Treatment maple leaves joints

Treatment maple leaves disease of the joints is one of the oldest ways of getting rid of pain in sore joints. And although the official medicine of such therapy is cool enough, this method has stood the test of time and today occupies a worthy place in the rich Arsenal of folk remedies of treatment of diseases of the joints.Лечение кленовыми листьями суставов

The beneficial properties of maple leaves

Growing in most parts of the former Soviet Union, maple trees do not cause such trepidation as birch, and not associated in our minds with power, like oaks. However, the healing properties of maple is not less than that of birch, oak or lime. Ancient Slavs took the maple to the «light» trees, it’s easy to give his healing energy to the person. Our ancestors observed that between a maple tree and planted it in his yard man installed an invisible energetic connection, and after the death of his master maple dries quickly.

Maple is one of the leaders among the trees by the number in its composition ascorbic acid. In addition to the tongue, its leaves contain a significant percentage of tannins, alkaloids, and carotene. Thanks to this rich content of maple leaves and young twigs, and maple seeds, and maple SAP have:

  • healing and anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic and antiseptic;
  • diuretic, antipyretic;
  • immunoliposome, antiemetic properties.

Given this wide range of effects of maple on the human body, medicine men and healers have long used it to treat various diseases: the healing of various wounds and ulcers, pain in the liver and spleen, getting rid of diarrhea, bronchitis and colds, etc.

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Especially effective is the treatment of maple leaves of various diseases of the joints.

Harvesting of a maple leaf

To treatment as effective as possible, the maple leaves you need to properly collect and prepare. First, not all varieties of maple are equally useful. For medicinal purposes it is better to prepare the maple leaves Holly. Gather them in the summer or late fall.

Autumn harvest leaves easier – only need to wait for defoliation. It is necessary to collect only dry fallen yellow maple leaves. When collecting you need to carefully inspect each leaf and ruthlessly culled if it is damaged by insects, covered with rusty spots or smell of mold, and even in that case, if the sheet is very dirty.

Collected in summer young leaves need a little podvyalit in the sun. Then drying technology in both cases is identical: leaves a thin layer is spread on the paper in the attic or in any ventilated room, but that they did not get direct sunlight. If done correctly, the dried maple leaves will retain their shape and color.Лечение кленовыми листьями суставов

The dried leaves are best stored in a dry place, hanging by cuttings. Allowed storing them in wooden or cardboard box, but the period of such storage will be limited to a period of treatment, while in limbo they can be stored up to two years.

Recipe for treatment of joints

To get rid of caused by osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, gout joint pain, you can use a simple to prepare recipe.

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What and how much Preparation and schema Features
For a course of treatment will take 270 dried maple leaves. 3 maple leaf should be crushed, pour 1.5 cups water, to boil, to give the broth to cool and infuse. For 10-15 minutes before eating you need to drink half a Cup of broth.
The total duration of treatment is 4 months. Treatment regimen such water you need to drink continuously for 30 days, then 15 days break, again 30 days to drink the broth, another break of 15 days and a final 30-day course. Obligatory condition of treatment: once the broth is not to cook more than a day.

Such treatment, despite its length, very effective. During treatment, relieves inflammation of joints and they appear settled salt crystals. In addition, during the course of the body is removed of excess cholesterol. Therefore, the pain from the affected joints of his long and often, if it is correct to change the diet and to reconsider a way of life, it is not refundable at all.

An important positive feature of the treatment of the joints of the maple leaves have what are the contraindications for it are virtually absent. The only caveat: due to the large number of maple tannins pregnant women should undergo treatment immediately under the supervision of a physician. In any case, before you start treatment, the doctor needs to consult is mandatory.

Although the contraindications and no, but individual response to included in the maple leaf substances, for example, the same ascorbic acid or tannins, are possible. All these nuances need to find out before the course of treatment.