding, use direct tamponade of the large napkins that are soaked in a solution of sodium chloride. If there is a need compensated loss of blood.

Therapeutic immobilization

Immobilization of the fracture, carried to the bone fragments are not shifted and not injure the organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

At fracture, the patient is placed on a special bed with a shield, while minimizing its movement. Usually, the victim is under knees enclose medical bus or a small pillow.

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At fracture of the pubic bone are suffering internal organs (urethra, rectum, the vagina) and doctors it is important to restore their functionality.

If the victim ruptured symphysis, it is necessary an urgent surgical intervention.

Is fixed the separate bones using special plates with screws and metal wire.

Most patients with pelvic fracture needs help from several specialists: a gynecologist, traumatologist, urologist, intensive care specialist, surgeon, proctologist and vascular surgeon. The actions of doctors must be consistent.

Folk medicine to help

There are a few simple methods that help the patient in recovery after a serious injury:

  • for quick recovery of the bones, we are advised to eat more cooked onions;
  • recommended on the injury to RUB fir oil twice a day, it will help in the coalescence of bones;
  • mix 20g of resin, 1 onion (finely chopped), 50 grams olive oil 15 grams of copper sulfate powder; the mixture is well heated on the fire for 30 minutes and cooled the mixture to lubricate sore spots;
  • 1 tablespoon of rosehip and 400 g of boiling water to cook for 15 minutes; infuse the broth in a dark place for 24 hours and take 100 mg twice a day on an empty stomach.

It is important to remember that traditional methods of treatment are good, but in any case with such a serious injury like fracture of the pelvis need to turn to qualified professionals for help.

Important role nutrition

In fractures, the diet helps to enrich the patient’s body with useful substances.

Bones can develop and become stronger due to such minerals as: magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese.

To these elements are better absorbed must be included in the diet of vitamin C, D and vitamins of group B.

These nutrients will help to assimilate protein and calcium, the building blocks from which to build new bone tissue.

It is important to consume following healthy foods in which there is:

  • magnesium: nuts, bananas, leafy vegetables, wholemeal bread, herring, shrimp, sea bass, flounder;
  • B vitamins: beans, citrus fruits, brewer’s yeast, beets, beef liver;
  • vitamin D: oily fish;
  • calcium: sesame seeds, spinach, cabbage, dairy products, almonds;
  • zinc: mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, seafood, buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • vitamin K: dairy products;
  • phosphorus: nuts, cheese, sturgeon caviar.
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Recovery after injury

Rehabilitation is a complex and lengthy process, which is important to take seriously and responsibly to fulfill the prescription.

Rehabilitation after fracture of the pelvis involves the following processes:

  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic massage;

  • medication;
  • the use of warming gels, ointments and creams;
  • balanced diet;
  • Exercise;
  • classes in water;
  • the wearing of corsets and bondage.

It’s really very dangerous

Fractures of the pelvic bones is very serious, and threaten serious consequences for the patient.

The ability to work to person returns after 3-5 months. A lot depends on the age of the patient, the severity of injuries and the number of fractures.

Though the medicine has achieved good results in the treatment of such injuries often remain complications and possibly even the onset of disability.

Complications after injury:

  • amputation of the lower extremities;
  • poor mobility of the hip joints;
  • changing the shape of the acetabulum and pelvic ring;
  • injury to the internal organs;
  • shortening one of the limbs.

Preventive measures

Try to avoid receiving such severe injuries that can lead to fracture of the pubic or other of the pelvic bones:

  • exercise caution at altitude, set the handrails along the stairs, put mats on slippery floors;
  • make every effort to avoid an accident;
  • to adhere to safety rules when playing sports.

Health is very important for every person, so you need to make all efforts for its preservation and support.

No one is safe from accidents and if this happens it is important not to fall into despair, and to fully trust in the professionals and keep a positive attitude.